How Middle-Income People Dress Up To Show Their Style? Share The Most Fashionable Items

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With the improvement of economic ability, people pay more and more attention to their dress. For example, the middle-income people represented by white-collar workers and petty bourgeoisie tend to pursue higher quality enjoyment. They should not only be exquisite and fashionable, but also be big brands, so that their dress will be more stylish. Next, Xiaobian will share the purchasing skills of various middle-priced clothes and cosmetics, and recommend the corresponding brands and items, so as to easily get the middle-priced dress, which is both practical and decent

Middle priced fashion

for white-collar petty bourgeoisie, it is not only comfortable and good-looking to wear and dress, but also the pursuit of exquisite fashion. Therefore, there are high requirements for the texture and design of clothing. Ordinary 100 yuan clothing is definitely not eye-catching, and it is generally recommended to wear mid equivalent fashion

Shopping suggestions: women can choose a temperament dress, match it with elegant pointed high heels, a set of about 1000 yuan can be beautiful, and then match it with a quality bag of more than 500 yuan, which is fashionable and stylish; Men can choose a simple polo shirt with fashionable real leather shoes and a portable briefcase. It is suitable for business and leisure. It can be done for about 1000 yuan, easily showing an elegant gentleman’s styledetailed

medium priced perfume

perfume can best reflect a person’s taste. If white-collar petty bourgeoisie reuse cheap perfume, it will be too cheap. It’s best to choose a brand perfume that suits their own style, not necessarily a large brand. Those popular classic perfume are very good. They are mostly located at medium prices, easy to use and decent

Shopping recommendation: generally, the middle-priced perfume is about 500 yuan, and the brand popularity is also relatively high. The more classic women’s perfume includes Chanel Encounter Series perfume, Dior Huayang sweetheart perfume, Hermes Nile garden perfume, etc; While the classic men’s perfume recommends Gucci sin love perfume, bobley England obsession perfume, Versace Eros perfume, etc

Medium priced cosmetics

cosmetics are not only for painting beautiful makeup, but also a symbol of girls’ quality of life. For those exquisite girls, affordable cosmetics must be given up. Popular light luxury cosmetics with a certain level are true love. Not only is the quality reputation right, but the medium price is also completely affordable

Shopping recommendation: middle priced cosmetics are mainly brands, which should have a certain popularity and good reputation. Generally, the recommended price of a single product is about 200-400 yuan. For example, lipstick can be selected from Meike and Lancome, eyebrow powder can be selected from kazilan and Youlai, loose powder can be selected from Allie cottage and epeilan, BB cream can be selected from skin food and mysteries, and eye shadow can be selected from Maybelline, Kate and other brands

Middle priced skin care products

for middle-income people, skin care products should be used better, and the efficacy of skin care products that are too cheap must be greatly reduced. Generally, there are many international brands of skin care products with medium price. They are not only well-known, but also have relatively better skin care effects. Women with a certain economic foundation can consider starting

Shopping recommendation: medium priced skin care products are also mainly brands. In addition to international brands such as L’Oreal, Estee Lauder and Lancome, domestic brands such as gazelle, affordable herbal medicine and baicaoji are also very good. As for the price, the general choice is 200-500 yuan for a single product and 500-1000 yuan for skin care products

Medium priced watches

watches have now become a symbol of personal identity and taste. For middle-income people, a high-grade famous watch is absolutely essential! Considering the economic ability, medium-priced brand watches are the first choice, mainly automatic mechanical watches, which fully match the personal temperament

Shopping recommendation: it is recommended to choose a mechanical watch with a medium price of about 2000 yuan. Brands such as Tianwang watch, Rossini, Tissot and xitecheng are worth starting with. Generally, they have many functions, such as calendar display, deep waterproof, luminous visibility, world time and so on. They are very practical and high-grade

Medium priced jewelry

how can you wear less jewelry in your daily dress? For white-collar petty bourgeoisie, wearing a few pieces of high-grade jewelry undoubtedly shows more style and taste. It’s best to use middle-priced jewelry, such as silver jewelry and alloy jewelry. Gold, pearls and jade are more eye-catching

Shopping recommendation: gold jewelry is the first choice for middle-priced jewelry. Gold itself represents nobility and has great room for value preservation; The second is platinum jewelry, whose pure white luster gives people a sense of fashion and elegance. The style design trend is more suitable for young white-collar workers; In addition, jadeite, jade and pearl jewelry are also good, suitable for middle-aged and elderly people

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