how to match a hooded sweater with a coat

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hooded sweater is a kind of sweater style that young people like to wear now. Because the hooded sweater can be worn on the head at any time in winter to keep warm, and it also has decorative effects, so it is very popular. So how to match a hooded sweater with a coat

how to match hoodies with coats

1 Hooded sweater suit

a solid suit like a suit, paired with a sporty hooded sweater, not only reduces the usual old-fashioned and inflexible suits, but also makes them more casual. Whether it’s a low-key solid color suit or a lattice suit with a guard style, hoodies can easily hold

the grey Plaid suit is neat and artistic. After putting on a red hooded sweater, it is not only casual, but also more eye-catching. It is equipped with a pair of red square head high heels, which is a bit retro British feel. Of course, I don’t want to wear too eye-catching, so I want to change to a low-key sweater

2. Hoodies, hoodies and leather clothes

girls who must take the street route must have a leather coat in their wardrobe. With a hooded sweater inside, it is not only full of casual style, but also a little more lazy. The black rivet leather coat is very uninhibited. With a Blue Hoodie inside, the bright color matching can make you more eye-catching

the black leather clothes are matched with black hoodies and black tights. Wearing a pair of black boots, the black matching not only shows a little mystery, but also the matching of the same color can extend the proportion vertically. The lining is taller. Girls who are not dominant can copy it

3. Hooded sweater overcoat

I often see that many girls’ paper woolen overcoats are matched with high necked sweaters. Don’t you want to mix and match them with a hooded sweater. Khaki overcoats are common. They don’t look very fresh. However, when they are matched with a Green Hoodie, they not only have a bright color, but also look very casual

the grey woolen coat is matched with the Black Hoodie. Although the black grey color is a little low-key, it shows a little casual style. This year’s popular persimmon plaid coat, with a Black Hoodie inside, adds a little casual style and neutralizes the sense of flowery at the same time

what to wear inside the Hoodie

1 Hooded sweater + t-shirt many boys like the T-shirt with low collar and round collar. The low collar seems to cater to the temperament of men who do not want to be fettered. It is just personalized, simple and hierarchical inside the hood, and it is free from a clean, youthful and publicized image

2. Hooded hoodies + shirts with shirts inside can really reflect men’s spiritual style. They are elegant and stylish to wear, but we should pay attention to it. People with a little fat body and a short neck should not wear shirts to avoid other people’s eyes being sucked into their necks

3. It can be said that the wearing method of Hooded Sweater + bottomed shirt is not a match, but most people wear it. It’s simply too simple. A coat must be covered on the underwear. It’s so simple. The sweater has such a cool feature, otherwise it won’t be liked by so many people

there are several kinds of fabric for the

there are many fabrics for the sweater, among which the more common are pure cotton, silk, polyester, wool, etc. in addition, according to the thickness of the fabric, from thin to thick, it can be divided into terry cloth, fleece, lambskin, cotton, etc. When choosing a sweater, most of the fabrics are fabrics, and some of them are blended. In addition to fabrics, we also need to consider its style, color and so on

hoodies are matched with suits, which reduces the common old-fashioned and inflexible suits, and is more casual. Suits can choose larger styles. Hoodies are matched with leather, and a hooded sweater is built inside, which is full of style, but also a little more lazy

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