Is It Necessary To Buy Baby Washing Liquid? How To Use Baby Washing Liquid

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Abstract: many people think that as long as the baby’s clothes are cleaned, whether it is detergent, detergent or soap, is this right? Is baby detergent necessary? To a certain extent, baby washing liquid plays an indirect role in protecting the baby. Because the baby’s metabolism is fast, it needs to change clothes every day. However, the formula of baby washing liquid is mild and will not stimulate the baby’s skin. How to use baby detergent? Next, this article will briefly introduce

[is it necessary for baby washing liquid] do you need to buy baby washing liquid? How to use baby washing liquid?

is baby laundry detergent necessary

1. The baby’s skin has poor acid-base control ability. After the baby is born, it only relies on a layer of natural weak acid protective film on the skin surface to protect the skin and maintain the skin moist, tender and smooth, because it is very important to protect this protective film

2. The professional neutral formula of baby laundry detergent has a mild temperament. Not all laundry detergent does not hurt clothes or hands. What really hurts hands and clothes is strong alkaline laundry powder (pH more than 8.5), including some strong alkaline laundry detergent. Generally speaking, detergent with neutral pH (no more than 7) has a mild temperament and is not easy to fade the fabric

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It can effectively protect the baby’s natural weak acid protective film from damage, and the effective ingredients of sterilization, mite suppression and mite prevention are difficult to play their role in alkaline environment

3. Due to the imperfect immune system and weak resistance, infants are prone to skin allergy, such as erythema, papule, blister, etc. Therefore, it is very important to choose professional baby washing liquid, especially if there is professional baby anti allergy washing liquid, you can get good results

4. Infant laundry detergent is generally focused on removing milk stains, saliva stains, stool and urine stains, food residue stains, etc. many of them belong to stubborn dirt. Ordinary adult laundry detergent usually can’t remove these stains well, but the actual use effect may need a lot of experiments to know

5. Infant laundry detergent has stricter management and professional standards than adult laundry detergent. The ingredients of infant laundry detergent and adult laundry detergent are basically the same, but infant laundry detergent lists the detailed names of surfactants, while most adult laundry detergent usually simply lists the major categories of ingredients, which also reflects that infant laundry detergent has stricter management and professional standards than adult laundry detergent

how to use baby detergent

1. Pre washing: use a bottle of detergent with a cap for every 3.5 kg of clothes. The diaper must be soaked for 10 minutes, and ordinary clothes only for 5 minutes. After soaking, you can wash it by hand or machine at will

2. Hand washing: use a bottle of detergent with a cap for every 3.5 kg of clothes, gently rub and wash, without strong friction, and dry them after watering

3. Machine wash: use 1.2 bottle cap detergent for every 3.5 kg of clothes. Cleaning stubborn stains: soak the clothes with an appropriate amount of baby detergent for 10 minutes, and then carry out the normal washing procedure. The effect is better. You can also increase or decrease the dosage according to the degree of dirt of the cleaned clothes

The method of using baby washing liquid is actually very simple. Pour the washing liquid directly into the water, soak the clothes in it for a few minutes, and then wash it again. After washing, wash it with clean water, and then dry it in the sun. If you choose a washing liquid with more foam, remember to rinse it, otherwise there will be chemical residues on the clothes that will cause harm to your baby’s skin

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