Wear Young And Good Temperament, Middle-Aged And Elderly Clothing Matching Skills

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The lead is that the years are unforgiving. Although middle-aged women are no longer young and often laugh at themselves as “half old Xu Niang”, the beauty love of middle-aged and elderly women is no less than that of young people. How can middle-aged women wear clothes that are mature, dignified, generous and appropriate at this age? How to match middle-aged and elderly women’s clothes? Next, let’s take a look at the matching skills of middle-aged and elderly women’s clothing

matching skills of middle-aged and elderly women’s clothing

  • pay attention to the high point of the chest

    the high point of the chest refers to the up and down of the bust line. Sagging is the main factor that brings a sense of age. No matter what style of clothes you wear, the height of your chest should be controlled close to the middle of your upper arm. Do not choose a jacket or dress with a low waistline. At this time, we should choose the right clothing style, and cover our sagging muscles and no longer tight skin through the contour lines and fabrics of the clothing

  • control the end of the shoulder to support clothes.

    clothing depends on shoulder support. Older and plump women often have rounded shoulders and lack edges and corners. Therefore, we should learn to create a sense of angularity at the end of the shoulder through clothing. Therefore, when choosing clothes, try to avoid sleeveless and off shoulder sleeves. It is best to choose a jacket with collar support. The shoulders are absolutely straight, but not too thick. Clothes should be fit

  • pay attention to control the shape shaping.

    the muscles are loose and the body is too full. At this time, too hard and frivolous fabrics will show your practical situation. Clothes with a certain hardness can shape the shape feeling, which can be effectively covered, so they appear old. Learn to match soft and hard clothes. Matching an absolutely stiff coat with this soft fabric will also have unexpected results

  • can’t relax about the waist and abdomen

    the waist and abdomen is the biggest trouble that disturbs middle-aged women. In fact, if you don’t lose weight and lose weight, and don’t wear plastic underwear, you can also use the visual transfer method to create highlights in the areas of strength, master the vision of others, stop leaving wonderful memories everywhere, and neglect to care about the waist and abdomen. For the treatment of waist and abdomen, just fit the body, and the fabric should not be too hard

middle aged and elderly women’s wear collocation misunderstanding

inconsistent with age characteristics

remember that dressing and dressing do not conform to age characteristics:don’t dress far away from your actual age. If you dress as naive and romantic as a young girl, you will make people look very uncomfortable, far from your actual age, and uncoordinated

remember to wear fat clothes without curves:as women reach middle age, their stomachs are also large and they have no waist, they should try to wear straight clothes. Never wear sleeveless tops. Because women who get fat usually have thick arms, sleeveless tops will expose this shortcoming and cannot achieve the effect of self-cultivation. Middle aged women should strive to dress generously, simply and elegantly

[attention to middle-aged and elderly women’s clothing] [selection of middle-aged and elderly down jackets] [selection of middle-aged and elderly cotton padded clothes] [selection of middle-aged and elderly bottoms]

there is no curve in wearing

don’t be too fancy or too plain:the color of clothes should not be too fancy or too plain, especially pay attention to the matching of colors, so that they complement each other. It is not suitable to wear clothes of more than three colors at the same time. Too many colors will make the body feel swollen

clothing styles should not be too complicated:clothes with too many lace, pleats and pockets should not be selected. Too cumbersome styles will add to the aging. Thin plaid or striped clothes are more suitable for women who are fat; Don’t choose shiny or mineral thin clothes, and don’t choose clothes with too large patterns

matching the style of middle-aged and elderly women’s clothing with

skirt:middle-aged and elderly people wearing skirts can better show the charm of this age. Cheongsam, dress, knee length skirt, professional dress, suit skirt, long skirt There are styles available in all seasons, which are simple and elegant. Middle aged women of a certain age should avoid wearing skirts that are too short

Pants:middle aged and elderly women may pay more attention to comfort when choosing pants, and most of them choose more slim casual pants and trousers. If they want to be more fashionable, wide leg pants are also a popular trend at present. Some middle-aged mothers keep a good figure, and they can also choose jeans, which makes them look younger

coats:coats in spring and autumn can be matched with small suits and knitted cardigans; Pay attention to keeping warm in winter, such as down jacket, cotton padded jacket, woolen jacket, windbreaker, etc; Middle aged women are suitable for coats with simple styles. The version needs to be crisp, the tone is elegant, and the color is pure. The surface of the clothes does not need to be decorated too much

Conclusion: in the middle and old age, the body shape will change, and many middle-aged and old women will get fat. Therefore, some middle-aged and old women always worry about clothes, and do not know what to wear and what kind of clothes to avoid. The above clothing matching skills for middle-aged and elderly women introduced to you will make you equally beautiful and young.

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