What Equipment Is Needed For Running? Have You Got All The Running Supplies?

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Running is a fitness sport suitable for all ages and easy to get started. You can often see people running to exercise on the street, but most people don’t care about running equipment, even those who run in jeans and leather shoes. What should I wear when running? What equipment do you need for running? Generally, the list of running equipment includesrunning shoes,sportswear, running bags, sports bracelets, sports cups, etc., among which running shoes and sportswear should not be randomly selected. Now let’s take a look at the running equipment purchase list shared by Xiaobian. Have you prepared all these running sporting goods

Running shoes

running shoes are one of the essential equipment for running. However, choosing a suitable pair of running shoes is not so simple. The basic requirements are anti-skid, shock absorption, ventilation and fit. Generally, we should consider the purpose of exercise, foot shape and size

According to the purpose of exercise: if you only run occasionally, it is recommended to choose fashionable and casual running shoes, so that you can wear them for daily leisure; If you insist on running every day, you can choose supporting running shoes, which are more comfortable and durable for running; If you are a professional competitive runner, you should choose professional ultralight running shoes, which is conducive to improving your running performance

Choose by foot type: People’s feet are divided into valgus, varus and normal ordinary types. The inner side of the front sole is relatively worn, indicating that it is valgus, otherwise, it is valgus. Professional brand running shoe manufacturers generally launch running shoes for different foot types. You can pay attention to the product description and choose the right foot type running shoes

Choose according to size: the shoe types of various brands are slightly different, and the sizes marked are only for reference. Generally, it is best to buy running shoes that are half or one size larger than the shoes you usually wear, because tight running shoes will cause additional pressure on the feet, and may cause injury over timeSneaker Size Chart

running sportswear

a comfortable and fit sportswear is also a necessary equipment for running. Common running sportswear include quick drying clothes and pants, compression clothes and pants, windproof clothes, and sports bras, which are generally selected and matched according to the weather season and their own needs

quick drying clothes and pants: quick drying clothes and pants have good moisture absorption and quick drying effect, and are easier to evaporate sweat. They are the first choice for summer running. Considering the perspiration function, we should choose the quick drying clothes with high proportion of Coolmax fabric

Compression clothes and pants: compression clothes can reduce the vibration of muscles during running and provide good support and protection for muscles and joints, which is very necessary for some professional runners. Generally, skins series tends to compress and recover, while CWX series tends to support

Windproof vest: it is cold in autumn and winter, so you need a windproof vest to keep warm when running. It is also suitable to wear it after warm-up and exercise to prevent colds. Generally, cardigans are suitable for windproof vests. The material is basically mesh inside, which is comfortable and breathable

sports bra: mainly for girls, running without professional sports bra is not only unsightly, but also easy to cause chest sagging. Generally, the cup separation sports bra should be selected for running, which conforms to the ergonomic design, and has a special steel bracket to fix the chest

Household treadmill

if you like to run indoors for fitness, you have to prepare a household treadmill at home, especially those who are very busy at work. It is more necessary to start. After all, using treadmill for fitness is still very helpful for releasing work pressure and exercising cardiopulmonary function

How to choose: there is enough space at home. You can consider a foldable small treadmill. Generally, a single function treadmill can meet the demand, and the price is relatively cheap. Of course, if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to choose a multi-functional treadmill with an abdominal muscle frame, which can exercise multiple body partsdetailed

How to use it: it’s best to do some warm-up exercises before running, so that the muscles can be fully stretched before starting; When using the treadmill for the first time, we should be familiar with it. At first, the speed should be adjusted slowly, and then the feeling of adaptation should be gradually increased. In this way, it will be saferdetailed

other running equipment

sports headphones: the running process may be boring, especially for runners who plan to run long distances. It’s quite pleasant to have a pair of sports headphones while listening to music and running. Generally, sports headphones have wireless, waterproof and sweat proof functions, most of which are ear hanging

SPORTS BRACELET: Sports bracelet can know the length of running in real time and its own heart rate, making running more professional. In addition to the comprehensiveness of functions, the general SPORTS BRACELET should also consider whether the wrist strap material is environmentally friendly and skin friendly. Generally, it is appropriate to use soft silicone material

More equipment: arm bag / waist bag, sports hat / hair belt / hair towel, sports socks, sports knee pads, sports water cups, sports towels

running assistant software

with the application of intelligent interactive technology in the field of running, various running assistant software came into being, which can track users’ real-time exercise route, time, distance, speed, rhythm and the heat generated by your fitness, and put forward safe and scientific voice guidance

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