What Is The Difference Between Swimsuits And Underwear? Can Swimsuits Be Worn As Underwear

Abstract: Although swimsuits and underpants look similar, there are still some differences. The differences between swimsuits and underpants are mainly reflected in style, material and price. It should be noted that swimsuits should not be used as underwear in general, because the material of swimsuits is different from that of underwear. Swimsuits are airtight, sweat free, and relatively tight. Wearing them for a long time will not only be uncomfortable, but also affect the health of reproductive organs. Unless you go swimming directly, it is not recommended to use swimsuits as underwear. Let’s learn the difference between swimsuits and underpants< p> I. what are the differences between swimsuits and underpants

Swimming trunks and underpants are close fitting pants, and they are similar in style. However, there are obvious differences between them. The main difference is that they are used for different purposes. Swimming trunks are worn for swimming, and underpants are worn daily. In addition, the differences between swimming trunks and underpants are as follows:

1. Style differences

There are certain differences in styles between swimsuits and underpants. Swimsuits with high waists are usually designed to prevent them from going naked when swimming; The normal waist can be designed as swimming trunks or underwear; Before, underpants were mostly designed for low waist, but with the development of the times, people love triangle low waist swimming trunks more and more

2. Material difference

Because there are many daily wearing underwear, the requirements for comfort are relatively high, so the underwear is generally designed with cotton fabric, which is not waterproof; The swimming trunks are usually worn when swimming in the water. They have been exposed to the air and water for a long time, so the material of the swimming trunks should be firm, elastic, not tight, opaque and waterproof

3. Price difference

The prices of underwear and swimming trunks are related to materials, fabrics and workmanship. However, the prices of underwear and swimming trunks with the same fabrics and workmanship are generally more expensive. After all, the quality requirements of swimming trunks are higher

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II. Can swimsuits be used as underwear

Swimming trunks are often worn when swimming. Their shape is similar to that of underwear. Some friends will wear swimming trunks as underwear. Can swimming trunks be used as underwear? What are the disadvantages of wearing swimming trunks as underwear

Generally speaking, swimming trunks are not recommended to be worn as underwear, mainly because although the shape of swimming trunks is similar to that of underwear, there are great differences in material and fabric. Swimming trunks are made of Lycra, while underwear are made of pure cotton and ice silk. Swimming trunks will not sweat and breathe when worn as underwear, which will be uncomfortable after wearing for a long time. Wearing them for a long time will easily affect the health of reproductive organs; In addition, because swimsuits are usually too tight, wearing them as underwear for a long time may cause some pressure on the lower body, especially male friends

Of course, if you go out to swim, it is OK to wear swimming trunks as underwear, but it is not recommended to wear swimming trunks as underwear for a long time. After all, swimming trunks are swimming trunks and underwear are underwear. It is better not to confuse them

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