How To Wash A Suit Shirt Precautions For Washing And Maintaining A Suit Shirt

Abstract: formal shirt is an indispensable matching item for office workers. Whether it is worn inside or outside, a high-quality formal shirt can show your extraordinary dressing taste. Western style shirts are also very particular about cleaning. Before washing Western-style shirts, the collar of the shirt should be cleaned with a toothbrush, and then put into the washing machine and washing powder for washing. After the last watering, do not dehydrate, but directly take out the wet shirt and dry it in the shade. Next, let’s have a look with Xiaobian< p> how to wash suits and shirts

Before washing the suit shirt, first apply the shirt collar on the whole reverse fold part of the collar surface, brush it with water with a toothbrush for a few times to remove the stains, and then put it into the washing machine and washing powder to choose gentle machine washing or hand washing. This method can also be used if the cuffs are dirty. After the last watering, do not dehydrate, take out the wet shirt directly, use both hands to push the two sleeves of the clothes and the collar straight, fold the whole section along the two ends of the neckline according to the reverse crease of the original collar, level the collar tip, make the collar shape symmetrical, hang the wet shirt with a clothes hanger, and then drip the water. This can reduce the wrinkle mark of the shirt body, ensure that the collar does not bubble, the collar tip does not turn up, and keep the collar clean and neat

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precautions for cleaning and maintenance of suits and shirts

1. Do not put the shirt and jeans into the washing machine together. It is better to wash them by hand alone

2. When washing, try to add softener to make it more soft and comfortable to wear

3. Suit shirts should not be machine washed, especially formal shirts. Casual shirts can also be gently machine washed, but the collar and cuffs of formal shirts will be deformed when they enter the washing machine, which is irreversible, that is to say, they can’t be worn after entering the washing machine. Pure cotton shirts should not be dehydrated by washing machine, which may deform the collar

4. Iron the cotton shirt before wearing

5. Do not fold after ironing, and hang it directly in the wardrobe

6. The most difficult parts of the shirt to clean are the collar and sleeve. The shirt must not be washed until it is seen to be dirty. This not only affects the image, but also is difficult to wash back to the original color. The collar lining material of the shirt is mostly linen or resin linen, which is to keep straight and straight without deformation. It is not suitable to twist and knead

7. After washing the shirt, the most important thing is to make it flat and wrinkle free. To prevent the shirt corner from warping outward, place the collar lining with the collar corner lining cloth glued on the workbench with the lining face facing down, and then fit the reverse side of the upper collar surface with the front face facing up, and then fit the front side of the upper collar with the front side of the upper collar surface with the reverse side facing up, and finally sew the upper collar according to this, turn it over and iron it, and the collar will be comfortable and beautiful

how to clean and maintain suits

The washing of suits is very particular. First, they cannot be washed often. At the same time, the suits must be dry cleaned when washing is required. It is best to clean clothes once every 3-4 months. The effect is good and there is no damage to the fabric. It is not very good if the clothes are cleaned too often. If the clothes are worn for a short time and there is not much dust on the surface, you can use damp and light ironing after cleaning the dust, and the dust will adhere to the towel with washing

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Suits made of chemical fiber can be washed by washing machine. Just like normal washing, they are packed in a washing net bag and washed gently in a shorter time. Wash the suit of chemical fiber fabric with a washing machine. Be careful not to use hot water and drying to prevent the suit from becoming deformed. Suits made of high-grade fabrics cannot be washed by washing machines, which will wrinkle and deform. Suits made of high-grade fabrics should preferably be sent to dry cleaners for dry cleaning

A suit should not be worn continuously for too long. The suit will be deformed due to local stress after being worn for a long time. After a period of time, take out the items in the pocket to restore the fabric to its original state. When it is stored in the wardrobe, the insecticide should be put in the pocket, the cover bag should be put on, and it should be ventilated frequently. At the same time, it should be placed in a place with low temperature, and the relative humidity is generally 35-40 degrees

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