How To Wear Fashionable Clothes When Autumn And Winter Coats And Cotton Clothes Come

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Abstract: among the fashionable and warm items in autumn and winter, overcoats and cotton padded clothes should be the first choice. Cotton padded clothes with sweaters, scarves, boots and short skirts will make you no longer fat in this cold winter, and you will still be slim even wearing warm winter clothes. However, for girls who love beauty, fashion is their pursuit. How can we compete with stars? Come and have a look with Xiaobian

coat cotton clothes matching

1. Wine red patchwork cotton padded jacket + sweater + jeans + sneakers

It’s not difficult to match this suit, and when we get, we should pay attention to the choice of cotton padded clothes. The slim one is always thinner and higher than the loose one!! Moreover, the color of cotton padded clothes is not only eye-catching by choosing gorgeous colors, but also vintage wine red is more eye-catching in autumn and winter! The overall look can learn from Korean mix and match, and the clothing matching can be more casual, but the choice of items should be exquisite and slim. It’s right to choose thinner styles for clothes, shoes and pants

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2. Cotton padded clothes + knitwear + shirt + jeans + High Top Sneakers

This look, even for petite girls, can be very fashionable! Because the collocation of clothes pays more attention to details, such as the fit of sweater and shirt, which becomes very academic, and the style of shoes is high top sneakers. As long as they are not fat shoes, girls will look very fashionable, and the color is also good, very cute pink

3. Cotton padded clothes + scarves + jeans + Chelsea boots

This collocation is also the choice of slim fitting items. The choice of large scarf is both warm and fashionable. The color combination of clothes looks layered and echoes, which is still very worthy of our get

4. Cotton padded clothes + knitwear + shirt + jeans + boots

The collocation of knitwear and shirt can be learned by girls who hate being bound! Jeans with cotton padded clothes, choose boots together, it still looks very touching

5. Cotton padded clothes + long wool clothes + leather pants + small white shoes

How to wear black with a sense of hierarchy? The color can’t be separated. Of course, it depends on the texture of the clothes, so the coat chooses cotton padded clothes, so it can be well separated with sweaters and leather pants

6. Cotton padded clothes + shirts + scarves + jeans + motorcycle boots

Sure enough, when the clothes are open, it looks the most handsome! But it’s easy to be frozen, so please be careful when you are fashionable. But the light blue shirt with jeans and motorcycle boots looks quite fresh, simple and fashionable

7. Cotton padded clothes + scarves + knitted coats + tight pants + ankle boots

Cotton padded clothes can not only be worn with sweaters inside, but also knitted jackets, which look more playful

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