6 Taboos For Men In The Workplace Men Should Avoid 4 Misunderstandings When Wearing Formal Clothes

Abstract: for men, apart from those who are engaged in advertising and other industries seeking novelty and coolness in clothing, it is also very important for people in other workplaces to dress professionally at work. Because, if a woman wears more revealing clothes at work, she will be more unprofessional. “Men are more likely to be despised if they don’t dress up properly. So, what are the taboos for men in the workplace? For example, wearing clothes with obvious brand labels, clothes that are too loose, shiny shirts or coats, sandals and socks… Let’s see the details below< p> men’s workplace clothing taboos

1. Wear clothes with obvious brand labels

You don’t want to be a mobile ad! The way men dress in the workplace will make you look tender. Don’t think that clothes with obvious designer or brand names on the chest, sleeves or anywhere else will make men look fashionable and tasteful, or will they be more professional with introverted and simple points

2. Wear too loose clothes

Unless you are a hippop singer, don’t wear those things. Men in the workplace should choose clothes that fit well. You may have to try and mix and match various cuts and styles to find clothes that look comfortable when you wear them

3. Wear a shiny shirt or coat

If you are confident in your appearance and just want to go to a nightclub, sparkling clothes may give you extra points. At ordinary times, especially at work, men in the workplace should stay as far away from such a dress as possible

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4. Wear large head leather shoes

In the ’90s, it might have been OK for these shoes to come back into fashion, but now it’s time for these stupid guys to retire. Men in the workplace choose some classic shoes that can stand the test of time

5. Wear sandals and socks

If it’s cool, you can wear leather shoes, casual shoes and sports shoes, but wearing sandals and socks can’t make the change of seasons faster

6. Unsightly colors

The color of your clothes should not conflict with your own characteristics (such as eye color, skin tone and body shape). Men in the workplace should always bear this in mind

men should avoid the misunderstanding of when wearing formal clothes

1. The suit pocket is full of sundries

On many occasions, we will see that many brotherhoods fill the pockets of suits or trousers with leather bags, keys, mobile phones and change, which will only completely destroy the elegant texture of suits. Of course, it is best not to put anything, and this will easily lead to the deformation of suits. It is recommended that if you want to keep these items with you, you’d better choose a leather bag with good texture

2. The shirt is worn and can not be replaced

Wearing a suit is a very elegant behavior. Even the shirt under the suit can not be ignored, especially in the shirt cuffs and collars that are easy to be exposed, there should be no wear, yellowing or stains. In addition, the relationship between shirt cuffs and length and suit, generally speaking, it should be that after both hands are down, the shirt sleeve length is about 0.5cm to 1cm longer than the suit sleeve length, which is beautiful and polite; But for casual suits and shirts, it doesn’t matter if the shirt sleeves inside are not exposed

3. The color and design are not exquisite

The matching of suits should first be decided according to the field of view. Generally speaking, the matching criterion is not too protruding. In terms of color, the basic three types of matching methods are the same color hierarchical matching method, such as dark blue suits and blue striped shirts with light blue twill ties; Or contrast color matching method, such as dark blue suit, white shirt and red tie; Or the matching method of similar colors, such as coffee, khaki with green or golden tie accessories, can choose appropriate matching based on your skin color, hair color, preferences and feelings, and then use popular elements. In addition, unless you have high taste and are confident in the matching of clothes, you should never wear a cartoon shirt or tie, which will be very funny

4. No suit

If you want to try this different wearing method, you can choose the most machine-made dark blue coat with white shirt, twill tie, khaki cotton casual pants, and then white socks or beige cotton socks with dark coffee casual shoes or dark socks with black leather shoes

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