Can Hot Spring Swimsuits Be Used For Swimming? The Difference Between Hot Spring Swimsuits And Ordinary Swimsuits

Abstract: I believe many people will have such a question: can the swimsuit used in summer be worn to soak in the hot spring? Is the bathing suit for bathing in the hot spring the same as the ordinary bathing suit? If it is a bathing suit for professional competition, it is not recommended to wear it in the hot spring, while other bathing suits not specially used for swimming can both soak in the hot spring and swim. As the hot springs have high water temperature and contain minerals, it is important to buy special swimsuits. Now let’s learn about hot spring swimsuits with Xiaobian< p> can hot spring swimsuits be used for swimming

in fact, swimsuits do not distinguish between hot spring bathing and swimming! Because 95% of the people who buy swimsuits in winter are for bathing in hot springs, so swimsuits sellers will write swimsuits for bathing in hot springs in winter. In fact, they wear the same swimsuits for swimming in summer. In summer, 95% of the people buy swimsuits for swimming. Basically, no one buys swimsuits for bathing in hot springs, so they won’t write swimsuits for bathing in hot springs at this time! As long as it’s a bathing suit, you can take a dip in the hot spring and swim

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the difference between hot spring swimsuits and ordinary swimsuits

1. Some swimsuits are professional competition styles. The swimsuits in this kind of competition are not the same as ordinary civilian swimsuits. They are too tight and thin. The breast pads can be removed. Some swimsuits do not have breast pads, The swimsuits here are all specially designed for swimming. It is not recommended to wear them in hot springs

2. Bathing suits in hot springs mainly focus on beauty and fashion. Most of them choose skirt style, bikini, and bathing suits with yarn. For swimming, they usually choose simple styles such as one-piece triangle and one-piece flat angle. This is the difference in style

3. Bathing in the hot spring will cause some damage to the fabric of the swimsuit, which will indirectly shorten the life of the swimsuit. There is no way to avoid this. You will definitely want to buy a cheap swimsuit to wear here. In fact, it is not because the hot spring is exposed to high temperature. If you choose a cheap and inferior swimsuit, you don’t talk about whether its style is appropriate. The inferior fabric will produce toxic substances under high temperature, and the swimsuit is a personal item, To a certain extent, it is not good for your health. It is recommended to choose brand swimsuits if possible. There is a guarantee! You can refer to the top ten brands of swimsuits

what swimsuits to wear in hot springs

swimsuits worn in hot springs are different from ordinary swimsuits. Because the hot springs have high water temperature and contain minerals, the elasticity of ordinary swimsuits will be damaged if they are soaked for too long. Therefore, it is important to buy special swimsuits. In addition, there are usually public bathrobes in the hot spring, but there are many people. When you go ashore, you can’t tell who belongs to whom. Therefore, it’s better to bring one by yourself, which is more hygienic

men can take a dip in the hot spring with their own boxer pants in a suitable design and color, while women can choose swimsuits in their own style and color according to their own figure. Then wrap a bath towel and add a larger clip or hairpin, which can distract attention from other places. It not only hides the shortcomings, but also shows the elegance of women. If an old man takes a dip in the hot spring, he should prepare a conservative style swimsuit. As long as the old man is not very conservative, he can wear an ordinary one

note: the water temperature of the hot spring is generally above 40 ¡æ, which will damage the elasticity of the swimsuit. Therefore, the swimsuit after soaking in the hot spring can not be used. It is recommended not to wear very good and expensive swimsuits, or you will regret it

what do you need to bring to soak in the hot spring?

1. Water, beverages and other things with high water content. Generally speaking, the water temperature of the hot spring is relatively high. Taking a hot spring bath is easy to lose water in the body, which is easy to cause dehydration

2. Bring toiletries. Not all people who take a hot spring bath are very hygienic. Although taking a hot spring bath can play a certain role in some diseases, it will also have a negative impact. It is also very necessary to take a clean bath after taking a good hot spring bath

3. Bring some items such as swimsuits

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