Fashion Starts With Children’s Clothing. It Teaches You The Guide To The Most Fashionable Children’s Clothing Matching

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with the development of fashion, fashion has slowly extended an olive branch to the children’s clothing industry. When you take your baby out to play, you must dress up your baby well. If there is a treasure at home, the female baby must dress up as a little princess, and the male baby must dress up as a little gentleman. A well-dressed baby can increase the popularity index of your baby in the crowd. But many parents have a headache. Why is my baby so beautiful, but the clothes are always out of style? In fact, children’s clothes also need some matching skills. As long as parents match them carefully, they can also give their babies brilliant clothes and make them a fashionable trendsetter! What are the principles of choosing and matching baby clothes? How do boys and girls dress together? How to choose children’s sportswear? This article will teach you a guide to the most fashionable children’s wear matching

Baby clothesbaby clothes

belly pocket for 0-2-year-old babies, it can be described as a versatile God clothes. Protect your stomach from catching cold

Monk’s clothes are easier to wear and take off, similar to the one-sided shirts worn by monks, especially suitable for newborn babies

Butterfly clothes are especially suitable for babies aged 0-3 months. The clothes are designed with lace ups on the chest, and the chest circumference can be adjusted independently. The place of the trouser legs is circular arc, with buttons, and it is a robe without buttons

Jumpsuits, also known as jumpsuits, khaki suits, climbing suits, etc., can protect the navel from catching cold

Triangle clothes can hold diapers, which is similar to the Jumpsuit of T-shirt and triangle underwear. You can wear fart clothes for your baby from birth to the age of 2 or 3, which is convenient and applicable

Split suit: the upper body and lower body are separated. Generally, it is a split suit worn by babies aged 3-6 months. The upper body is covered with a head, the shoulder is buckled, and the lower body is designed with a high waist and navel protection

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Boys wear clothes with

pure cotton and light colored clothes are preferred for 0-1 years old. One piece clothes and split underwear suits are the mainstream. Light colors and pure cotton are recommended for intimate clothes, and fart wrapped clothes in summer are the best choice

1-3 years old can wear split clothes, but can’t wear elastic pants. You can choose a simple cotton jacket, and choose vest style jumpers or suspender style children’s pants for the bottom, plus a sunshade hat

Choose loose and casual clothes at the age of 3-5, which is conducive to physical development. Casual pants, children’s suspenders, plus small shirts

5-7-year-old clothes can be in simple and warm colors, and simple solid color T, flowered shirt and pants or sportswear can be freely selected

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Girls wear clothes with

0-1 years old, it is best to choose the “monk clothes” without collar and oblique lapel, and it is best to have a longer front and a shorter back. It is also good to choose one-piece clothes and fart wrapped clothes

At the age of 1-3, it is also very cute to wear casual clothes with exquisite, free and easy appearance, dresses with skirts such as cake skirt and Ruffle Skirt, and suspenders

Clothes for 3-5 years old should be comfortable, healthy, easy to wear and take off, and dirt resistant. Simple tops and comfortable pants are very good. It is not suitable to wear pants with elastic bands. If you want to wear pants, it is better to wear jumpsuits and suspenders

There are many styles of pants, skirts, tops… Aged 5-7, so we should focus on practicality and sociability. But don’t choose too tight clothes. The clothes should be firm and strong, with a little embellishment. You can also put on some beautiful accessories

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Children’s sports clothing

children’s sports shoes should choose a sole with moderate flexibility and anti-skid effect. The bottom of the shoes should be equipped with a hook center to support the arch of the foot, and must be comfortable and breathable

The suitable sportswear material for children’s sportswear should be a blend material with a large proportion of cotton, which has good breathability. Cotton pants and cotton t-shirts also match well

Children’s sports hats are made of light and thin materials, which can absorb sweat, have large brims and can dissipate heat, such as duck tongue hats, sun hats, straw hats, etc. it is also best to choose the ones with lighter colors

Children’s swimsuits should be suitable in size, with bright colors. The material should be selected, and the spandex content should reach 18%

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Matching of parent-child clothes

the simplest matching method of parent-child clothes of the same style is to wear the same style from head to toe, neatly corresponding to the baby. It should be noted that the details should be slightly different

Some parents and children of the same style wear clothes of the same color but different styles, or clothes with the same pattern and different colors

With the same pattern, parents and children can find some dotted, striped and lattice clothing styles in the wardrobe, and different pieces can also match up with warmth

Matching the same color parent-child clothes with the same color or the same color clothes, the same colors echo each other, and can also create the feeling of parent-child clothes

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Pay attention to your baby’s clothing

before using diapers, apply oil and cream. The action should be gentle, and the size and cutting must be suitable for your baby’s body shape. It is based on the principle that one finger can be moved and two fingers are tight

Sleeping bag before using the sleeping bag, wrap the baby first, and then put the baby into the sleeping bag. Wrap the baby with a tong Tan and let the baby’s hands move. But the feet can’t move, so the baby won’t move to open the sleeping bag

One piece clothes untie all the buttons of the one-piece clothes, lay them flat, and then put the baby on the clothes with the neck aligned with the collar. Put on your legs first, then your sleeves

It’s best to wear jeans less for your baby to make sure you buy the right size, but don’t wear them for a long time. It’s best to choose light colors

Tight pants is best not to wear tight pants, try to avoid too thick, hard, airtight cloth, and prepare more comfortable pants in advance

Down jacket it is recommended that babies wear down jackets until they are over 3 years old. They should choose good quality down jackets and suitable down jackets

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Baby shoes

  • 0-6 months

    key points:too young to care

    key points of shoe selection:comfortable and warm

    recommended shoes:pre walking shoes, cotton socks, foot protectors, wool shoes

  • 7-12 months

    key points:safety first in the toddler stage

    key points of shoe selection:hold your feet and be soft

    recommended shoes:walking shoes, shoes with high upper and deep face

  • 1-3 years old

    key points:prevention of physiological O-shaped legs

    key points of shoe selection:light and soft, non slip

    recommended shoes:cloth shoes, sneakers, soft leather shoes

  • 4-5 years old

    key points:the burden on the feet has doubled

    key points of shoe selection:nude protection, ventilation and anti-skid

    recommended shoes:canvas sneakers, soft cow leather shoes / sheep leather shoes

  • 6-9 years old

    key points:high incidence period of foot deformity

    key points of shoe selection:ventilation, nude protection and shock absorption

    recommended shoes:Oxford Shoes, small shallow shoes, thongs

  • 10-15 years old

    key points:fragile muscles and bones during rapid growth

    key points of shoe selection:shock absorption and ventilation

    recommended shoes:sports shoes, soft cow leather shoes, sports shoes, tourist shoes C

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Baby accessoriesbaby scarf

baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive, so when choosing a scarf, you should choose a scarf made of cotton and linen, which must be soft and breathable. In terms of style, you can’t cover your baby’s sight and respiratory tract. You can choose lightweight, short and warm scarves such as neck covers, buckle scarves, hole scarves, etc. View details

Baby Hat

consider comfort, practicality and matching with clothing. Babies should choose hats that are light in quality, soft in hand, warm and breathable, and have good performance; The hat of preschool children should pay attention to seasonality and practicality; Choose a lively style and bright colors under the age of four, and the inlay of colors over the age of four should also be beautiful and generous. View details

Baby gloves

choose gloves of different thickness according to the different temperatures in the north and south. It is best to choose soft and flexible materials, which must be breathable and warm, and try to wear cotton wool, wool and other materials. The size must be suitable. When the baby wears gloves, he should fix his own special gloves. Don’t temporarily put adult gloves on the baby’s hands. View details

Baby socks

wearing socks can protect your baby’s feet from injury and cold. Don’t choose socks with too tight opening and too long hose tube. The elastic opening should be wider and the tightness should be moderate. Socks with dense and firm seams and thick sock heads and bottoms should be selected. Socks should be a little bigger to give baby’s feet room to grow. The designs and colors should be as simple as possible, and it is best to buy by dozen. If you lose one, you can also match the same other socks. View details

Baby jewelry

baby’s skin is sensitive. Jewelry must choose pure silver, pure gold and jade, which usually have bracelets, long-life locks, safety buckles, anklets and other styles. These jewelry usually have the meanings of long life, health, peace and auspiciousness. Don’t choose jewelry with edges and corners or too thick chains. It’s best not to have some small structures that are easy to pull out on the jewelry, so as to prevent the baby from swallowing it by mistake. View details

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