How To Match Short Skirt Pants With Top Short Skirt Pants With What Kind Of Top Looks Good

Abstract: how do short skirt pants match with tops? In summer, short skirts and pants are really a very common and flexible piece. They can match women’s elegant and sexy curve beauty, and are also very easy to match. For example, T-Shirts, short sleeves, shirts, suspenders, etc. are good-looking. Many girls like to wear short skirts and pants, which are both convenient and beautiful. Now let’s learn about the matching skills of short skirts and pants< p> I. how to match short skirts with tops

1. Simple round neck short sleeve

It can be matched with the Korean version of round neck short sleeves, which can expose the collarbone and show the body with material. Then, it is best to have a pattern on this short sleeve, because the skirt and pants are generally solid color, and the appropriate pattern on the top is quite good-looking. It can be a cartoon directly on the chest, which is also very playful

2. Sleeveless top

Sleeveless tops with skirts and pants are also good, especially when it is hot in summer, it is cool and simple without sleeves. Pure white tops are the most suitable, because white is a versatile color, so it is very suitable to match with skirts and pants of any color

3. Straight shoulder sling

Skirt pants can be matched with a chiffon shirt with a shoulder strap. The suspender blouse is very comfortable to wear, which makes people look elegant and generous. In particular, the suspender can set off the shoulders and collarbones, which makes the whole person very moving. It is both sexy and cute. If you can match it with a collarbone chain, it will be more attractive. Therefore, it is also very appropriate for skirt pants to match the suspender shoulder

4. Off shoulder small shirt

There are many kinds of shirts, which are different from the ordinary off shoulder style with a straight shoulder. There are also many styles of this type, including the left shoulder style, the right shoulder style, and both sides. These shirts are good, and they are very suitable for skirts and pants, which are very cute. It would be better if there were a bow

5. Loose T-shirt

Skirt pants can be matched with T-shirts, which are loose and easy to wear. The stripe style is also very good-looking. No matter what color the solid stripe is, it is versatile and will not appear fat. It also makes people feel very cute. Short cotton fabric is more comfortable

6. Feifei sleeve top

Now, Feifei sleeves are also very good. If you wear skirts and pants below, you can wear a small printed T-shirt on it. It is very lady, very temperament, and very versatile. That kind of Feifei sleeves makes people feel that the arm is very personalized, and they can’t help being attracted to the eyes, very attractive

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II. What kind of top does short skirt pants match

1. Ruffle short skirt pants + striped short sleeve shirt

This Khaki Ruffle short skirt pants are very classic and versatile. The ruffle design adds fashion and beauty. You don’t have to worry about the loose pants, even if your thighs are thick. It’s very nice to match it with a striped short sleeve shirt

2. Black irregular short skirt pants + vertical stripe short sleeve shirt

In a black dress, you look cool. Black irregular short skirts and pants are fashionable, and they can hide the flesh and look thin. If you choose such a vertical stripe short sleeved shirt for the top, you have to say that the overall effect of looking thin is really good

3. White wide leg short skirt pants + off shoulder striped shirt with straight neck

A versatile and fashionable white wide leg short skirt pants are very popular this summer. They are made of comfortable fabrics to easily help you cope with the hot summer. The high waist + wide leg version can hide the flesh and make you thin in a second. It is matched with the Yellow off shoulder striped shirt with a straight neck, which is really sunny and eye-catching

4. Denim A-line short skirt pants + portrait printed short sleeve T-shirt

Super versatile and fashionable denim short skirt pants, high waist design, easy to look tall and lengthen the leg ratio, raw edge decoration, add a sense of moisture, A-shaped version, you can control any body, simply match with a portrait printed short sleeve T-shirt, good-looking and fashionable

5. Denim skirt pants + suspender top

Denim fabrics give people a youthful charm. High waist skirts and pants show the slender waist. Coupled with a solid color tight sling, they outline a sexy figure. Such collocation makes you feel like a girl instantly

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