[Men’S Trousers] The Selection And Matching Of Men’S Trousers Show A Man’S Gentlemanly Demeanor


In dress, the trousers have always been a very interesting role. A good pair of trousers is never and should not be the most dazzling part of your outfit. Its duty should be to make other clothes on your body coordinate naturally, so that your body lines are smooth and not fragmented. It should be a quietly auxiliary role, reliable, flawless, but not revealing. Men wear suits on many formal occasions. If they don’t wear suits well, they will make a lot of jokes. In this issue, Xiaobian will explain the relevant knowledge of trousers in detail

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1 Brief introduction to trousers

trousers (trousers) mainly refer to trousers that are worn together with suit tops. Since trousers are mainly worn in offices and social occasions, on the premise of being comfortable and natural, they pay more attention to the coordination of shape. The amount of relaxation during cutting is moderate, giving people a sense of calm and steadiness. Trousers have been basically internationalized and standardized in production technology and shape. The process of trousers and trousers is basically the same, and the length is above the knee , you can choose according to your own needs

2. The difference between trousers and slacks

to understand the difference between trousers and slacks, let’s first understand what trousers and slacks are. Western trousers mainly refer to the trousers worn together with the suit jacket. As the trousers are mainly worn in office and social occasions, on the premise of being comfortable and natural, attention should be paid to the coordination with the shape. Casual pants, as the name suggests, are casual and comfortable pants. Formal trousers are made of hanging fabric, suitable for formal occasions

Since the trousers are worn on more formal occasions, they should appear tall and straight, so they are mostly made of chemical fiber fabrics, and the effect of chemical fiber fabrics is better. Casual pants should be casual and casual, so cotton or silk fabrics are often used. Since they are casual, they should be comfortable to wear. This is one of the differences between trousers and slacks

Secondly, the upper width and lower width of the board trousers’ legs are obvious, while the western trousers’ legs are basically straight. There are also differences in the crotch, the former loose, the latter fit. Which one to choose is related to body shape and occasion. In general, board trousers are suitable for short and fat people, while trousers are suitable for tall and thin people; Board pants are casual, while trousers are formal. This is the second difference between trousers and slacks. [details > >]

3. Trousers: 4. Correct wearing of trousers

1. Fit – no such thing as “wide leg” trousers

A qualified pair of trousers should be fit first. It should present a natural human form: the waist and hips are the widest, and gradually shrink to the ankles. There should be no accumulation of redundant fabrics. At the same time, the trousers should also be loose enough for you to move freely. In particular, there should be no strange folds on the thighs, otherwise it means that your trousers are too tight

2. Pants length – shorter and shorter is the trend

Now the no break wearing method that just touches the upper is becoming more and more popular. No break’s trousers are straight down to the upper of the leather shoes, and the length is just right without any wrinkle, which makes them look energetic and neat. When you sit down, part of your ankles will be exposed for a while, which can also show your carefully selected suit stockings. But wearing such trousers is not simply to shorten the length of the trousers. The trouser legs must also be reduced because the ankles are thinner

3. Pleats and cuffs – – not only belong to high-end players

Because the pleated trousers look cleaner, and will make the body look slimmer visually, while the pleated trousers will make your body look fatter. However, people with a plump lower body can choose pleated trousers to decorate their body, which makes them look less fat. However, it should be noted that pleated trousers generally need to be matched with cuffed trouser legs. The pleatless trousers will make your legs longer if you wear the trousers without flanging

4. Belt Buckle – either do not add it or do not fasten the belt

Many people who choose to customize trousers do choose not to make a belt buckle for convenience, but to make an adjusting loop next to the trousers, so that they don’t have to wear a belt when wearing trousers. Of course, after all, belts sometimes do more than just fix pants. Now, they are more and more carrying the role of expressing personality like socks or ties. Please remember, if your trousers have belt buckles, please be sure to wear a belt, even if it is customized and fits well, otherwise it will look empty and strange

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