What Are The Types Of Pants

  • pants are classified by pants type
  • pants are classified by material
  • pants are classified by purpose
  • pants are classified by length
  • pants are classified by waist type
  • pants are classified by crowd


there must be more than one pair of pants in our wardrobe, including shorts in summer, pants in spring and autumn, cotton pants in winter, wide leg pants that modify the leg shape, skinny tights, trendy pants with holes, etc. What are the categories of pants? Pants can be classified according to different materials, types, uses, lengths, waist types and audience groups. Now let’s buy a small series to introduce the styles and types of pants in detail. Let’s have a look

Wide leg pants feature a loose outline, with the same width from the thigh to the hem, which can modify the imperfect leg shape. Matching with short shirt and high waist and wide leg pants, it visually reduces the proportion of the upper body, extends the length of the lower body, and makes people look more slender; Knitwear + suspender wide leg pants, young and casual, full of student spirit; Silk shirt and casual suit with wide leg suit pants and a thin belt can create a sexy neutral style. Ol style is suitable for work< u> Details + strap pants features shoulder straps are installed on the waist, and there are patches on the chest, which can lengthen the body shape. It is a good thing to show height and thin. Wear it with a pair of jeans suspenders with holes, a shirt or a short T-shirt to instantly lengthen the body, and a pair of candy colored flat shoes to make it casual and fashionable; Small foot black suspender pants with white vertical stripe short t show leisure temperament; Chiffon floral suspender pants with short T, fresh and street feeling< u> Detailed + tights features tights from waist to foot, which can outline the curve of the lower body and make the legs appear slender. Pair it with black leggings and navel revealing clothes to make it casual and energetic and sexy at the same time; Tight leather pants + knitted jacket make the collocation more fashionable and innovative through the contrast of fabrics, forming an unexpected visual effect; Buy a small series to remind that tight pants are not suitable for people who are overweight in the lower body, which will further expand their body problems< u> Detailed + pencil pants

features: they are tight at the top and bottom, with slim trouser legs and ultra-low waist, making the hips close and the leg lines long. Matching pencil pants and long suits is a very neutral and handsome way to wear. Wearing a graphic T-shirt inside will immediately enhance the sense of fashion; Handsome little black leather clothes with a pair of black pencil pants, simple and fashionable; Loose T-shirt or sweater with pencil pants, simple and generous, and very Korean< u> Details + Leggings are characterized by tightness at the top and tightness at the bottom. The whole pants are awl shaped, which is also often called pipe pants, and can play the effect of modifying the leg shape. Matching with leggings and knitted cardigan seems to be a perfect match; Office workers can try a suit coat or shirt with leggings. Both the elegance of matching high heels and flat shoes are comfortable temperament, which are bonus items< u> Details + lantern pants features: the straight leg is wide, the hem is tightened, the waist is caulked with elastic band, the upper and lower ends are narrow, and the middle part is loose and fat, like a lantern. Match it with the basic bloomers, and a tight sweater on the upper body is enough for leisure and comfort. A simple belt is used as a highlight, and the waist line is raised to show the length of the legs; Pull up the legs of the bloomers, expose the ankles, connect with the V-port high heels to lengthen the calf line, and add the high waist sweater, it looks like there are legs below the chest< u> Detailed +

Bell bottoms feature a loose outline, with the same width from the thigh to the hem, which can modify the imperfect leg shape. Wear it with short leather clothes and black bell bottoms, handsome and capable; High neck loose short sweater with cowboy bell bottoms shows the feeling of long legs, fashionable, thin and warm; Chiffon shirt and slim bell bottoms, easy-going and thin; A pair of long bell bottoms and high heels can make you look more slender as a whole< u> Detailed + Jumpsuit features the top and pants are connected at the waist, with pop, chiffon and lace styles. Pair it with the Jumpsuit with the sense of work clothes style, which is fresh and exceptionally age reducing. Match it with the high-heeled shoes to create a unique fashion charm; It is fashionable and sexy with thick heel short boots, showing a full flavor of street trends; Denim Jumpsuit is fashionable and has a very rich sense of hierarchy. The natural color belt at the waist outlines the slim curve beauty of birth shape< u> Detailed + straight pants features: the hem is as wide as the knee, and the pants are straight, which can cover the defects in leg shape. Matching straight pants is a versatile item, which can be matched with any style of tops, such as V-neck shirts, small suits, loose sweaters, knitwear, leather jackets, shirts, etc; Plaid suit + denim straight pants, capable and stylish, the whole outfit is full of workplace ol style; Denim coat and straight pants make the whole look a little retro in Europe and America< u> Details + Harlan pants are characterized by a wide upper and fat lower style. The crotch is loose, most of them are relatively low, and the trouser legs are relatively narrow. Match with lamb hair Harun pants and flat Muller shoes to easily show long legs. The high waist design is very suitable for small girls; The work clothes Harun pants are matched with small white shoes, and the top is matched with a printed T-shirt, which is youthful and fashionable; Cowboy Harun pants are pulled up at the trouser legs, and paired with small white shoes or high heels, showing high and thin, with sexy< u> Detailed + the overalls are loose and have many pockets. They are casual and young as a whole and tend to be boyish. It is generally matched with a shirt or sweater, stockings and canvas shoes, which is full of Japanese leisure feeling; Tie up overalls with loose sweater or jacket, and step on a pair of air force or AJ, with a full sense of street fashion; The patchwork overalls and the solid color long sleeve sweater make the patchwork elements more prominent and enhance the matching highlights< u> Details + skirt and pants features the appearance is like a skirt, with a crotch like pants. It is a combination of pants and skirts, which can be worn by both men and women. Wear it with silk short sleeved shirt, loose and comfortable, mature and charming, suitable for office workers; Leather skirt pants can be matched with tight sweaters, which are warm and fashionable. Wearing an overcoat outside can increase the sense of maturity; Long skirts and trousers can be matched with loose long sleeved shirts. The shirt can be tied into the skirt and trousers, the belt is tied, and the proportion of the upper and lower body is pulled, which makes it more mature< u> Detailed + tapered pants features: the trouser legs are gradually tightened in the process of walking down, and the size from the waist to the hem is gradually reduced. Wear the simple tapered pants with the shirt, revealing a full sense of sexuality; A short black suit with high waist tapered pants and a pair of high-heeled shoes make it very capable; Medium length windbreaker with tapered pants, casual and casual; The 9-point tapered pants are matched with the sweater, and the sneakers are worn. It is fashionable and age reducing, and it is also a proper sports girl style< u> Detailed +

The upper part of the leggings features a loose design, but the elastic band or binding rope is designed at the hem to form a sharp contrast. Wear it with denim Leggings naturally, which is more sporty. You can wear it with a shirt, a sweater, or a sports coat; Corset overalls are nice to wear with sneakers or high top canvas shoes; The leggings are made of comfortable and loose fabrics. They look good on the jacket, sweater or shirt and T-shirt< u> Details + jeans are made of denim, which is wear-resistant, dirt resistant, close fitting and comfortable. Matching jeans and light colored short T is a very classic match, cool and youthful, very suitable in summer; Jeans with a suit jacket can reduce the formal sense of the suit and add a sense of fashion and youth. Clean and maintain jeans. It is better to soak them in white vinegar + water or salt water for about 20-30 minutes before launching them for the first time; Avoid direct exposure to the sun. The pants are not easy to dry and will produce peculiar smell. Detailed + cashmere pants features fine, soft fabric, good warmth retention, good moisture absorption and permeability, and comfortable to wear. It is warm and high-grade to match with cashmere wide leg pants and overcoat. It is best to choose the same color to avoid mistakes; Plaid cashmere pants have a retro feeling. They can be worn with suits or monochrome items. The collision of different textures gives people a very gorgeous feeling. During cleaning and maintenance, try to reduce friction with hard objects and hard hooks; The wearing time should not be too long. Pay attention to intervals for about 10 days to restore its elasticity and avoid fiber fatigue. Detailed + wool pants are more warm than cotton pants, but they are easier to pilling. Matching with wide leg wool pants can match with tight turtleneck sweater to create a high sense of height, which is suitable for friends who like simple style; The same matching loose knit creates a lazy and comfortable style. The warm light camel color can sweep away the boredom of the whole winter. When cleaning and maintenance is not carried out, it should be folded and placed on the upper layer to prevent heavy pressure, and stored in a dark and ventilated place as far as possible. Detailed + leather pants are made of leather. They are warm and comfortable. Tight leather pants have a shaping effect. Matching with loose and soft protective clothing and leather pants weakens the hardness of leather pants, which is handsome, playful and sweet, and full of youth; The jacket and leather pants can be said to be a classic match, looking cool and eye-catching. When cleaning and maintaining leather pants for the first time, turn the inside out, gently rub them with neutral detergent, rinse them with clean water, and dry them in a cool and ventilated place; Leather pants are not recommended to be cleaned frequently, otherwise the leather will be damaged. Detailed + down pants feature down as the filler, with good cold resistance, soft and fluffy characteristics. Wear it with down pants and a small fresh short sweater, which is casual and warm. Wear it with a pair of cute plush short boots, which is very young and full of girlish flavor; The pencil version of down pants with thin heel boots makes the legs look thin and long. Cleaning, maintenance and cleaning should not be too frequent. When it is dirty, it can be cleaned locally. Do not rub it with force to prevent down knotting; When not wearing, wrap it with breathable articles and put a camphor ball in it to prevent moths. Detailed+

Corduroy pants are characterized by roundness, fullness, wear-resisting fleece, thick texture, soft feel and good warmth retention. Match the flare style corduroy pants with a textured white T-shirt, simple and fashionable; The high neck shirt is a piece that makes you elegant. It is perfect to match it with coffee colored light core flannel pants and choose the same color bag and shoes. For cleaning and maintenance, gently rub and wash after soaking in clean water. It is not suitable to rub and wash with a washboard, let alone with a hard brush. Otherwise, it will damage the fluff, produce creases or affect the gloss. Detailed + tweed pants are characterized by wrinkle resistance and wear resistance, soft feel, elegant and crisp, full of elasticity and strong warmth retention, but it is difficult to wash. Pair it with off white woolen trousers and woolen shoes, which are fresh and gentle; Lamb wool coat with loose woolen trousers, canvas shoes, add a sense of movement, suitable for Japanese and Korean style friends; Knitted cardigan with black straight woolen trousers, a proper young man of literature and art. Neutral detergent or wool detergent shall be used for cleaning and maintenance. It shall be spread and dried in the shade or hung in half. It shall not be exposed to the sun. Cotton trousers are characterized by good warmth retention and single plumpness. They will look bloated when worn on the body. The cotton trousers with the foot binding style are especially hip-hop. When matched with the sweater, they are warm and not bulky, and the color contrast is full of youth; Various baseball jackets and cotton trousers are filled with the youthful vitality of schoolboys. The detergent shall be diluted as much as possible for cleaning and maintenance. After washing, choose flat or vertical drying. Never screw it. Detailed + knitted pants are characterized by good elasticity and extensibility, with a full sense of sag. The black knitted wide leg pants are versatile and thin. In winter, you can wear a pair of bottomed pantyhose inside, and match them with a short bread suit, which is very Korean; Knitted pants have an excellent sense of sag. They are lazy and casual with flat Muller shoes and a loose sweater. Cleaning and maintenance before cleaning knitted pants, dust on knitted pants shall be patted off and soaked in water with white vinegar before cleaning; It is not suitable to be exposed to the sun. Prolonged exposure will affect the resilience of spandex and the appearance of the fabric. Detailed + khaki pants are made of khaki cloth, with simple style, comfortable feeling and casual style. Match khaki pants with simple shirts, fasten belts and put on leather shoes to complete simple workplace dressing; Khaki Pants +polo shirt, a proper business and leisure style. For cleaning and maintenance, it is recommended to wash by hand, choose neutral detergent, and avoid vigorous kneading and exposure to the sun during washing. Detailed + linen pants are made of linen, cool, dry and breathable, suitable for summer wear. Matching linen pants is a proper Japanese casual style, and matching a solid color T-shirt is simple and refreshing; Wide legged linen pants with loose shirts are fashionable at work or on the street; The delicate lace top and straight linen pants are cool in summer. Cleaning and maintenance use the gentle gear of the washing machine, and the washing time should not be too long; Hot steam can be used to iron linen. To avoid wrinkling, hang the linen after ironing. Casual pants are characterized by casual wear, comfortable fabric and simple and versatile style. Only by matching the fitting casual pants can you lengthen your legs, and easily create a mature and handsome business man style with a shirt; Collocation with polo shirt or T-shirt can highlight men’s clean and refreshing gentlemanly temperament< u> Detailed +

The sports pants are characterized by youthful vigor, comfort and no involvement, and are mainly made of nylon and polyester. Wear it with sports shorts and cotton linen shirts, casual and trendy; The suspender vest shows the slim waist and abdomen, and is matched with loose sports pants, which is personalized and energetic; The combination of sports pants and sports vest is the most perfect, highlighting the vitality of sports< u> Detailed + guard pants are made of cotton or polyester fabric. The fabric is soft and suitable for spring and autumn wear. It is clean and low-key to match with grey leggings. It is a combination of sports and fashion with skateboard shoes or high top canvas shoes, which is full of trendy flu; The bodysuit and trousers are casual and casual. Xiaobian suggests to choose the straight version of the bodysuit and trousers< u> Detailed + pants features smooth and comfortable, with side seams at the trouser legs. In addition to formal occasions, matching trousers are also suitable for other casual occasions; Tapered suit pants can perfectly modify the leg shape, and are very fashionable with coats, jackets and sweaters; The striped trousers have their own British retro style to highlight their temperament< u> Detailed + beach pants features loose and thin tied closed neck shorts, which are suitable for playing on the beach or in summer. Different from swimming trunks, swimming trunks are designed with high waist, while beach trunks are designed with normal waist; The material of swimming trunks is elastic, not tight and waterproof. The beach pants are large underpants made of a kind of quick drying fabric, with their own underpants< u> Detailed + quick drying pants features quick drying, breathable and UV protection. The fabric is generally polyester or nylon. Some quick drying pants will also use some special high-tech functions, such as the latest nano microporous fiber technology. Its high-density micropores can quickly diffuse and evaporate liquid< u> Details + the pants are waterproof, breathable, windproof and tear resistant. Different from the soft shell pants, the soft shell pants have a wind proof membrane, which has certain wind resistance, thermal performance and good air permeability. It is lighter and easy to carry; But the charging pants generally have no effect of keeping warm< u> Detailed + Leggings are tight, close fitting and elastic; Commonly used fabrics include cotton, linen, silk, wool, blended fabrics, and chemical fibers. It is suggested to choose wool, rabbit hair, modal, velvet and other warm fabrics in autumn and winter, and chiffon, lace, mesh and other breathable fabrics in hot summer< u> Detailed features of + autumn pants belong to underwear and cannot be worn out; Second only to warm pants, it can effectively prevent cold. The front and back sides are distinguished from trademarks, washing marks and composition marks, which are usually sewn on the back of autumn pants; Generally, the front of autumn trousers is a whole piece, and the back is two pieces. There is a vertical line on the front and two vertical lines on the back< u> Detailed + warm pants are made of different materials, such as Kaola velvet, bamboo charcoal fiber velvet, golden velvet, velvet, etc; Light weight, good warmth retention. What kind of fleece is the most warm rabbit fleece and wool fleece are the most warm, soft and elastic, with excellent warmth retention< u> Detailed + hot pants (super shorts) length to the thigh root. Matching hot pants can be said to be a versatile piece, which can set off the hot figure and exquisite curve; Style with short T-shirt and fashion; Wear it with a suspender shirt, showing a sexy atmosphere in the uninhibited< u> Detailed +

Shorts are thigh length. Matching shorts can be matched with T-shirts, shirts, shoulder straps, etc., which are versatile pieces; If you want to have some personality, you might as well choose the elements of holes or raw edge tears in your shorts; High Waist Shorts and suspenders are sexy< u> Detailed + cropped pants are at the knee. It is fashionable and stylish to wear jeans with five hole pants. It is simple and refreshing to wear loose T-shirts and small white shoes; The light brown high waist Capris and waistband are more retro and nostalgic. They are casual and fashionable with shirts or vests< u> Detailed + Capris are about the calf length. Matching Capris is very selective. If your legs are as thin and long, you can wear Capris; If the legs are thick, maigo small knitting suggests choosing the style of loose pants, which will be thinner< u> Detailed + cropped pants are about ankle long. Matching with cropped pants has a fresh and capable temperament, which can show the most slender ankles. Matching with loose sweaters can show tenderness. Matching with leather Martin boots is cool and full of street feeling< u> Detailed + pants length to foot position. Matching with wide leg pants and high heels can stretch the leg length visually, and can cover the leg defects, showing both high and thin; And denim pants can just take a part of the trouser leg and roll it up, revealing socks or ankles. It is very Korean with skateboarding shoes< u> Detailed + low rise pants

  • the waist is below the navel, and the crotch is taken as the baseline to fully display the waist; Wearing low waist pants will make the proportion of the body out of balance, showing a five-to-five figure; It is not suitable for formal occasions, nor for friends with small bellies

middle waist pants

  • the waist section of the pants is at the waist, that is, the thinnest part of the waist, about the navel; But it can’t show the figure or figure proportion. It can be worn on any occasion

high waist pants

  • the waist is above the wearer’s waist line, which can well improve the waist line and lengthen the body proportion. When wearing, it can be matched with a short jacket or tied into the pants

check out more key points for women’s pants. Girls want to modify their leg shape and beautify their waist hip curve when choosing pants, so they should first choose according to their own body shape; Mm with thick legs had better choose straight pants or wide leg pants, which can cover the flesh of the legs and modify the leg shape at the same time; Short legs or small people can choose high waist pants or tapered pants, which can visually pull up the proportion< u> Detailed + key points for men’s pants men had better not choose too tight pants, which will expose shortcomings and cause some embarrassing situations; Professional men can choose business casual suit pants and khakis, and it is better to choose nine point tapered pants, which will not be so rigid and more youthful; The essential overalls and torn jeans for trendy men can easily create a street sense. The loose pants are hip-hop< u> Details + key points for children’s pants: children often like to be lively, so they must choose elastic and dirt resistant materials, such as cotton pants and jeans; Children don’t know how to pull a chain or tie a belt. The elastic waist is the most suitable for the trouser head, which is also convenient to wear and take off; The baby’s skin is delicate. Don’t choose chemical fiber pants as personal pants to prevent allergies and discomfort.

Key points for purchasing trousers for the elderly: the trousers for the elderly should be light, soft, broad and simple. Cotton and hemp are popular pants for the middle-aged and the elderly, because they are easy to absorb sweat and heat, light, thin and soft, and the price is also very pleasant; It is best to choose the high waist version of the pants, which can provide warmth for the waist, abdomen and thighs; The best color is black and white and grey. It can wear all kinds of tops while being resistant to dirt. Key points for purchasing pants for pregnant women as the baby grows up, the pregnant mother’s stomach will become larger and larger. The trouser waist can be lace up, which can be adjusted to the most appropriate waist circumference; It is recommended to choose the pregnant women’s pants made of pure natural fabrics and environmental protection dyes, which are comfortable and close to the skin; Choosing pregnant women’s pants with abdominal support function can give a certain supporting force to the stomach, alleviate low back pain and excessive stretching of abdominal skin, and help to reduce stretch marks< u> Detailed +

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