How About The Shaping Effect Of Swimming? The Shaping Effect Of Different Swimming Strokes Is Very Different

Abstract: swimming is undoubtedly our favorite way of fitness in summer. While exercising, we can also enjoy the cool. It is the first choice for Meimei in summer. Is swimming good for shaping? However, different swimming styles have different muscle exertion parts. If you want to swim to shape, you must first choose the right swimming style. If you want to shape yourself by swimming, you might as well know which part of yourself needs exercise before you learn to swim, and then take your seat according to the number and choose the swimming style that suits you< p> I. how about the shaping effect of swimming training

There is a saying in the beauty industry that gravity makes women old. Soaking in water is a good way to fight gravity. If you want to do some exercise in the water, swimming is undoubtedly the best choice. Swimming can exercise, shape and reduce weight. Swimming to lose weight is the most suitable sport for women

Swimming to lose weight is a kind of periodic exercise. Both rowing and fetching water are tense and relaxed. Long time exercise will make the skin elastic. Because of this, female swimmers often have plump and strong breasts, elastic limbs and muscles, and symmetrical and curvaceous body. This is the scientific principle of swimming to lose weight

Swimming to lose weight has entered the category that aerobic exercise can consume fat. It is such a simple and understandable truth that exercise can accelerate the metabolism of the body. It is more necessary to cooperate with diet and exercise to ensure that the daily intake of calories is less than the consumption of calories, so as to achieve a remarkable weight-loss effect. Therefore, when choosing swimming to lose weight, we must reasonably match diet to prevent excessive calories from entering the mouth

Of course, in addition to swimming to lose weight, swimming is more about shaping the body curve. At the same time, it exercises the cardiopulmonary function. While losing the belly and leg fat through swimming, the arm will become strong and powerful. In addition, swimming mainly depends on the strength of the legs. The enhancement of the strength of the legs plays a key role in swimming. The effect of shaping the leg curve is also very significant. Swimming to lose weight and shape together

At the same time of swimming to lose weight and shape, it also needs the cooperation of diet. Eat light food, avoid food with high sugar and fat, often drink Soybean milk, nonfat milk, and eat fruits and vegetables with low sugar, such as apples, pears, cucumbers and virgin fruits, to assist swimming to lose weight

II. Different swimming styles have different body shaping effects

freestyle: when practicing freestyle, the biceps and triceps of the upper arm need to exert more force, so freestyle can make the arm lines symmetrical and beautiful. Beauties with “butterfly arm” can use this stroke to shape the arm lines. In addition, freestyle can also make hip muscles strong and elastic, and also play a certain role in improving shoulder muscle strength

butterfly stroke: pull the arm inward, which is similar to chest enlargement. You can exercise the pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi. At the same time, butterfly stroke affects the body with the waist. Long term swimming in this position can help eliminate the fat on the waist and shape the beautiful lines of the waist

breaststroke: breaststroke is mainly a push clip action, which is different from the freestyle and backstroke. The thighs should be fully expanded and contracted during breaststroke. This action uses the quadriceps femoris of the thigh more, so it can strengthen the strength of the legs and is conducive to the elimination of the fat inside the thigh. If you strengthen training every day and swim down in a summer, you will find that your thighs are no longer loose and become much stronger

backstroke: latissimus dorsi exerts more force in backstroke, which can stretch back muscles. For the white-collar workers who have been sitting in the office for a long time, backstroke is beneficial to relieve discomfort such as back pain. In addition, when backstroke, the body should rotate to both sides like a rolling log, which can not only reduce the resistance, but also give full play to the strength of the trunk muscle group. This is very effective in eliminating excess abdominal fat, so that the abdomen is no longer loose, exercise the elasticity of legs and waist, and make it strong

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III. strength training before swimming

When swimming, many people will also find that their waist and legs are sore and start to feel weak without swimming for two rounds. It was caused by inadequate physical strength. Therefore, it is suggested that we should strengthen the strength training of arms, waist, abdomen and legs before swimming

Exercise arm strength: insist on doing 20-30 push ups or lifting dumbbells every day. The weight and amount of exercise of dumbbells vary from person to person

Exercise waist and abdomen strength: do core exercises such as sit ups and push ups. The amount of exercise varies from person to person

Exercise leg strength: squat with or without load, lunge squat and other leg exercises, and the amount of exercise varies from person to person

IV. pay attention to these points after swimming

don’t take a shower right away

The body has not recovered to its normal state after exercise, so it is not suitable to take a bath immediately, especially a hot bath. The elderly or obese people cannot take a hot bath immediately after exercise. After swimming, if you take a cold bath immediately, your skin will be suddenly stimulated, blood vessels will contract immediately, the resistance of blood circulation will increase, and the resistance of the body will decrease. Taking a hot bath will continue to increase the blood flow in the skin, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, dizziness in light cases, collapse shock in severe cases, and other chronic diseases. Therefore, you should take a whole minute off after swimming and then take a bath

don’t drink too much to quench thirst

Drinking a lot of water will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract and dilute the gastric juice, which will not only reduce the bactericidal effect of gastric juice, but also affect the digestion of food. Drinking water too fast will suddenly increase the burden on the heart, and even cause heart failure, chest tightness, abdominal distension, etc

don’t smoke

After exercise, the metabolism of the human body accelerates. If you smoke, a large amount of smoke will enter the body, and the large amount of oxygen required by the body after exercise will not be satisfied, so you are more vulnerable to carbon monoxide, nicotine, etc. At the same time, the lack of oxygen in the body will also affect the physical recovery and make people feel more tired

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