how do women wear suits and jackets?

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there are various ways to wear suits and jackets. Many people think that suits should be the clothes worn by boys, but girls also have a lot of temperament. Suits are the clothes of some boys and girls. So how can girls match suits better

how to match a woman with a suit coat

1. Wear a longer coat inside

wear a long shirt inside, and put up a suit coat to deliberately expose the hem, which is inspired by street photography

2. Don’t forget that campus pants must be started this season

mix and match Western foreign studies and fiery red sports pants, choose the same color without being abrupt, and balance the strong style of upper and lower body

3. Deconstructed items are stacked with encumbrances

over long sleeves and waistcoats. Items with a sense of encumbrance are stacked with Xiwai to give a sense of deconstruction and improve neatness

4. Tannins mix and match with mezzanine to add interest

no matter which layer it is placed, tannins can always be skillfully integrated to increase the elasticity of changes in the West and the outside. Whether it is covered in the outer layer or the inner layer, it can bring out ingenuity

how to match a suit jacket

match 01: suit jacket +a-line skirt

for Xiaobian, it is still short sleeved shorts this autumn! Friends who feel cool need to wear coats. The black suit jacket and A-line skirt are very fashionable. It’s super nice to wear any shirt as a base! With little white shoes and medium socks at your feet, you are so damp that you have no friends

collocation 02: wide legged pants + suit jacket! The wide leg pants really show the temperament and are suitable for anyone. With our suits and coats, it looks more fashionable. Walking on the street makes you confident and more fashionable

collocation 03: tight pants + suit jacket

this year, it is also very popular to wear wide at the top and tight at the bottom. Wearing tight pants and suit jacket looks very good. This kind of collocation is the most classic leisure. Black tights and camel colored Korean suit jacket also look very fashionable. The feet can be matched with this year’s popular Korean slippers, and wearing a beret shows a sweeter temperament

what pants should a straight suit match

1. The strong trend of straight suit + pencil pants

retro style has brought back the popular oversize in the 1990s to the fashion circle. Whether it is sweaters or sweaters, we can see that their silhouettes are getting bigger and bigger, their sleeves are getting longer and longer, and suits are no exception! In terms of fashion, or loose version, oversize has a higher appearance rate

2. Straight suit + rough edged jeans

the combination of tough and capable men’s suits and casual jeans can attract more attention. Moreover, the staggered rough edged design style of jeans led by vetements this year is even more popular. If you haven’t prepared one, you’re embarrassed to say you’re smart

3. Straight suit + sports pants

speaking of fashion, the most seen element in the street photos of this year’s fashion week is sports. The random combination of various styles and sports style, and the unique vitality of sports style can make you stand out in an instant. The right way to open this spring is to mix and match the suit with the sweatpants

girls can wear a suit inside when wearing a suit jacket. The clothes inside should be longer than the suit jacket. This method of wearing is hierarchical. Compared with the way of wearing on the street, it is also good to wear some vest

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