Chinese Style Mother’s Coat Matching Guide For Mother’s Coat

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Abstract: trench coat is a very popular item. We can often see people wearing trench coats on the street. So, how do middle-aged mothers match windbreaker coats? Middle aged women seem to have a maternal light on their bodies, and they wear fashionable clothes with special charm! Let’s take a look at the middle-aged mom’s windbreaker jacket matching guide that Xiaobian brought to you! Hope it is helpful for your collocation

mom’s jacket matching guide

1. Temperament clothes make mom more and more beautiful

With the increase of experience and the development of career, middle-aged and elderly people have a unique temperament and demeanor, so middle-aged and elderly clothing should not only pay attention to generosity, but also adapt to age, occupation and posture in terms of style, material, color, technology and so on. Proper and quality clothing can enhance the self-confidence of middle-aged and elderly people, and it is also a kind of respect for others. Women should be careful not to choose clothes that are too revealing and open. They don’t look as good as young people, and they don’t match their age and identity

Considering the characteristics of the middle-aged and the elderly, clothing should highlight the dignity and generosity of the middle-aged and the elderly, help give play to the temperament and demeanor of the elderly, and reflect a mature beauty. The clothes of middle-aged and elderly people should be simple and fit to fully reflect solemnity and stability. Women can choose a jacket with a slightly longer tail and a small ‘hem’, which is very helpful to improve their temperament

In addition to maturity and soundness, some middle-aged and elderly people live the same life as young people, full of passion and vitality, and pay attention to fashion and modernity. “Fashion is not the patent of young people. The middle-aged and old people can show their own style when they dress properly, coupled with the matching of hair style and makeup

Generally speaking, the modeling of middle-aged and elderly clothing should be neat, generous and elegant. When choosing fabrics, colors and styles, we should not only consider the age characteristics of middle-aged and elderly people to make them consistent with their temperament, but also take into account the skin color, preferences and wearing occasions of middle-aged and elderly people. After continuous attempts, every middle-aged and elderly people can find their own clothing style

2. Develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and don’t expose your minor shortcomings. Middle-aged and elderly people should not dress sloppily, and their clothes must be clean and tidy

At the same time, we should also pay attention to the collocation of some decorations, such as scarves, gloves, hats, etc., which can not only achieve beautiful effects to a certain extent, but also keep warm

In the specific choice of style, the split top is better than the cover, because some middle-aged and elderly people have inflexible shoulder and arm joints and difficulty in raising their arms. The collar should be closed, which can not only keep warm, but also protect the cervical spine. Many middle-aged and elderly people will have hunchbacks, bulges and other conditions due to heavy work, less exercise opportunities, or improper diet control when they are young, and their body shape is not maintained well. At this time, we should pay attention to “developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses”. For example, middle-aged and elderly people with slightly humped back and leaning forward shoulders should wear shoulder pads. Although some clothes are beautiful, they have high requirements for body, which is easy to expose small shortcomings in body. Therefore, they should be carefully selected when wearing

3. Color matching and fabric selection are also exquisite. The color choice of clothes for the middle-aged and the elderly mainly depends on the occasion of wearing and their own body shape, skin color and so on

The middle-aged and the elderly should be distinguished from the unrestrained style of young people. But there is no need to be limited to age. Choosing only monochrome clothes will make you look old-fashioned. A variety of color matching is also suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. When wearing, you can choose color matching clothes, and you can also break the monotonous style through the matching of other accessories

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Red Chinese style coat

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Royal Blue Chinese style coat

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