How To Choose Girls’ Autumn Clothes? How To Choose Children’s Autumn Clothes Correctly

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Abstract: the little girl’s pink face and innocent eyes are really like angels around her, so mothers always want to dress their daughter beautifully every day, so how to choose girls’ coats in autumn? Faced with the dazzling and expensive children’s jackets on the market today, have mom and dad made a fuss? On the premise that we don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money on clothes for our baby, the healthy growth of our baby is important. The following is a guide for choosing girls’ jackets. Let’s have a look

[children’s autumn clothes] how to choose girls’ autumn clothes? How to choose children’s autumn clothes correctly

how to choose girls’ Autumn coats

Coat, also known as coat, is the outermost clothing. The volume of the coat is generally large, with long sleeves, which can cover other clothes on the upper body when wearing. The front of the coat has buttons or zippers for wearing. The coat is generally used to keep warm or resist rain

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1. Fabric: whether it is waterproof, windproof and cold proof is the main parameter for choosing the coat

2. Version: the European version of the jacket is suitable for higher bodies, while the Japanese version of the jacket is suitable for relatively Petite ones

3. Whether the collar can stand up and ensure that the arc transition is uniform after the collar is set up, with little or no wrinkles

4. Whether the shoulder is smooth. When trying on, be sure to lift your left and right arms to see if there is any pressure on your shoulders

5. Check whether the front of the jacket is symmetrical, and check whether the stitching and arc transition are uniform

6. Insert both hands into the coat pocket, check whether the thread is open and whether the pocket position is appropriate, and put the belt in the pocket to see whether it is appropriate

7. The sleeves of children’s autumn clothes should be longer, preferably 1-2 cm longer than the clothes inside

8. Take off the clothes, lift the collar with one hand, and check whether the weight of the coat is reasonable

how to choose children’s autumn clothes correctly

1. Choose class a clothes

When choosing baby clothes, you must choose clothes produced by regular manufacturers. There must be product certificate, product executive standard, product quality and other information in the clothing package. Special attention should be paid to that the baby’s clothes must choose class a products, that is, clothes that the baby can directly contact the skin. This will be indicated on the label of the clothes. Be sure to read it carefully

2. Choose pure cotton clothes

Baby’s skin is tender and easy to be allergic, so when choosing baby clothes materials, it is best to choose pure cotton, 100% cotton is the best, with good breathability, easy to absorb sweat, and soft fabric, which is best for baby’s skin. Never choose chemical fiber products, which are airtight, bad for skin and easy to be allergic

3. Light colored clothes are the best

Be careful not to choose dark clothes when choosing baby clothes. Because dark clothes are easy to fade, and babies like to bite clothes, it is easy to eat dyes into the stomach, which is detrimental to the growth of babies. The clothes are close to the skin. If the patterns on the clothes or the clothes themselves fade, prolonged contact with the baby will cause the baby’s skin allergy, or cause itching and discomfort. Serious blisters or skin damage may cause bacterial infection and other diseases

4. Choose clothes without buttons

Choose clothes with belts for newborn babies, which is related to the safety of babies. There should be as few or no decorations on the clothes as possible. It’s best to choose clothes without buttons to avoid eating by mistake. If the baby is older, choose one with buttons. When buying, you must pay attention to the firmness of buttons. Babies like to grasp buttons and other things. They should pull hard. Only those that cannot fall off can be worn by the baby

5. Don’t smell peculiar

When buying baby clothes, smell them close to your nose. If there is a peculiar smell, don’t buy them. Some clothes have been mouldy for a long time, or chemicals have been used in the production process of clothes and remain on the clothes. These odors will stimulate the child’s respiratory system, which is not conducive to the child’s development. It’s best to wash the newly bought clothes at home and dry them in the sun before putting them on your baby. They are clean and safe

6. The tightness should be appropriate

Buy baby clothes in different sizes according to the baby’s weight. Don’t buy them too tight. The clothes must be bigger than the baby to ensure that they don’t strangle the baby. It’s best not to use elastic bands for clothes, so as not to affect the normal development of baby’s limbs and internal organs

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