what kind of coat to wear with the bodyguard

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the bodyguard has already become an indispensable piece of clothing in people’s life. Especially for young people, the bodyguard is the most popular style in recent years. The weather is cold in winter, and there are many coats that can be matched with the bodyguard

what kind of jacket to wear with the bodyguard

bodyguard + Baseball Jacket

the baseball jacket is simple and light, and it has the effect of self-cultivation to match with the bulky bodyguard. You can choose the Black Baseball Jacket with letters to match with the blue-green bodyguard, and then match with a pair of black leggings. The contrast between black and blue-green is very obvious, which is very handsome. Or choose a black coat with red stripe decoration, match it with a red sweater, and still match it with a pair of black leggings. The black and red tones collide with each other, which is very cool

sweater + denim jacket

the denim jacket is versatile, and it is also very beautiful to match with the sweater. The blue denim jacket is matched with the white sweater, and then matched with a pair of blue jeans, just like the students in the campus, it is full of vigor and vitality. This suit is really very aging. People of all ages look very good in it, especially young

sweater + woolen jacket

the sweater gives people a more casual and casual feeling. The woolen jacket looks very formal and tidy. The two elements collide with each other, giving people a formal, calm and playful feeling in leisure. You can choose a beige sweater with a long red brown woolen coat, which is very fashionable

what kind of pants do you wear with the bodyguard?

bodyguard + Pencil jeans

pencil pants are a kind of small legged pants, which is the most slim type in the pants, so it is not suitable for girls with fat lower body and thick legs, especially those with thick legs. If the legs are symmetrical, it is OK, but pay attention to the matching. It is best to choose loose bodyguard, which can cover the hips and thighs. Small girls should pay attention not to wear too long, just cover their hips

protective clothing + suspender pants

both protective clothing and suspender pants are very age reducing items. The combination of the two can instantly reduce the age by ten years. There are many styles of suspenders, among which the work style suspenders are the least attractive, and the fat people can wear them

sweater + straight pants

if you have problems with thick legs and non straight legs, you can choose straight pants. Straight pants are the overall vertical downward pants, which are very suitable for girls with thick legs. According to different fabrics, the styles of straight pants are also different. There are suit straight pants and denim straight pants, among which denim is the most versatile

how to dry the clothes without deformation

1. First fold the clothes, lay them flat on a clean table, and then tidy them up

2. Place the hook of the clothes rack under the armpit of the clothes at a 45 degree angle

3. Fold the hem of the clothes in half, put them through the hanger, and then tidy them up

4. The clothes will not be deformed due to excessive pulling

5. When drying clothes, you can put them in a cool and ventilated place to dry them. Avoid drying them in a place with direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight will cause certain stimulation to the surface fibers of clothes

6. According to the different materials of clothes, choose the appropriate washing method and choose the special detergent for the clothes to avoid the excessive stimulation of the detergent which will affect the quality of the clothes

the sweater is matched with the baseball jacket. You can choose the Black Baseball Jacket with letters to match with the blue-green sweater, and then match with the leggings. This kind of matching is very fashionable. The sweater is matched with the cowboy jacket, which is very versatile and full of vitality

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