How To Choose The Size Of Swimming Trunks? Should I Buy Them Tight Or Loose

Abstract: the size selection of swimming trunks is very important. Too large or too small will affect swimming. Generally, the selection is mainly based on your hip circumference and waist circumference and the size chart provided by the merchant. If you don’t know how to choose, you can also contact the merchant to provide the size for the opposite party to give suggestions. It is better to buy and try on offline. When buying swimming trunks, it is recommended to buy slightly tight swimming trunks, which are close fitting, not easy to fall off, and easy to swim. However, do not buy them too tight to avoid strangling yourself, making them uncomfortable and unsightly. Let’s learn how to choose the size of swimming trunks< p> I. how to choose the size of swimming trunks

When swimming, you should wear appropriate swimming trunks, especially in terms of size. You should choose the size of swimming trunks that conform to your own body. If they are too large, they are easy to fall off, and if they are too small, they are uncomfortable to wear, which will affect normal swimming. So how to choose the size of swimming trunks

Choosing the size of swimsuits does not depend on height and body shape, but mainly refers to two factors: hip circumference and waist circumference. First, measure your hip circumference and waist circumference, and then there is usually a size chart in the swimsuit product interface for reference, which can be selected according to the recommendations of the size chart; If hip circumference and waist circumference are not within the same range, the waist circumference shall prevail, or contact the customer service of the merchant to provide their own waist circumference and hip circumference, so that the merchant can give suggestions. If you buy offline, it is recommended to try on before buying

Generally, the waist circumference of swimsuits is s for 62-68, m for 68-74, l for 74-80, XL for 80-86 and XXL for 86-92. There may be some differences in the size chart of different brands. The specific size chart provided by the merchant shall prevail

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II. Should I buy swimsuits tighter or looser

When buying swimming trunks, besides the size, the tightness is also a factor worth considering. The tightness of swimming trunks will directly affect the comfort. Is it better to loosen or tighten the swimming trunks

1. It is not so tight to swim in loose swimming trunks, which may be more comfortable to wear on the body. However, the disadvantage is that it is easy to swim, and the resistance is relatively large after swimming, which makes it uncomfortable to swim. In addition, loose swimming trunks are easy to fall off, especially when swimming against the waves

2. The advantage of tight swimming trunks is that they are close fitting, not easy to fall off, easy to swim, and do not affect the water feeling. Therefore, the swimming trunks worn in professional competitions are usually tight swimming trunks; However, it should be noted that it is not good if the swimming trunks are too tight, which will strangle you and make you uncomfortable and ugly. It is recommended to select slightly tighter swimming trunks according to your body

In general, whether it is professional competition or amateur swimming, it is better to buy tight swimming trunks. It is more convenient to swim underwater and it is not easy to fall off

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