[How To Wear One-Piece Swimsuit] How To Wear One-Piece Swimsuit Correctly

introduction: the one-piece swimsuit is a classic and timeless swimsuit style. Girls with full breasts or who want to show their legs can choose the one-piece swimsuit. But the one-piece swimsuit is inconvenient to wear and take off and go to the toilet, which baffles many girls. So how do I wear a one-piece swimsuit? How do I go to the bathroom in a one-piece swimsuit? Next, I will introduce the wearing method, suitable body shape and size selection of the one-piece swimsuit with Xiaobian How to wear the one-piece swimsuit

step 1: the one-piece swimsuit is not easy to stretch when it is wet, so make sure it is dry before wearing the one-piece swimsuit. And wipe the sweat off your body before wearing the swimsuit, so that you won’t feel sticky during wearing

step 2: take a standing posture. After picking up the swimsuit, put two legs in from the top neckline. In fact, many one-piece swimsuits are also very convenient to wear and take off, such as open back, bare waist, etc. just put the legs in from the largest mouth. Compared with casual one-piece swimsuits, professional swimming sports swimsuits are more difficult to wear

step 3: after wearing the shorts of the lower body, carefully pull up the chest Cup of the upper body, and then make basic adjustment. If there is a bandage after adjustment, adjust the tightness according to your own figure and fasten the bandage

step 4: after basically putting on the one-piece swimsuit, you need to adjust the overall tightness, check whether the edges of the briefs will strangle the hip skin, and adjust the cup in front of the chest to prevent the dew point from going out Precautions for wearing one-piece swimsuits


how to go to the toilet in one-piece swimsuits

1. you can break the bottom part of the one-piece swimsuit to one side and then remove it. This is an emergency method. If you wear underwear in the swimsuit, it is not very convenient, and this method is easy to solve

2. take off the one-piece swimsuit from above and go to the toilet. This method is troublesome, but safe and reliable. It may take more time, but this method is a measure that many people will take

3. the best way is to solve physiological problems before wearing swimsuits

do you need to wear underwear in the one-piece swimsuit

you don’t need to wear underwear in the swimsuit, because the swimsuit has its own cushion, which won’t make people embarrassed

there is no need to wear underwear when wearing swimsuits, because the crotch of swimsuits is generally designed with lining, so that people can not wear underwear. If you wear underwear inside the swimsuit, the underwear will be exposed, which will increase embarrassment. In addition, the underwear is thin, transparent and close fitting. Unlike the swimsuit, the wet underwear will be uncomfortable to wear in the swimsuit, and may even be harmful to health

what about the crotch of one-piece swimwear

1. the crotch of one-piece swimwear may be easily stuck because the fabric is not cotton. It is recommended to buy a cotton swimwear

2. change to flat angle swimsuits. Generally, the design of flat angle swimsuits is more reasonable, so this problem is not easy to occur

3. buy a larger swimsuit, which will fit your hips and will not cause crotch problems One piece swimsuit or split swimsuit

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    One Piece Swimsuit: one piece swimsuit is the most classic swimsuit. Its advantages are: first, it is simple and clean to wear, and it has little resistance to water when swimming underwater; second, it is fashionable and generous, and classic is never out of date. From this point, we can see people’s love for one-piece swimsuits

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    split swimwear: its advantage is that the style is changeable, the split design can be long or short, and the skirt and pants can be designed. At the same time, its pattern changes a lot, and it is the first choice for people of different body types. Its drawback is that the resistance is slightly large, which will slow down the swimming speed

how to choose the size of the one-piece swimsuit

height 155-160 160-165 165-170 170-175 175-180
bust 77-82 82-87 87-92 92-97 97-102
hip circumference 80-88 85-93 90-98 95-103 103-111
Chinese code (CN) 155/80 160/85 165/90 170/95 175/100
European Code (EUR) 34 36 38 40 42
UK 6 8 10 12 14
French (f) 36 38 40 42 44
us xxs xs s m l
Italian (I) 1 2 3 4 5

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