What Is The Function Of Ski Hat? The Knitting Method Of Ski Hat

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Abstract: skiing is an outdoor sport with certain risks, so it is necessary to take good physical protective measures, and wearing a ski hat is one of the important protective measures. The function of ski cap is to protect the head and ears. The selection of ski cap should be light and does not affect the field of vision. It is generally made of fine wool with good elasticity. The knitting method of ski hat is similar to that of ordinary woolen hat. It is recommended to choose bright colors for the color of ski hat, so that it looks more eye-catching in the vast white snow. Now let’s learn about the function and compilation method of ski hats

I. what is the function of ski hats

The head is the key place to protect when skiing, so you should be extra careful in the selection of ski hats, and you must pay attention to keeping warm. The best ski cap is a wool cap with good elasticity. The length is the first condition that it can cover the ears. It should be close to the head and ears, so that it is not easy to loosen even if you exercise violently. It is best to choose the pullover style, which only shows the front half of the face, which can prevent the cold wind from blowing on the face, because when skiing, the cold is very cold. If no protective measures are taken, it is easy to frostbite the skin, which is particularly important for women. Many ski hats have two slender belts on their ears, which is the latest trend of hats. Young women will look very lively and cute when wearing this new ski hat. But it is better not to affect the vision

Ski hats are mainly used to protect the head and ears, so when choosing ski hats, we must pay attention to simplicity and not affect the field of vision. Generally, they can be woven with fine wool with good elasticity. If you feel that the stimulation of the cool wind splitting your face during sliding is too great, you can choose the headgear that only shows your eyes, and then use it with a fully blocked goggle to cover your face completely, which is useful to resist the stimulation of the cold wind on your face

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II. Knitting method of ski hat

1. Start 78 stitches with a 3.5mm bar needle, weave 8 rows of single thread, and add 102 stitches evenly to the ninth row, and prepare to weave the pattern

2. Weave patterns with 5.5 mm rod needles, 17 needles a pattern, a total of six. Among them, there are 16 positive stitches (weaving fried dough twist) and 1 reverse stitch

3. When knitting to 11 rows, start to twist the fried dough twist for the first time, every 8 stitches in a group, and pay attention to the direction of fried dough twist, which changes

4. When knitting to 21 rows, start to twist the fried dough twist for the second time, and at the same time, reduce the reverse needle between patterns,) note that the direction of fried dough twist is different from the last time

5. When knitting to the last four stitches of 26 rows, don’t knit first. Cross these four stitches with the four stitches on the right (these four stitches are on the top) to prepare for the next row of weaving fried dough twist

6. In the 27th row, twist fried dough twist for the third time, but this time, not all needles are screwed. 8 needles are screwed, 8 needles are screwed, and 8 needles are screwed again

7. The specific method of needle reduction from line 28 to line 31 is to press the needle that has crossed the edge of the fried dough twist on the adjacent needle that has not twisted the fried dough twist, and disperse each line

8. Reduce 12 stitches, and a total of 48 stitches in 4 rows

9. In the 32nd row, twist fried dough twist for the fourth time, 8 stitches in a group, and the one on the right is pressed on the left

10. From the 33rd row to the 36th row, the stitches at the edge of each group of fried dough twist (pressed on the top) will be reduced by the adjacent stitches, and 6 stitches will be reduced in each row, a total of 24 stitches will be reduced

11. In the 37th row, every two stitches are combined into one stitch, which is reduced to 12 stitches. Tighten it with the remaining thread

12. If you like, make a wool ball and tie it to the top of the hat

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