what kind of coat does the cheongsam look good with?

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as a traditional Chinese dress, cheongsam has always been a favorite dress for girls. Even today, cheongsam is still a very fashionable dress. As it is now winter, it is necessary to wear some coats to avoid the cold

what kind of coat does the cheongsam match?

cheongsam match 1: Cheongsam + fur

do you think it is difficult to match classical cheongsam with modern fur? However, in this year’s rampant Chinese and Western cheongsam, you can abandon this concept, because a graceful fur can not only keep you warm in the bone chilling wind, but also highlight the noble status of cheongsam. However, in order not to let fur dominate, it is not appropriate to choose long fur. The color should be the same as or in contrast to the cheongsam

matching 2 of cheongsam: Cheongsam + box shaped short jacket

the box shaped volume jacket should be cut with bubble sleeves or cloaks. If the cheongsam is of heavy color, it can be matched with the box shaped jacket of colorful color

matching 3 of cheongsam: Cheongsam + long windbreaker

wear a long windbreaker outside the cheongsam. You can choose fashionable windbreaker styles such as double breasted, bow tie and large lapel, which is very Chinese and western. Note that if you choose a windbreaker with bright colors, you’d better wear plain cheongsam with dark flowers as the main color to balance the color saturation of the bright coat

how to match the lower body of Cheongsam in winter

1. Warm pants

wearing cheongsam in winter can match warm pants, because the weather is cold in winter, especially in northern seasons. It’s about 20 to 30 degrees below zero, so wearing warm pants can protect your legs and won’t be particularly bloated. Cheongsam is a kind of dress that shows body shape. It usually appears in the form of skirt, so the lower body will look good with tight warm pants

2. Wide leg pants

actually, cheongsam is divided into Chinese style and Vietnamese style. If you are wearing a Vietnamese cheongsam, you can pair it with wide leg pants. Matching with wide leg pants will give people an alternative feeling, which can not only reflect the beauty of cheongsam, but also reflect a more casual feeling. In addition, you must wear high heels when matching with wide leg pants, which can reflect your height

3. 8-point pencil pants

pencil pants can also be matched when wearing cheongsam. The length is about 8 or 9 points, slightly exposing your ankles. If you are tall, you should wear cropped trousers. If you are short, you can wear cropped trousers. It will look very nice to wear a pair of short boots with plush pants inside

4. Long skirt

when wearing cheongsam, you can also wear a long skirt with plush Leggings inside. In this way, you can cover your thick legs and the bloated trousers inside. When matching cheongsam with long skirt, it gives people a kind of classical beauty, which is very beautiful, as if they had passed through the ancient times

5. Short skirt

nowadays there are many styles of cheongsam, such as the top of cheongsam, but most of the styles are medium and long. You can wear short skirts, plush leggings and a pair of boots. After dressing up, you will feel that you are several years younger in an instant, giving people a charming and pleasant feeling

how to choose cheongsam in winter

we should not only wear good-looking cheongsam, but also wear warm cheongsam, so we should start to solve the two big problems of “good-looking” and “warm”. Having understood the key points, it is not difficult to solve the problems we need to pay attention to when selecting cheongsam in winter. Next, we will discuss them separately and give you an answer

first of all, we will solve the problem of the most concerned thermal performance of Cheongsam in winter. To choose a cheongsam that can protect against wind and cold, we have to start from the selection of fabrics. In winter, cheongsam usually chooses fabrics that are windproof and warm. Usually these cheongsams with cotton are easy to handle the problem of keeping warm. Because there is a cotton layer, it can block the invasion of wind and cold. At the same time, it also makes the cheongsam have the function of locking temperature and keeping warm

this method of wearing cheongsam with fur was very popular in the Republic of China. Of course, it is very high-grade and elegant to wear it today. Cheongsam with box shaped short coat is also a good choice. Cheongsam with long winded clothes shows ten feet of body and aura

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