What Kind Of Top Does Denim Hot Pants Match? What Should Be Paid Attention To When Matching Hot Pants

Abstract: hot pants are short and cool and comfortable to wear. In hot summer, they are almost a necessary fashion item for women. However, when wearing hot pants, you should pay attention to the matching of tops. Generally, hot pants are more suitable for matching with T-shirts, shirts, suspenders, sweaters, square necked shirts, vests, chiffon shirts, sun proof clothes, etc. when matching, you should also pay attention to the proper color matching of tops and hot pants, Hot pants can choose a little bright colors instead of gaudy and so on. Let’s learn about the collocation of hot pants< p> I. what kind of top to wear with denim hot pants

In the hot summer, hot pants can not only cool and relieve the heat, but also show the body. When wearing jeans hot pants out of the street, the key to a better overall image is the matching top. So what kind of top does the hot pants match

1. Denim hot pants + T-shirt

T-shirt is one of the first choices to match with denim shorts. No matter what color of T-shirt, round neck or V-neck, it can be matched with hot pants to show sexy long legs. Loose striped T with denim shorts shows the beauty of women’s laziness and small sexiness, creates an atmosphere and gentle feeling, hides meat and looks thin. Tearing tee or crop top and revealing a small waist will make the denim shorts more sexy

2. Denim hot pants + shirt

The shirt and denim hot pants also have a different flavor. Conservative women can choose the common white shirt to work and leisure; In addition, the plaid shirt with hot pants looks fresh and generous and reduces age, which is very suitable for the student party; If you choose a flared sleeve shirt, it is recommended to wear high tube bandage Roman sandals, which is artistic and fresh

3. Denim hot pants + suspender shirt

In summer, the combination of suspender shirt and hot pants is cool and breathable. The suspender shirt of Xiaolu Xiang’s shoulder has its own sexiness. Coupled with the harmony of cowboy hot pants, it is refreshing and casual without losing its small sexiness

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4. Denim hot pants + sweater

In late spring and early summer, when the weather is not so hot, you can consider using a sweater with hot pants, which is full of vitality. It has a very visual impact with a color contrast design

5. Denim hot pants + square collar top

The ultra wide retro square collar is refreshing and pleasant to wear. It looks very elegant with slightly longer slim fitting denim hot pants, with a retro Princess flavor

6. Denim hot pants + vest

The vest and cowboy hot pants are very cool. The large area of exposed skin gives people a refreshing feeling with a hint of sexy charm. It is more suitable for outgoing girls. There is no too much fancy, but it has a full sense of fashion

7. Denim hot pants + Chiffon shirt

Chiffon shirt is usually very thin, which is cool and not close to the body. It looks cute and lady like when worn with blue denim hot pants

8. Denim hot pants + sunscreen clothes

Wear hot pants in summer. In order to protect yourself from the sun, you can wear sunscreen clothes on top. It is better to choose long and light colors, which can better decorate your long legs and show your body advantages

II. What should be paid attention to when matching hot pants

When wearing hot pants, there are many things to pay attention to in collocation. The main precautions for hot pants collocation are:

1. The top of the pink and tender color series is suitable for fair skinned girls. The white hot pants are very cool with the top of the pink series. The slightly wide trouser legs are suitable for girls with slight thigh fat

2. Hot pants are matched with suspenders or T-shirts, which are suitable for sporty girls. The design of folded trouser legs is more dynamic, but girls with fat thighs should choose carefully

3. When matching hot pants, you can choose bright colors without making people feel gaudy. Because the visual area of hot pants is small, even if the color is more conspicuous, it does not look tacky

4. When wearing hot pants, it can be matched with a lace up belt, which can neutralize the hard material and outline the waist

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