2022 Top Ten Brands Of Swimming Trunks Ranking Of Swimming Trunks Brands [Newly Released List]

The top ten swimsuits brands list in 2022 is the top ten swimsuits list launched by cn10 technology research department and CNPP brand data research department. The list is compiled by cn10/cnpp brand data research department through data collection and based on big data statistics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, vote like and professional evaluation according to changes in market and parameter conditions. It aims to attract wide attention of the society, lead the development direction of the industry, promote the rapid development of more swimsuit brands, and provide a platform for many swimsuit strength enterprises to fully display their own strength. It is ranked in no order, and only for reference

Top ten brands 2022 top ten swimsuit brands

  • speedo Speedo (panlan Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)
  • (021-80223588, Speedo was founded in Australia in 1914 and now belongs to the British Pentland group. It is a large swimming sports goods manufacturer developed from underwear manufacturers, providing various swimsuits, goggles, swimming caps and swimming trunks. Speedo is an innovator of many swimsuit fabric technologies. Its shark skin swimsuit enjoys a high reputation in the industry and has become one of the necessary equipment for many swimmers.)
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  • arena Arena (Shanghai desante Commercial Co., Ltd.)
  • (021-64853300, arena was born in France in 1973. It is an internationally renowned swimsuit brand and a well-known brand in the field of competitive swimsuits. It is specialized in the R & D, production and sales of a series of swimming sports supplies. Arena not only meets the requirements of swimsuits and other water sports, but also gradually develops to the entire sports market, developing more fashionable T-shirts, fitness suits, yoga suits and sportswear series for leisure and fitness.)
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  • Zoke (Quanzhou Clark sporting goods Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-0300-589, a powerful fashion sports equipment manufacturer in China, integrates product development, production and marketing, and is committed to promoting the large-scale industrialization of the combination of China’s swimming industry and international cutting-edge fashion. Zhouke’s products are mainly professional swimming equipment, beach equipment, fitness running equipment and accessories. At present, it has sponsored a number of professional events in China, and its market share and popularity rank among the forefront of the same industry in China.)< /Li>
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  • yingfa (Dongguan Yingfa Industrial Co., Ltd.)
  • (0769-38930622, Yingfa was founded in 1989. It is a well-known brand in the competitive swimsuit industry established by professional swimmers. It is a modern industrial enterprise mainly engaged in the production and sales of clothing, swimming caps, swimming goggles and other products. Yingfa has a professional production base and marketing team in China. At present, it has produced swimming supporting equipment suitable for different people, which is popular with the public by virtue of its price friendly, novel style, in line with the aesthetic characteristics of the Chinese people, etc Swimming enthusiasts.)
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  • decathlon decathlon (decathlon (Shanghai) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.)
  • (4009-109-109, founded in 1976 in France, is positioned in the mass sports market. It is known in the industry for its high quality and low price. It is a supplier of sportswear, equipment and various creative sports products. Decathlon has entered China since 2003. Its online business provides products and services to users in more than 370 cities. At present, Decathlon has more than 1600 exclusive stores in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.)
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  • aimer (aimer Co., Ltd.)
  • (400-650-5299). Aimer started in 1993. It is a underwear and clothing solution provider and a large-scale enterprise specializing in intimate clothing and its products. Now it owns brands such as aimer, aimer sports, aimer home and aimi. The company has two major industrial tourism production bases, and has successively invested in the establishment of “Beifu ¡¤ aimer underwear Research Institute” and “Shouti ¡¤ Aimu sportswear research center” develops good underwear that is really suitable for consumers’ living conditions, and continuously meets and leads consumption.)
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  • Li Ning lining (Li Ning (China) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.)
  • (it is a well-known sports brand in China, which was founded in 1990. Li Ning company has the ability of brand marketing, R & D, design, manufacturing, distribution and retail. Its products mainly include sports and leisure shoes, clothing, equipment and accessories produced by its own Li Ning brand. Li Ning has more than 6000 offline stores in China, and its products are sold to many countries and regions around the world.)
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  • toswim (toswim (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd.)
  • (founded in 2014, it is a domestic brand of swimming equipment for swimming enthusiasts. It provides high-quality swimming supplies, focuses on the R & D and design of swimming supplies, and advocates a healthy, convenient and fun swimming experience. Toswim products are customized by designers according to the unique body shape and swimming habits of Asians, which improves the use experience of Chinese people. In addition, it also provides personalized customization services.)
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  • van der Ahn balneaire (Liaoning Yinghua Textile Clothing Group Co., Ltd.)
  • (established in 2009, it is a well-known fashion swimsuit supplier in China, which is well-known in the global market by virtue of its fashionable and novel appearance design and excellent quality. The products sold by van der Ahn in the domestic and international markets mainly focus on swimming, holiday clothing and accessories, which are mainly applicable to professional racing, hot spring vacation, water park, tail wave surfing and off street tide building.)
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  • Sanqi (Xingcheng Sanqi Clothing Co., Ltd.)
  • (0429-5679010, a comprehensive swimwear enterprise integrating design, production and sales, which started from the production of professional swimwear / fitness clothing / yoga clothing / sports underwear and other sports clothing series, Xingcheng Sanqi Clothing Co., Ltd.)
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