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a swimsuit is also called a swimsuit. It is a kind of clothing worn during underwater sports. It uses special fabrics and designs to make it waterproof, reduce water resistance, and modify the body. As a kind of sportswear, we should first pay attention to its size and material when purchasing swimsuits to see if it is convenient for us to swim. Then we should select the swimsuit style and choose a swimsuit that most decorates our body shape. Because most swimsuits are close fitting, it has certain skills to wear swimsuits. How to wear a swimsuit? How do I wash my swimsuit? Next, join maigoo to learn about it

brief introduction to swimsuits

the functions and functions of swimsuits

first of all, they can protect our private parts from the chlorinated water or sea water in the pool, and also reduce the water resistance, making it easier for us to swim. Most importantly, wearing swimsuits can repair our bodies, making us the most eye-catching one by the pool The difference between swimsuits and underwear

the main difference is the different functions. Underwear is worn at ordinary times, which can support and shape the breast, while swimsuits are worn during underwater sports, which have the functions of waterproof and reducing water resistance. Secondly, there are significant differences in their fabric, appearance and care. Therefore, swimsuits can not be worn as underwear, and underwear can not be worn as swimsuits< Span> details &gt& gt;

the difference between hot spring swimsuits and ordinary swimsuits

compared with ordinary swimsuits, hot spring swimsuits are obviously a little looser, because this can prevent us from being unable to breathe because of too tight clothes when we are bathing in the hot spring. Moreover, the style of hot spring swimsuits should also be a little more fashionable, with more yarn, lace and other decorations, but the swimsuit is more close fitting and the style is more concise< Span> details &gt& gt;

how to choose a swimsuit

how to choose the size of a swimsuit

general swimsuit will be marked with the body data suitable for the size. If you don’t understand it, you can buy it in half or a smaller size according to your usual size. Because the fabric of the swimsuit is elastic and the wearing requirements will be close to your body, so a smaller swimsuit looks more physical and is more suitable for swimming

swimwear material selection

at present, there are three mainstream swimwear fabrics in the market: Lycra, nylon and polyester. Lycra fabrics are better in terms of extensibility. If you buy one-piece swimwear, it is recommended that you use Lycra fabrics. However, from the perspective of comfort, nylon fabrics are softer and suitable for ordinary casual swimwear. Polyester swimsuits are mainly washable, but their moisture absorption is not very good. Maigoo editor does not recommend that you buy Polyester swimsuits Swimsuit style selection

when selecting swimsuit style, you should choose according to your own figure. The plump swimsuit is suitable for one-piece swimsuit, which can hide your belly. For A-shaped figure, you can choose the split swimsuit, which can highlight the line of the waist, while the tubular and three piece swimsuit is suitable for most mm< Span> details &gt& gt;

how to choose men’s swimming trunks

when choosing swimming trunks, the first thing to do is to choose the size, and then choose the style. People with low bellies are more suitable for the style of high waist and wide waistband, people with wide hips are suitable for wearing dark four legged flat pants, while short people are more suitable for bright color straight stripe swimming trunks, which can help you “stretch” your body< Span> details &gt& gt;

how to choose children’s swimsuits

children from the age of seven to adolescence have obvious gender awareness. Boys should avoid buying too tight swimming trunks; Girls’ swimsuits should pay special attention to whether the crotch is too wide or too narrow, because too wide is uncomfortable and too narrow is easy to be exposed< Span> detailed &gt& gt;

how to wear swimsuits

how to wear a triangle swimsuit

the way we wear a triangle swimsuit is similar to how we usually wear underwear, but we still need to match it if we want to wear different features. For example, we can tie a distinctive bow, or match it with a beach skirt, sunscreen clothes, etc., so that it looks more fashionable Step 1: wipe the sweat off your body first, because the one-piece swimsuit is not easy to stretch when it is wet

step 2: take a standing posture. After picking up the swimsuit, put two legs in from the top collar

step 3: after wearing the shorts of the lower body, carefully pull up the chest Cup of the upper body, and then make basic adjustment

step 4: after basically putting on the one-piece swimsuit, you need to adjust the overall tightness, check whether the edges of the briefs will strangle the buttock skin, and adjust the cup in front of the chest to prevent the dew point from going away< Span> details &gt& gt;

how to avoid embarrassment when wearing swimsuits

1. Handle body hair in advance

before wearing swimsuits, you should pay attention to cleaning body hair in time. You can remove it with a razor or a wax hair removal stick, so that you won’t be embarrassed when wearing swimsuits

2. Take safety measures

when girls wear swimsuits, especially triangular swimsuits, they must take safety measures and stick waterproof chest stickers to avoid accidental “dew point” caused by water flow impact

3. Do a good job of sunscreen

sunscreen is also a problem that we should pay attention to when wearing swimsuits. In summer, there is a lot of ultraviolet light. If we don’t do a good job of sunscreen, we may get “swimsuit skin” in half a day. If the skin color contrast is very different, it’s still embarrassing Should you wear underwear inside the swimsuit?

the shopping website thinks that after wearing the swimsuit, you can not wear underwear inside. The first reason is that the swimsuits are already close to the body, and wearing underwear may be tight and cumbersome. Moreover, most swimsuits now have breast pads inside, so there is no need to worry about embarrassment. For the convenience and freshness of swimming, it is also possible not to wear extra underwear< Span> details &gt& gt;

how to take photos of swimsuits

I. hold the camera upside down

hold the camera in one hand, raise it a little higher, about 5cm above the top of your head, and then take photos. This method of photographing can not only make the face appear small, but also highlight the body advantage

II. Aerial photography

can ask a friend to help you take a few full body pictures. When taking pictures, you should pay attention to that people try to stand on the right or left side of the viewfinder frame, and then stand on tiptoe, which can make our legs look more slender. Hands can be placed on the sun visor, and the action is natural without affectation

III. sit and shoot

you can sit on the beach or beach chair. Try to sit on your side, with your knees facing the camera, and your legs crossing to form an angle. Maigoo Xiaobian reminds everyone that when you sit and shoot, your back must be straight. You’d better suck your abdomen and lift your chest. This makes you look more energetic

how to wash swimsuits

cleaning methods for swimsuits

step 1: soak the swimsuits you pass through in warm water for a while to allow the sediment on the surface of the swimsuits to settle, and then wash them by hand with neutral detergent. Be careful not to rub them too hard when washing, otherwise it will easily lead to deformation of the swimsuit

step 2: the washed swimsuit cannot be directly wrung dry. It is better to use a dry towel to absorb the excess water from the swimsuit, and then hang it in a ventilated place for natural air drying. It is better not to expose the fabric directly to the sun, so as not to damage the elasticity and toughness of the fabric< Span> details &gt& gt;

how to disinfect swimsuits

newly bought swimsuits can only be used after careful disinfection. We can disinfect them by boiling them. Put the swimsuits in boiling water, and then add a little soapy water. It can also be disinfected with steam, or put in the sun for a while to disinfect. Pay attention that the drying time should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to cause deformation

how to save swimsuits

the ideal storage method for swimsuits is to store them flat or hanging, but this storage method takes up more space, so we can also fold them up for storage, and then put them in a special storage box to prevent other heavy objects from pressing on the swimsuit and causing its deformation

swimsuit brand ranking list

1. Every festival, it is time for online shoppers to show their skills. However, in the face of a wide variety of goods and uneven prices, they do not know how to start

2. Every festival, it’s time for online shoppers to show their skills. However, in the face of a wide variety of goods and uneven prices, they don’t know how to start

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