How To Make Baby Suspenders Old Jeans To Baby Suspenders Tutorial

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Abstract: dexterous mothers always dress up their babies beautifully. A fashionable and beautiful suspender makes the baby look cute, and loose and comfortable suspenders can not only prevent cold and cold, but also facilitate the baby’s activities. Many mothers will use the idle pants at home to change the baby into suspenders, so what about baby suspenders? Now let’s teach you how to make baby suspenders

I. how to make baby suspenders

Tools / materials: old trousers and sewing machines for adults

Method / step:

1. Cut out the components of the suspenders

2. On one of the trouser legs, measure the size of the baby’s suspenders, measure the distance from the waist to the hem, and draw the waist line with a marking pen

3. Fold the trouser legs in half towards the waist, and then draw a half arc with a marking pen, 10 cm away from the waist line. Cut off the half arc with scissors to make a crotch pants stop

4. Do the same with the other trouser leg. Cut it horizontally from the waist, and both trouser legs should be cut off

5. The central line of the crotch should be cut with scissors, and the slope of cutting should not be too large. Put the two trouser legs together

6. Draw a trouser pocket on the cloth, cut it off, then cut a small piece of cloth, add a small pocket to the trouser pocket, and cut out two pieces of cloth to make the strap of the suspender pants

7. Sew suspenders

8. Put some maps on the finished suspenders, which can be purchased in the small commodity market, so that the suspenders look better. The suspender pants are finished in this way

Note: when sewing, align the center line of the pants with the center line of the trouser pocket, so that the suspender pants will look good

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II.tutorial of changing old jeans into baby suspenders

1. First remove the waist of the jeans, then cut the trouser legs, and cut out two large trouser bodies. According to the size of the baby, cut out the parts of the front strap and the back strap (of course, there is also padding inside), and then there is the strap strap, and the trouser waist that needs to be removed

2. Opposite the two front faces of the pants, sew both sides and lock the edges

3. Wrap both trouser legs with the cloth head of the inner padding

4. Then open and sew the crotch and sew it

5. Sew the lace up, and then turn it over and press an open line

6. Sew the back pocket piece, face to face, and sew the strap strap in

7. The front and back pieces are sewn up

8. Turn them over and press an open line

9. Open a section of the side opening of the pants, then lock it and press an open line

10. Then sew the waistband part from the side of the opening and sew it for a circle

11. Take apart the upper part of the waistband, put in both pocket pieces, and then sew them together, so that they are connected

12. Set a buttonhole at the opening and then a button

13. Sew a pocket piece and prepare to sew it onto the front pocket piece

14. Try on the baby again, and then determine the position of the buttonholes and buttons on the strap. After taking it off, sew the buttonholes and buttons, and it’s finished

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