The Best Way To Lose Weight Through Exercise The Best Schedule For Losing Weight Through Exercise

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Abstract: exercise to lose weight is the most scientific and green way to lose weight. When losing weight, obese people use certain aerobic sports to consume excess body fat, promote metabolism, and achieve the purpose of exercise to lose weight. Usually, the greater the amount of exercise, the longer the exercise time, the more sugar and fat consumed. The most common methods of exercise to lose weight are swimming, jogging, aerobics, dancing and so on. Now let’s learn about the relevant sports weight loss knowledge

Exercise to lose weight is known as one of the most effective and safest ways to lose weight, and has been favored by many beauty loving women. Exercise can not only exercise the body, make it consume excess fat, promote metabolism, achieve the purpose of exercise to lose weight, help you maintain a slim figure, but also make you feel happy

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the best way to lose weight by exercise

Exercise to lose weight is mainly divided into endurance sports, strength sports and ball games

1. Endurance sports

Endurance sports suitable for obese people include flat walking, climbing walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc

2. Strength exercise

Strength exercise is mainly the training of strengthening muscle strength. It is an effective exercise that consumes fat. It is suitable for obese people with good physique

3. Ball games

Obese people with good physique can participate in less intense ball games, while those with weak physique can only take non competition ball games

What are the benefits of exercise to lose weight

1. Promote metabolism

Exercise can restore the regulation of metabolism, stimulate body functions, consume excess fat, and then promote fat metabolism

2. Prevent fat formation

Muscle movement increases the utilization rate of free fatty acids and glucose in the blood, and makes fat cells shrink and thin; On the other hand, excess sugar is consumed and cannot be converted into fat, reducing the formation of fat

3. Improve cardiovascular system

Exercise helps to improve myocardial metabolism, improve myocardial working ability, strengthen cardiac contractility, improve the adaptability of cardiovascular system of obese people to physical load, reduce cardiac load, and improve the function of cardiovascular system

4. Improve pulmonary respiratory function

Exercise increases the strength of respiratory muscles, increases the range of activity and vital capacity of the thorax, improves lung ventilation and ventilation function, and accelerates gas exchange, which is conducive to more oxidation and burning of excess fat

5. Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis

Exercise improves the regulation function of abdominal visceral activities, increases gastrointestinal peristalsis and its blood circulation, and reduces complications such as abdominal distension, distention, constipation, varicose veins of lower limbs, hemorrhoids, sleepiness, etc

6. Increase brain vitality

Exercise adjusts the activity state of cerebral cortex, makes you energetic and increases your confidence in fighting obesity

the best time to exercise to lose weight

Mild exercise is the most reasonable one hour after meals, moderate exercise should be arranged two hours after meals, and high-intensity exercise can be carried out three hours after meals

Based on this, several optimal exercise periods can be derived:

Morning: 3 hours after breakfast to before lunch

Afternoon: 3 hours after lunch to before dinner

Evening time: 3 hours after dinner to before going to bed

why shouldn’t you exercise immediately after meals

1. The increase of insulin secretion after meals can inhibit the decomposition of fat, and the source of energy is limited. Due to less fat decomposition, weight loss exercise should not be carried out at this time

2. Stimulate the intestines and stomach: exercise after eating will bring mechanical stimulation to the intestines and stomach, causing the dissolved substances in the intestines and stomach to vibrate left and right, up and down, which may cause vomiting, stomach spasm and other symptoms

3. Affect the effect of weight loss exercise: the parasympathetic nerve in the body is easy to be suppressed after eating. At this time, if the body wants to exercise, the exercise effect will be discounted

4. Disorder of blood flow distribution: digestive organs need a lot of blood to digest and absorb after eating. When muscles of the whole body are exercising, they also need a lot of blood to participate, so they will seize the blood volume of digestive organs, leading to digestive and absorption dysfunction. This disorder not only affects the effect of exercise, but also endangers the body

what is the fastest and most effective exercise to lose weight

What kind of exercise to do to lose weight most generally depends on what kind of exercise consumes more calories. Swimming can consume 476 calories an hour, equivalent to two hamburgers. It is the best way to lose weight

Swimming weight loss if you master some weight loss skills, you can lose weight faster! Each swimming time should be more than 40 minutes, so it is more effective to lose weight

1. Go all out when swimming. Keep the heart rate at about 80% of the maximum heart rate. In order to ensure this standard, count the number of times the pulse jumps in 6 seconds against the meter every time you swim for a period of time, and add “0” after it to get the heart rate for 1 minute

2. Minimize the rest time. Halve the rest time during swimming until a round trip or interval is reduced to 10 seconds

3. Use skirting board. Water toys such as kickboards, paddles, fins, lifebuoys, etc. not only help burn more calories, but also exercise the muscles of the limbs

4. Practice in time. Like the training of professional swimmers, the swimming is divided into four sections, and the rest between sections is 15-30 seconds. The specific arrangement is to swim 1 round trip first, then 2 round trips, then 2 round trips, and finally 1 round trip. You should swim quickly at the end of each section

5. Fast short distance tour. Many people swim slowly, which consumes far less calories than fast and short-distance swimming, but fast swimming should not run through, otherwise physical exertion is too fast. You can take a slow tour and a fast tour, two slow tours and two fast tours, etc

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