What Brand Of Trousers Is Good? What To Buy For Trousers

Introduction read there are many brands in the market of the trousers industry, and the product quality is uneven. Consumers will always face selection problems when purchasing, and do not know what brand to buy. How to choose pants? What brand of trousers is good? What is more worth buying? Supported by the brand data provided by CNPP, Xiaobian carefully sorted out the trousers brands worth buying, and provided relevant trousers purchasing skills for your reference to help you select the desired trousers brand products. What brand of trousers is good? Western pants brand recommendation where to buy Western pants is better western pants brand shop Western pants shopping tips for Western pants shopping

what shoes should men’s western pants wear

1. The matching color of dark brown shoes and light brown trousers is very similar, but there are more choices for dark brown shoes, and it is also a good choice to match with beige trousers. Keep in mind that shoes and trousers are light colors, which is very easy to appear classless

2. Black shoes are the most error free shoes, so they are also the least bright shoes. Wear it with trousers to attend formal occasions. Matching with grey trousers can fully meet the needs of customers in daily work

3. Although grey shoes are not the color that conservatives dare to try at work, it is also a very worthwhile choice because the color of grey matching trousers is a good choice

4. Brick red, black, brown, navy and gray are all neutral colors, which can complement each other with any color of trousers

how to wash trousers

1. Wash them separately from clothes of different colors to avoid color mixing. Add a small amount of soap powder and a little salt with cold and warm water, mix well and soak for 10-20 minutes. The water temperature shall not exceed 40 ¡æ. Do not add phosphorus or bleach to soap powder. Otherwise, it may cause discoloration

2. It is best to wash the cloth pants once every 1-2 days (summer) or 2-3 days (winter), and wash them frequently and lightly. It is best to wash by hand. Where you have to scrub, you must be gentle, otherwise it will cause local fading. For machine washing, put all the buttons of the zipper into the washing bag, and turn the machine to the “gentle washing” position

3. Do not screw it out when removing it. When the machine dries, it must be wrapped in a laundry bag or towel before drying. When drying, the reverse side shall be dried and exposed to direct sunlight for a long time as far as possible, otherwise it will cause fading

trousers knowledge class &gt& gt;

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when purchasing trousers, do not blindly follow suit because the price is cheap. Choose a well-known brand, which not only ensures the quality, but also ensures the after-sales service. Of course, the pursuit of brand is not necessarily the pursuit of expensive prices. We can choose famous brand products at different prices at different economic levels. Friends who choose online shopping goods should identify the flagship store of the brand, so as to be safe

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