What Is The Suit Customization Process? What Are The Precautions For Suit Customization

Abstract: suits are indispensable for business occasions. Many consumers will choose custom suits if economic conditions permit. Generally speaking, the process of customizing suits includes appointment, color selection, material selection, body measurement, cutting, production and try on. In customizing suits, attention should be paid to the details of version, fabric, wool lining, size, sleeves, buttons and necklines. Next, let’s work with Xiaobian< p> what is the suit customization process?

1. Appointment

It may take less than an hour for a machine to produce a ready-made garment, but it often takes tens of days or even months for a tailor-made suit. In addition to the early personal measurement and complex production process, the production process may also include special process flow according to the needs of customers

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2. Color selection

For the first set of customized suits, it is safer to choose plain colors. Dark grey and navy are the safest colors. Black is more formal and not suitable for work. After the master is familiar with your figure, it is safer to try stripe and lattice styles. If you pay too much attention to adjectives such as high-grade, popular and limited, you may change your mind because of big brand fabrics

3. Material selection

The early selection includes the selection of suit fabric, color and style. Private customization provides excellent fabrics. You can also choose the suit fabrics you like. Of course, you can also leave the decision to the business designer or senior body measurer. They know many of the world’s top fabrics, and there are always suitable ones for you

4. Tailored

This is a very important process. The first-class customized suit stores will let the tailors come to the guests for personal measurement. If the customers are too busy to come to the store, they can also provide 24-hour door-to-door booking service. They can even wait in advance at the airport where the customers change planes. They should be precise even if they race against the clock. In addition, some tailors will also take photos of the guests’ front, back, left and right for further observation, and understand the guests’ walking posture, habits, wearing characteristics, etc

5. Crop

After precise and detailed body measurements, the tailor will tailor a version according to the body shape of the guests, one for each person. The significance of on-site measurement, photographing and observing the guests’ walking habits lies in the most detailed understanding of the specific conditions of each part of the guests – including the different states of standing, standing and walking, and making special modifications during cutting. Which position to subtract and which position to add depends on the specific situation of the guest

6. Making

Each step of production shall be carried out in strict accordance with the station’s process flow. Each process shall be checked accordingly. The next procedure shall be carried out only after it is qualified

7. Try on

The trial fitting of customized clothes will be carried out several times. When the whole clothes have not been sewn, the trial fitting will be carried out first, and then the tailor will make changes according to the trial fitting. After sewing, we will try it on again. Finally, we will trim some details. Everything is to achieve the best fit and perfection

what are the precautions for suit customization

1. Version selection

Generally, three buttons in a single row or two buttons in a single row shall be selected for formal installation. Except for civil servants and public institutions, the tops can be opened in both single and double

At present, there are three basic versions in the market. The British version of the suit is a wide shoulder and thin waist type, which is very tight and shows the body curve, but it is not suitable for the Chinese people. The American version of the suit is very wide, characterized by small waist contraction and looser. Americans are generally more robust and like to be loose, which is the least suitable for the Chinese. The outline of the Italian suit fits well. The sleeve sewing method and the boat shaped chest pocket on the chest are its symbolic details, which are more suitable for the Chinese people

In addition to the above three basic models, there are Korean suits, which are very popular and suitable for Chinese people. Japanese suits are the main type in the market. They don’t close or split. They are more suitable for Chinese people

2. Fabric selection

The color shall be mainly black or cyan, formal and universal. For the details of high-end suit customization service, you should pay attention to other factors, such as weight, number of shares, etc. you should ask the store carefully, because although the number of pieces is very high, it is not desirable if you weave them loosely. The details should be determined according to your personal preferences and budget

3. Wool lining selection

When customizing a suit, don’t save money on the cloth. Since the adhesive lining is not the real suit customization, you should choose the wool lining made of wool, linen and horsehair. The lining is a layer of cloth sandwiched in the center of the suit cloth and accessories. It can make a suit better reset after wearing. Don’t be stingy in this detail. You can choose semi wool lining or full wool lining. Don’t waste money to customize a suit with adhesive lining

4. Grasp the size

Although the size of the suit should be determined by the body measurement division when it is customized, if you want to customize your ideal suit, you must communicate with the body measurement division. For example, the standard way to wear the sleeve length is to naturally drop the shirt to expose 1 cm. However, some people prefer the longer one even to the tiger’s mouth. If you don’t say the required length, the body measurement will be made for you according to the customized body measurement standard of the suit. Naturally, you will feel that it is shorter. The clothes made in this way are not necessarily the effect you want. You should also listen to the advice of the body measurer to avoid wearing the wrong clothes

5. Sleeves

Due to the difference in anti-static charge tensile property, the interlining of a good custom-made suit sleeve will be different from that of the body. Usually, the sleeve interlining is striped or lattice. In addition, many people think that a good suit is a real buckle that can be opened, but now you can buy a real buckle suit that can be untied even in many affordable stores. The price is frighteningly cheap. Therefore, the criterion for judging the quality of a suit is to see whether the upper and lower layers of cloth can be separated, rather than whether there are holes in it

6. Buttons

For a good custom-made suit, all buttonholes are sewn by craft, and the button will be ox horn button or amber button. If you like, you can also test the copper button or precious metal button, while the plastic button will reduce the grade of the suit. So that would ruin your suit. When customizing the suit, natural buttons are selected and customized through craftsmanship. The buttons of the suit are solid, and the grade of the suit is much higher

7. Neckline

The neckline of the suit is the most difficult to sew. The chest neckline cannot be sewed very flat during the stitch by stitch sewing process, so this small defect has become a symbol. If you see a row of high and low threads, you can immediately identify the origin of the suit

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