what kind of jacket to match with the sweater

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as the weather begins to get colder, a sweater is not warm enough. Many people begin to think about what kind of jacket to match with the sweater to keep warm and look good. The following is a short series to bring you the method of matching the sweater with the jacket

what kind of jacket to match with the sweater

sweater + Baseball Jacket

the baseball jacket is simple and light, and it is more self-cultivation to match with the bulky sweater. You can choose the Black Baseball Jacket with letters to match with the blue-green sweater, and then match with a pair of black leggings. The contrast between black and blue-green is very obvious, which is very handsome. Or choose a black coat with red stripe decoration, match it with a red sweater, and still match it with a pair of black leggings. The black and red tones collide with each other, which is very cool

sweater + denim jacket

the denim jacket is versatile, and it is also very beautiful to match with the sweater. The blue denim jacket is matched with the white sweater, and then matched with a pair of blue jeans, just like the students in the campus, it is full of vigor and vitality. This suit is really very aging. People of all ages look very good in it, especially young

how to deal with the discoloration of the protective clothing

the discoloration of the protective clothing is a troublesome thing. If the discoloration has already occurred, you can consider re dyeing. In addition, you should pay attention to the following points when cleaning:

1. White vinegar: add a few spoonfuls of white vinegar to the cold water, soak the discolored clothes in the water for about half an hour, and remember to bubble and wash the clothes in reverse. Generally, the color can be stabilized after soaking for half an hour

2. Table salt: use a basin with half a basin of cold water, and then put salt in the basin. Be careful. When soaking salt in water, it should reach the saturation level. This will keep the original shine of the clothes

3. Washing with cold water: it is just tap water. No matter how high the temperature is, it should not exceed 30 ¡æ. Too high a temperature will cause shrinkage and deformation. It is recommended to wash by hand. If you use the washing machine to wash and dehydrate, do not delay too long (no more than 1 minute), and turn the clothes over to dehydrate

4. Reverse drying: when drying clothes, do not expose them to the sun, otherwise they will seriously fade. Put the clothes in a ventilated and cool place

precautions for choosing a good sweater

the most important thing to choose is the fabric. If the fabric is not selected well, it is easy to lose the functionality of the sweater. Most of the cheap sweaters sold in the market, especially in some online shopping, are made of CVC fabric, which is what we usually call polyester cotton. It has poor air permeability, and will generate static electricity. It is very uncomfortable to wear, Some even use chemical fiber raw materials, which will lose the warm and breathable characteristics of the clothes

it is best to use pure cotton fabrics. The clothes made are the best in terms of comfort. The best cotton in China is Xinjiang cotton. Due to the special geographical environment, Xinjiang cotton has long lint, high fiber toughness and good quality. In addition, combing can remove the shorter cotton fiber and remove the impurities in the cotton to produce smooth yarn, making the cotton fiber more tenacious, less prone to pilling, and the quality of cotton more stable

pretty and lovely girls wear slim fitting design clothes. Long clothes with tight jeans or miniskirts will immediately make your body slender and symmetrical, and show your beautiful legs. Even simple clothes can not ignore the overall collocation of details. For example, gray loose underwear can also be matched with a woolen hat, which looks cute and warm

the sweater is suitable for matching with the baseball jacket. You can choose the Black Baseball Jacket with letters to match with the blue-green sweater and a pair of black leggings. The overall look of the sweater with the denim jacket is handsome. The overall appearance is full of vitality and temperament

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