Which Country Is Adidas And What Brand Is Adidas

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Abstract: adidas (Adidas), founded in 1949, is a member company of Adidas AG, a German sporting goods manufacturer. Named after its founder Adolf ADI Dassler, it is the world’s top sporting goods manufacturer and is famous for its football shoes. Adidas’ three logos: the clover logo, the three stripes logo and the adidas style logo have different meanings. Let’s learn about them

which country is Adidas brand

Adidas (Adidas) is a German brand founded in 1949, named after its founder Adolf ADI Dassler

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Adidas brand profile

1. Adidas product series

Adidas has three series: Sports Performance Series (three stripes), sports traditional series origins (clover) and sports fashion series NEO (ball logo) (divided into three sub brands: Y-3, SLVR, Neo label)

2. Adidas logo

There are three Adidas logos, which have different meanings:

(1) Adidas clover logo

Many people think that the logo of Adidas clover represents a blooming flower because of its shape, which represents “higher, faster and stronger” in the Olympic spirit (which is also the goal that athletes all over the world have been pursuing). But in fact, the adidas clover logo originally represents the connection of three continental plates – its shape is like the three-dimensional plane expansion of the earth, which is very similar to the world map and symbolizes the power of movement extending to the world. At the same time, this logo also symbolizes the three lines sewn on sports shoes by Adidas Dassler, the founder of Adidas brand

(2) Adidas three stripe logo

Adidas’ three stripes logo is designed by adidas’ founder Adolf Dassler. The three stripes Adidas logo represents the mountains and points out the desire to achieve challenges, achieve the future and constantly achieve goals

(3) Adidas style flag

Adidas style is a high-end fashion brand cooperated by Japanese designer Yaosi Yamamoto and Adidas brand. Its products can be said to be the most close to the fashion frontier among Adidas brands, and to a certain extent, it is a luxury series. The meaning of its logo is to represent the trendy spirit of trendsetters who always stand at the forefront of fashion and pursue high-end enjoyment. The sign is circular and divided into three stripes in the middle

Adidas corporate culture

Vision: our passion for sports makes the world more peaceful

Attitude: nothing is impossible There is no impossibility; adidas is all in. Devote all efforts

Mission: to become a leading sports brand in the world

Core values of the brand: honest, trustworthy, responsible and inspiring; Innovative, sincere, frank and experienced

Greater China principles: lead (proactive), tell the truth (honest), be accountable (responsible), simplify (concise), work together (work together), have fun (enjoy happiness)

Adidas series product recommendation

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