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Since its birth, trousers have become one of the indispensable elements in the fashion industry. Perhaps, when it comes to trousers , you first think of matching with a suit. However, as a trend leading element, trousers do not just stick to a monotonous matching style. With different tops, trousers can also show different styles. In this issue, Xiaobian will explain the relevant knowledge of women’s trousers in detail

women’s pants style
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women’s pants matching
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1 women’s pants style

2 women’s trousers purchase

the trousers with simple shape can be more suitable for a variety of occasions. In business meetings, negotiations and other serious occasions, wearing trousers can shape your calm and capable temperament; You can also wear a serious bottle neck shirt at work, which is not only convenient for traveling on the way to work, but also can establish a rigorous and capable work image; On weekends, when you need to experience leisure fun, wear a knitted Lapel T-shirt and straight pants to match, casual and comfortable; When you need to go out on business or for a short trip, please be sure to bring a pair of trousers that are comfortable, easy to wash, non iron and easy to tidy up, so that you don’t have to be embarrassed by the wrinkles of your trousers after you have been tired. A clean shirt with a loose suede coat will help you keep a clean and tidy image during the journey

From the perspective of fashion, the appearance of trousers will not change much. Generally, the trouser legs of western trousers are close to the straight tube type, and there are obvious trouser lines. It is appropriate that the trouser legs cover the foot surface by 2~3 cm (to avoid exposing the color of socks when walking). Usually, trousers of good quality and comfortable wearing can be worn for several years. Women of different ages can find styles that are suitable for them, so it is worthwhile to spend more time and money on shopping

3 matching of women’s trousers

the matching of shirt and trousers is the basic item of white-collar workers. The fashionable matching of women’s trousers can give people a sense of competence and elegance. So, how should women’s trousers be matched? The following Xiaobian will recommend some of the latest women’s trousers for you to highlight the sense of handsome and capable! Most of the trousers are cut in the same style, and the colors are just a few. If you want to wear them differently, the key is to use the top. So how do you make your trousers personalized and fashionable

1. Grey trousers with bowknot style deep V-neck short sleeve shirt, the white simplicity contains a sense of mystery

2. Khaki trousers and bright yellow pointed collar dress shirt bring dazzling visual impact. They are the first choice for white-collar beauties

3. Black trousers and red knitted cardigan are the most popular fashion items in autumn. The casual style design makes white-collar workers look more casual

4. The linen formal suit coat is matched with the suit pants of the same color, showing the natural color of handsome and capable

With the impact of fashion concept on workplace norms, many young women no longer wear trousers and shirts to work, but instead wear dresses with suits, jeans with shirts and other more fashionable matching methods. Therefore, if you think your dress is a little old-fashioned, you might as well change a style! [details > >]

4 women’s trousers wearing demonstration

women’s trousers matching

Accessories: brown bag, sunglasses

Beige trousers with a black suit, a blue polo shirt with a brown shoulder bag, and black socks with red sandals on the shoes are very unusual and eye-catching. Black suit

women’s trousers with sweater

Accessories: black shoulder bag, glasses, belt

Women’s trousers are matched with color matching sweaters, and a pair of bowknot blue single shoes show slender legs, reflecting the beauty of intellectual ability, lovely and sweet

women’s trousers with Lapel shirt

Accessories: Black wide brimmed hat, black thin belt

Black trousers with pink shirt, a pair of black thick soled leather shoes, coupled with simple accessories, bring out fashionable women capable, modern and elegant, very beautiful

5 maintenance of women’s trousers

when storing the trousers, you must hang them with a clothes hanger, take out all the items in your pocket, and take out the belt

(I) keep clean

The wardrobe for trousers collection shall be kept clean and free of foreign matters and dust to prevent the trousers from being polluted by foreign matters and dust. At the same time, it shall be disinfected regularly

(II) maintain dryness

Choose the right place or location. The trousers should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, away from places prone to moisture and volatile gas, and try to reduce the air humidity to prevent odor pollution. The trousers should be dried before storage. Do not collect and store the trousers that are not fully dried. This will not only affect the collection effect of the trousers themselves, but also reduce the dryness of the whole trousers collection and storage space. Trousers should be properly ventilated and dried during storage. Especially in the rainy and wet seasons, it is necessary to often ventilate and dry. Drying can not only keep the trousers dry, but also play a role in sterilization and prevent the trousers from becoming damp and moldy

(III) prevention prevention of insect damage

Camphor pills are generally used as moth proofing agents. When in use, camphor pills should be wrapped with white paper or light gauze, scattered around the cabinet, or put into small cloth bags and hung in the wardrobe

(IV) often ironing trousers

The sequence of ironing trousers from the inside out is as follows: turn the trousers over, open the pockets, and iron the area near the pants stop first, followed by the pockets, pants corners and cloth seams. Then press the front, the whole trouser head is ironed and wound around the pull, then the inner side of the right foot, the outer side of the right foot, the inner side of the left foot and the outer side of the left foot. Finally, close the two trouser corners to decorate them. [details > >]

6. What brand is good for women’s pants

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