How About The Suit Of Hailan Family? How Much Is A Suit Of Hailan Family

Abstract: as a national brand of men’s wear, Hailan home is very well-known. There are many stores and online flagship stores in China. It is said that the annual sales volume is very large, and the suits as the main products sell very well. So what about the suit of Hailan home? How much is a suit for Hailan family? The following Xiaobian will introduce the suit of Hailan home from the aspects of fabric, details, style, after-sales, etc< p> how about the suit of Hailan home

1. Fabric

Depending on the cost performance of the suit, fabric is a very important factor. The ready to wear suits of Hailan home are rarely made of pure wool. Their ready to wear clothes are either 100% polyester or polyester blended with other artificial materials. If the wearing frequency is not so high, polyester and blended materials can be worn. If you wear it for a long time, it is recommended that you buy a suit with higher wool content

The suits of Hailan home also have wool and man-made fiber blended fabrics. These suits are more suitable for young people. These suits have the characteristics of strong and wear-resisting, crisp, strong color, and not easy to shrink. At the same time, they have the natural luster of wool. In addition, the price of western suits made of this fabric is not too expensive, mostly around a few hundred yuan, so they are very suitable for young men just out of society

2. Details

Hailan home does not have its own factory, and all its clothes are made by outsourcing garment factories. Moreover, the sources of suppliers are miscellaneous, and the quality control of suppliers is not very strict. This also leads to insufficient control over the details of the work, such as the buttons are easy to fall off, there are many thread ends, and so on. If you want to buy Hailan home, it is recommended to carefully check the details of the clothing

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3. Style

Recently, Hailan home has invited Lin Xinxin as its spokesperson and a new designer. In addition, it has cooperated with Donghua University in Shanghai and Beijing Institute of fashion in Beijing to establish a “training program for Chinese men’s design rookies” and launched some self-developed products. In the past, the style was more business oriented. Recently, the style has become much younger

4. After sales

The after-sales service of Hailan’s suit really doesn’t have to choose. There are several services that other domestic brands do not have, such as 100% unconditional return and exchange within 50 days, return and exchange between different regions, and change the length of trouser legs for free. These services are very advanced among domestic manufacturers

how much is a suit of Hailan home

The price of suits in the Hailan home store is 400-1000 yuan, and there is one price difference for every 100 yuan. In terms of ready to wear suits, the price is at a medium and high level. As a dress for graduation interview / wedding, this price is quite appropriate< u> Hailan Zhijia suit product collection &gt& gt;

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