How To Match Women’S Capris With Shoes? What Shoes Look Good With Capris

The first feeling of the Capri pants with sneakers is comfort. It is light to walk. There is no need to worry about wearing feet. The Capri pants with sneakers are sporty, youthful, dynamic and full of vitality. Therefore, the Capri pants with sneakers are very good-looking

7. Cropped pants with flat shoes

Flat shoes are fashionable and comfortable. Xiaobian thinks that whether they are pointed flat shoes, thick heeled flat shoes, or square toe flat shoes, they look very good with jeans Capris. Matching with thick heeled flat shoes can also modify the leg shape, making the legs look longer and straighter

8. Cropped pants with fisherman’s shoes

The convenient and comfortable fisherman’s shoes are also the hottest fashion item in summer. Many Internet Celebrities, including female stars, like to wear fisherman’s shoes very much. Fisherman’s shoes look very good with straight jeans and Capris, especially showing thin legs. In this way, they can become the legendary “chopsticks legs”

9. Cropped pants with herringbone slippers

Although the structure of flip flops is simple, they have unlimited creative possibilities. With cropped pants and flip flops, you can have a sense of fashion, a lazy and casual look. The advantage of this kind of collocation is that it is very comfortable and comfortable. The only disadvantage is that it will be inappropriate for you to wear it in public places such as the company

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