What Are The Categories Of Swimsuits? What Are The Styles Of Swimsuits

Abstract: girls’ swimsuits are most suitable for the seaside and swimming pool in summer. It is very important for women who love beauty to choose a swimsuit that suits their body shape and personality. Swimwear mainly includes one-piece swimsuit, split swimsuit, two-piece swimsuit, bikini swimsuit, high waist swimsuit and other styles. Let’s introduce the features of various styles of swimsuits to you. Let’s see what kind of swimsuits you are suitable for ~

swimsuits what categories do you have

1. One piece bathing suit

The most conservative and original style is suitable for shy girls or girls who don’t think they have a good figure

2. Split swimsuit

In contrast to the one-piece swimsuit, the upper body and lower body are separated, so it shows more body. This is suitable for girls with good body and self-confidence. This kind of swimsuit will look fresh and lively

3. Two piece swimsuit

Two piece refers to a suit with separate tops and trousers, including bikini style and general two-piece head style. This kind of swimsuit is suitable for girls who are shy and don’t like to be exposed but want to look good. In fact, there is a little sexiness in this looming feeling

4. Bikini

Bikini style, also known as three-point style, is characterized by very little material. Bikini is the sexiest style of swimsuit, suitable for girls with good figure and open mind. Bikini perfectly shows the beauty of women

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5. Three piece swimsuit

The three piece swimsuit is a bikini and a coat, which is more convenient to wear. You can wear a bikini when you go into the water  , Put on your coat after landing, so you can cover the fat,   It looks more feminine

6. High waist swimsuit

For women with protruding lower abdomen, they should choose high waist swimsuits, which are best matched with twills, so as to achieve the waist lifting effect and divert attention to achieve the effect of decoration

7. Skirt swimsuit

For women with flat hips, it is very appropriate to choose a skirt style swimsuit, which can not only visually beautify the lines of hips, but also show the beauty of legs

8. Large V-neck one-piece swimsuit

If your chest is full and your waist and hips are fat, you can choose the one-piece swimsuit with large V-neck, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise the overall effect will be affected

9. Flat angle swimsuit

The flat angle swimsuit is more conservative, but its disadvantage is that it will make the legs appear very short, so it should be carefully selected. Flat angle swimsuits are also suitable for people with thin thighs

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