What Are The Common Categories Of Suits? How Should A Suit That Has Been Idle For A Long Time Be Maintained

Abstract: when it comes to suits, they are usually the first choice for men in more formal occasions for employees in companies and government agencies. Suit, strictly speaking, is a kind of standard clothing from western countries. There are many kinds of suits. If they are divided according to the occasion, they can be divided into formal clothes and casual clothes. However, many people will be idle for a long time after buying a suit. At this time, in order to maintain the suit, they should hang it up and cover it with a dust cover. Let’s take a look at the details< p> I. Basic Classification of suits

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1. Classification by wearing occasion

According to the occasion, suits can be divided into formal clothes and casual clothes. Among them, the formal dress can be divided into regular dress (also called morning dress, worn during the day and daily), small dress (also called evening dress, worn at night) and tuxedo. The dress should be made of wool and pure black. The lower body should be equipped with black leather shoes, black socks, white shirt and black bow tie. Casual clothes are divided into casual clothes and formal clothes. People usually wear formal clothes. Formal dress is generally dark color and wool (including more than 70% wool). The upper and lower body must be of the same color, same material and good workmanship

2. Classification by number of suits

According to the number of suits, there are single suits, two suits and three suits. The suits that business men wear in formal business contacts must be suits. When participating in high-level business activities, it is better to wear a three piece suit

Casual wear, a one-piece suit, that is, a suit jacket that does not match the pants, is only suitable for informal occasions

A suit that can be matched for leisure refers to a complete set of tops and pants, with the same fabric, color and style, and the styles echo each other. Usually, there are two-piece suits and three-piece suits. The two-piece set includes one coat and one pair of trousers, while the three piece set includes one coat, one pair of trousers and one vest. According to people’s traditional view, a three piece suit is more formal than a two-piece suit. Generally, it can be worn when participating in high-level external activities. When wearing a single breasted suit, you should tie a narrower belt; When wearing a double row button suit, it is more appropriate to tie a wider belt. By the 21st century, women’s three piece suits have developed into suits, vests and skirts. As the seasonal changes are not obvious, shorts have also replaced pants in many cases

3. Sort by button arrangement of suit jacket

According to the button arrangement of the suit jacket, it is divided into single breasted suit jacket and double breasted suit jacket

The most common single breasted suit tops are one button, two buttons and three buttons. One button and three button single breasted suit tops are more fashionable to wear, while two button single breasted suit tops are more formal. Men’s single breasted suits usually wear two buttons, flat lapel, high lapel and rounded hem

There are three kinds of double breasted suit tops: two buttons, four buttons and six buttons. The two button and six button double breasted blazer is a popular style, while the four button double breasted Blazer obviously has a traditional style. Men often wear double breasted suits with six buttons, gun lapel and square corner hem

As for the back slits of suits, they are divided into single slits, double slits and no slits. Single breasted suits can choose one of the three, while double breasted suits can only choose double slits or no slits

4. Classification by version type

The so-called version refers to the appearance outline of a suit. Strictly speaking, there are four basic types of suits:

The first type of European suit, European suit. European Board suits are actually popular in the European continent, such as Italy and France. Generally speaking, they are called European suits. The most important representative brands are Zegna, Armani and Ferre. The basic outline of European suits is inverted trapezoid, which is actually shoulder width and waist retraction, which is consistent with the tall and burly figure of European men. When choosing a suit, you should think twice about this European suit, because the average person is not wide enough. Double breasted, waist retraction and shoulder width are also the basic characteristics of European Board suits

The second version, the British version of the suit. It is a variant of the European version. It is single breasted, but the collar is long and narrow, which is related to the Anglo Saxon people. Anglo Saxons have long faces, so their suit collars are wide and narrow. The British version of a suit usually has three buttons, and its basic outline is also an inverted ladder

The third type, American suit. It is the American version of the suit. The basic outline of the American version of the suit is characterized by an O-shape. It is loose and fat, suitable for casual occasions. Therefore, most American suits are single piece suits, which are generally in a casual style. The basic characteristics of Americans’ general dress can be summarized in four words, that is, undress and trousers. It is a characteristic of Americans to emphasize comfort and freedom

The fourth type, Japanese suit. The basic outline of the Japanese suit is H-shaped. It is suitable for Asian men. It has no wide shoulders or thin waist. Generally speaking, it is mostly single breasted, with no slit at the back

In addition, the suit is also divided into flat collar, gun collar, split collar, etc

II. Maintenance methods for suits

Most high-quality suits are made of natural fibers such as wool, silk and cashmere. After wearing such suits, they will be deformed due to local tension, but they can be recovered after proper “rest”. Therefore, two or three sets should be prepared for changing. After removing the items in your pocket and going home, change your clothes immediately and take out the items in your pocket. If the bag is filled with things and hung, the clothes are easy to deform

1. Often clean suits

Dust is the biggest enemy of the suit, which will make the suit lose its freshness. Therefore, it is necessary to brush the dust gently with a brush. Sometimes the suit is stained with other fibers or dust that is not easy to remove, which can be adsorbed with adhesive tape, and the effect is very good. Simple wrinkle removal for suits the suits worn for a long time or kept in the wardrobe for a long time can be hung in a place with a little humidity, which is conducive to the recovery of clothing fiber fatigue. However, excessive humidity will affect the shaping effect of suits. Generally, woolen suits can be placed overnight in an environment with a relative humidity of 35% – 40%

2. Hang it with a clothes hanger

The hanging suit is preferably a wooden or plastic wide handle arc-shaped suit special hanger, which is often made into a clothes and trousers joint hanger. The trousers can be hung with a clothes hanger or a special clothes hanger for trousers with a clip. Align the trousers, clamp the pants legs and hang them upside down

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