What Is The Difference Between Luxury Clothing And Conventional Clothing? What Should Be Paid Attention To When Shopping

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luxury clothing is a concept relative to popular clothing. Luxury clothing is an aristocrat in clothing. Its distinctive design, unique fashion style, high price and long-standing brand culture make it enjoy a very special market and high social status in life. So, what are the types of luxury clothing? What is the difference between luxury clothing and conventional clothing? The following is the Encyclopedia of luxury clothing knowledge. Let’s have a look

Introduction to luxury clothing

types of luxury clothing

differences between luxury clothing and conventional clothing

precautions for luxury clothing purchase

Fashion Design

What are the famous international fashion weeks

luxury clothing brand reference

1 introduction to luxury clothing

luxury is defined internationally as “A kind of consumer goods beyond the scope of people’s survival and development needs, with unique, scarce, rare and other characteristics”, also known as non necessities of life

The most common luxury clothing is Gaoding, which is tailored to customers’ requirements. Generally, the threshold is higher, the sense of design concept is stronger, and the cutting and handcraft are more exquisite, which has a high indicator significance in the fashion industry

In economics, luxury clothing refers to women’s clothing products with the highest value / quality relationship ratio. In life, luxury brands enjoy a very special market and social status

luxury clothing features

1. It is a symbol of identity and a symbol of nobility

2. Its excellent quality can be directly expressed by its appearance, providing a visual “visible value”

3. Personalization — originality and uniqueness

4. Brand specificity — the taboo of luxury brands in diversified management

5. The gap between the rich and the poor among its consumers brings a sense of distance and vanity to the rich, which is hard to lack

2 luxury clothing types

style classification

Luxury women’s wear, luxury men’s wear, top-level children’s wear, luxury wedding dress, luxury underwear

grade division

First-line brands: the so-called first-line brands are famous, have history and background, have high popularity, and the price is too expensive for ordinary people to accept. There is no difference between first-line brands, only the style of designers

Second tier brands: many well-known brands belong to the second tier, and others are not well understood. The price and style of second-line brands are not necessarily worse than those of first-line brands, but they lack qualifications. Many second tier brands are self created by first-line designers, and the price is only slightly cheaper

Third tier brands: most of them are second tier brands, including a considerable number of cowboy brands. The price is still at the acceptable limit. Ordinary clothes can be thousands, and a T-shirt can be hundreds

3 difference between luxury clothing and conventional clothing

luxury clothing

1. Professional design and unique style

2. Exquisite workmanship

3. Strict requirements

3. National standard regulations and code number standards

4. Pay more attention to the inheritance of brand culture

regular clothing

1. There are different sizes, and there is no unified size

2. It uses market fabrics and will not be woven or spun at any time

3. Mass production, low design cost

4. The process is simple and the workmanship is not exquisite

5. Raw materials and costs can be saved

6. Incorrect version, different styles, imitation and fakes are rampant

7. Win by sales

4. Precautions for luxury clothing purchase

First: look at the price

Luxury clothing is a luxury after all. No matter how low the brand is, the price will not be lower than dozens or even hundreds of times the original price. Therefore, we must be careful before purchasing luxury goods with a huge gap from the original price

second: choose a reliable purchase channel

Because you can’t see the real sample of luxury clothes in online shopping, it’s important to choose the seller of online shopping. Many well-known online shopping platforms, such as merchants, flagship stores and overseas purchasing agents, can not fully guarantee the authenticity, and some after-sales are still troublesome. Luxury clothing try to choose cash on delivery business, which is the minimum self-protection

third: choose the right clothes style

When choosing clothes, you should first understand your body. For example, people with smaller skeletons and thinner bodies should wear clothes that are tailored to fit their bodies. They should choose clothes that are neither too slim nor too loose to support. Plump type is suitable for slightly loose style, which can hide meat well and decorate body curve

fourth: distinguish true from false from details

The reason for the high price of big brand clothes is not only the brand effect and design characteristics, but also the details are the key to their success. The details of clothes are reflected in the workmanship, material, shape, cutting and other aspects of clothes. The material used for good clothes is very textured, the workmanship is also very fine, and the version is more suitable for human body. If you want comfortable and high-end clothes, you must pay attention to these small details

fifth: color determines the level of clothes

The coordination of pure color system, the collocation of two colors or the mixing of three colors are all OK. However, when choosing the color of clothes, it’s best to distinguish between primary and secondary. It is also best not to choose more than three colors, which is the most secure

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5 fashion design


In addition to being a visual shock, color also represents people’s temperament and personality. When you look at a dress, the first thing you see is its color, and the color in the dress gives people a strong feeling

When designing a set of clothes or a series of clothes, it is necessary to choose a reasonable color according to the occasion of wearing, customs, seasons, people, color matching rules, etc. What color, what hue, and several color combinations should be repeatedly deliberated and compared, so as to reflect the design connotation of clothes, so as to achieve different design purposes and reflect different design requirements


Style is also an important factor in the popularity of clothes. It is the core supporting a dress and one of the main factors of fashion. The so-called style is the inner and outer modeling style of clothing. It is also one of the most attractive places besides color

Clothing style is first related to the shape characteristics, activity functions and forms of human body structure, but also restricted by many factors such as wearing object, time, place and conditions. It also has something to do with the popular colors of the past two years and the cultural trend of last year


Fabric is the surface material of clothing. She is a kind of hand feeling evaluation. Clothing fabric is the minimum material basis in clothing design. Any clothing can be worn and displayed through the selection, cutting, production and other processes of fabric. If the color and style of a dress are in place, but the material of the dress is rough, the whole grade and design elements of the dress will be reduced. The fabric is the skeleton of the whole clothes, and you must have support for it to be perfect

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6 what are the famous international fashion weeks

New York Fashion Week – the oldest

Initiated by Fashion Critic elenor Lamber, it was successfully held for the first time in 1943, mainly to show the designs of American designers. In 1943, due to the impact of the Second World War, people in the fashion industry could not go to Paris to watch the French fashion show, and New York Fashion week came into being in the United States

London Fashion Week – the youngest

It is famous for alternative fashion design concepts and strange exhibition forms. Vitality, creativity and ultimate Charm – this is the annual London Fashion week. Every February, more than 50 leading designers will hold their fashion shows in London, and the outstanding works of other designers will be displayed to the audience in the form of exhibitions. Compared with the other three, London Fashion Week has always been unknown, ranking last in terms of scale, influence and turnover

Paris Fashion Week – fashion trend vane

Since the 17th century, Paris has maintained and consolidated its reputation as the “fashion capital of the world” generation after generation. The French Fashion Association, established at the end of the 19th century, has been committed to building Paris as the world’s fashion capital as firmly as a rock – this is also the highest purpose of the association. They help new designers enter the industry, organize and coordinate the schedule of Paris fashion week, and ensure that buyers and fashion reporters watch every show as much as possible. In 1910, Paris fashion week, as the “vane of fashion trends”, came into being. For more than a hundred years, it has provided a stage for excellent designers from all over the world to realize their dreams

Milan Fashion Week – the “barometer” of world fashion design and consumption

It rose the latest, but now it has come to the top, gathering top figures in the fashion industry and thousands of professional buyers. As one of the four largest fashion weeks in the world, Milan Fashion Week in Italy has always been regarded as the “barometer” of fashion design and consumption in the world. The brands that come to Milan Fashion Week every year represent the country and are very influential brands in their own country. The participating designers are also required to be designers who meet the top comprehensive standards in their own country. Every year, many brands want to go to Milan fashion week to make a release, but they must go through the qualification review of the fashion week jury, which is composed of design masters such as Armani and Valentino

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7 luxury clothing brand reference

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