How To Choose Children’s Autumn Clothes And Autumn Pants? Secrets For Children To Go Out And Dress In Winter

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Abstract: the baby’s skin is delicate. In addition to keeping warm, there is also a very important point is how comfortable it is to kiss the skin. Once the material is not good, the baby will feel uncomfortable, and even cause skin rash, so parents should pay special attention when choosing baby’s clothes! So how to choose a pair of autumn pants to accompany your baby through the cold? In order to ensure comfort and safety, we must choose a good manufacturer and brand of close fitting clothes. Although the price will be higher, it will be more comfortable to wear. The choice of materials and quality of brand clothes are relatively more safe. Now let’s see how to choose children’s autumn clothes and trousers? Children go out to dress in winter

As the “cold wave” comes, how to dress naturally becomes a “hot” topic. Some people say, add clothes when it’s cold! In fact, there are many tips for dressing in winter. For babies, knowledge is even greater

I. how to choose children’s autumn clothes and trousers

1, high requirements for fabrics of baby autumn clothes and autumn pants

Baby autumn clothes and autumn pants are most suitable for pure cotton fabrics, which have good water absorption, good ventilation, good warmth retention, and are very soft and comfortable to wear close to the body. It’s best to choose cotton clothes, such as: velvet, denim, knitted fabrics

Experts remind: chemical fiber fabrics have poor ventilation and are prone to static electricity, which will make skin uncomfortable

Finally, experts warn parents: when buying children’s autumn clothes and trousers, it is best to go to a regular store and buy products with complete logos and instructions

2. Pay attention to the high lead content of flowered clothes

Parents always want their children to wear beautiful and lively, but the premise should be to ensure their children’s health and comfort. Experts pointed out that brightly colored clothes often contain high levels of lead, because many dyeing materials are added to them. Infants and young children wear colorful autumn clothes and trousers for a long time. Lead can be absorbed through the skin, which is easy to cause lead poisoning in children. Lead poisoning will affect the development of the baby’s gastrointestinal tract and teeth, cause abdominal pain, and even affect the child’s intellectual development. In addition, be careful of formaldehyde in clothes! Formaldehyde mainly comes from all kinds of textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries. After children absorb formaldehyde, they will not only affect their liver, but also have symptoms such as loss of appetite, leading to stunting

When choosing children’s autumn clothes and trousers, parents must not covet bright colors of clothes, and it is best to choose white or light colored clothes close to skin color

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3, rarely considerphvalue

Experts in the ranking list of warm autumn clothes and autumn pants brands said: clothes have pH value, especially clothes made of chemical fiber fabrics, and special attention should be paid to its pH value. Because the human epidermis has a certain weak acidity, which can protect the skin and prevent bacterial invasion. Therefore, it is best to choose autumn clothes and autumn pants that have a pH value close to the pH value of human skin. If the pH value is high, it is easy to cause children’s skin itching. Generally speaking, the pH value of knitted autumn clothes and trousers is easy to be on the high side

4. Note that children don’t need to girdle

The clothes worn by others are definitely better than new clothes in terms of softness and comfort. The baby’s skin is particularly delicate and will be more suitable for old clothes. In addition, the old clothes that have been washed for many times basically eliminate the potential safety hazards such as formaldehyde and lead, and can be safely used. But parents had better choose the old clothes of healthy children and wash them twice before putting them on. In addition, the baby’s clothes can be a little larger, so that the baby can wear loose and convenient, and will not be bound to move. The key is that the baby’s development speed is fast, and will not cause dermatitis because the clothes are too tight

II. Secrets for children to go out and dress in winter

secret collection 1: be sure to put your baby on close fitting clothes and pants

Some mothers think that the baby will sweat a lot if he keeps moving. If the sweat gets his underwear wet, it’s better not to wear it. As long as he wears thick clothes outside, he can keep warm. However, the soft cotton underwear can not only absorb sweat, but also keep the air around the skin, so it blocks the loss of body heat and is not easy to make the baby catch cold and get sick; The baby who doesn’t wear intimate underwear always feels cold, especially in the lower part of the body, because he loses a lot of heat on the body surface. No wonder he is easy to catch a cold

secret Collection 2: dress appropriately, and don’t sweat constantly because you wear too much

If you wear too much, your baby will sweat continuously once he moves, which will dilate skin blood vessels and increase skin blood flow, so the heat dissipation will increase. It shows that the baby sweats a lot, and his clothes are soaked with sweat. On the contrary, he catches a cold, which also reduces the adaptability of the body to changes in external temperature and reduces the disease resistance. Since babies within 6 months have relatively large body surface area and more heat dissipation, but their body heat production capacity is insufficient, they should pay attention to wearing more clothes when going out in the cold. To judge whether the baby is properly dressed, you can often touch his little hands and feet. As long as they are not cold, their bodies are warm

secret collection 3: give your baby a light cotton padded jacket

It’s windproof and warm. It’s better to keep out the cold than wearing a few more thick clothes, and it’s smart and convenient to move

Because there is bulky cotton between the inner and outer layers of the small cotton clothes, it can absorb a lot of air. The heat emitted by the skin temperature first penetrates the inner layer of the cotton clothes, and then infiltrates into the cotton in the middle layer, which is absorbed by multiple layers of air and enclosed around the skin, while the outer layer of the cotton clothes is not easy to be invaded by cold air, so it has a good warming effect. The thick coat does not have more space to absorb and accommodate warm air, and the wind is OK, but the cold and warmth preservation is much worse than the small cotton padded clothes

secret Collection 4: don’t wear woolen clothes and trousers close to your body

Woolen clothes and trousers are usually made of fleece knitted fabric. On the contrary, they are soft, fluffy and warm. Some mothers wear them upside down for their babies. However, if you wear it on the opposite side, these fluff will soon become sticky and stiff due to sweat and sebum. If you rub it hard when washing, this situation will be aggravated, and the warming effect will be weakened. Please remember; When washing, gently remove excess water with both hands, and air the wool surface outward. After drying, gently rub it with your hands, which will keep the wool surface fluffy and soft. Do not rub it with force

Secret collection 5: buy children’s special wool for your baby’s sweater

Because the baby’s skin is soft and small irritation can also cause skin allergy, the texture of wool is the most important factor to consider when shopping. Nowadays, there is wool specially produced for babies in the market. The wool it contains is different from the wool in ordinary wool. It is very small, soft and warm, which is very suitable for babies. Mothers should also pay attention not to choose wool containing mohair, because it is easy to depilate, and inhalation into the baby’s trachea and lungs will cause diseases

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