How To Match Muffin Shoes? How To Match Muffin Shoes With Tops And Pants?

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Abstract: muffin shoes are a new form of high heels, which began in the 1930s. This new type of high heels is very popular all over the world. Young ladies who love beauty feel quite good wearing shoes with soles as thick as Fagao. So how to match muffin shoes to lead the fashion trend? If in autumn, you might as well try muffin Shoes + sweater, which not only makes people look very lazy and playful, but also highlights your long legs! Next, let’s learn about the matching method of the jacket and pants of lower muffin shoes with Xiaobian

matching method of muffin shoes

how to match muffin shoes with tops

1. Muffin Shoes + sweater

How can there be less comfortable and soft sweaters in autumn and winter? Create a lazy style, and interesting printing is very attractive. Wearing muffin shoes can create long legs even without high waist pants

2. Muffin Shoes + suits

The necessary suits for working babies can also be worn with muffin shoes. It can not only create long legs, make you more imposing, neutral and capable, instantly break the seriousness and formality of the suit, and inject the fashionable atmosphere of the street

3. Muffin Shoes + flight suit

Flying suits and coats are popular for a time, but the oversize silhouette is not easy to control. Petite babies can wear muffin shoes to play with this wave of fashion

4. Muffin Shoes + short woolen jacket

The short tweed coat lacks the high cold style of the long tweed coat, which makes the wearer look like a small woman. With a simple and capable silhouette and muffin shoes, it looks elegant and has a high eye attraction when out of the street

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how to match muffin shoes with pants

1. Jeans + muffin shoes

Matching canvas uppers such as one-step pedals with jeans adds a sense of leisure to the casual uninhibited style of jeans. Matching with wedge heel sandals can create a sweet style

2. Wide leg pants + muffin shoes

8-9-minute long wide legged pants are very suitable for matching sandal style muffin shoes with the same height before and after. The wide legged pants covering the foot will be more elegant with leather slope heel muffin shoes

3. Skirt + muffin shoes

The skirt itself has a soft attribute. If you want to create a casual style, choose the style of lofook shoes or lace ups. If you want a lady style, it is better to choose the style of fish beak or flat belt and other slope heels

4. Suit + muffin shoes

Lace up leather shoes with thick soles can neutralize the seriousness of the suit without appearing too casual, while the fish mouth style is more elegant

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