Key Points Of Cheongsam Wearing How To Wear Cheongsam With Classical Beauty

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Abstract: cheongsam, as a traditional Chinese dress, was popular in the 1920s, and is also the object of praise of many women in the contemporary era. It is not only light and fit, but also can fully reflect the beautiful posture and smooth lines of women. Many women like cheongsam, and hope to wear it on more occasions and at more times. Many friends have never known how to match it in daily life, and what are the key points of wearing cheongsam? How can cheongsam show classical beauty

[middle sleeve cheongsam wearing] key points of cheongsam wearing how to wear cheongsam with classical beauty

fat: you can’t wear too short cheongsam. It’s best to wear medium length cheongsam, which is below the knee

thin: this kind of figure is suitable for all types of models, and the short one shows more temperament and figure. If you are short and slim, you’d better use light color

thick arm: dark cheongsam with sleeves is better, preferably medium sleeve, which can wrap the body

thick legs: if you can cover your legs through your knees, don’t be short or long, just at the thickest part of your calves

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big hips: in fact, the hips are plump. Wearing cheongsam looks good, which can line out the beauty of cheongsam and make the waist thinner

small hips: it’s best to customize it, otherwise the crotch will be loose and can’t reflect the curve. Now there are pants with buttocks, you might as well try them on

In addition, it’s best for older people to wear long style, which makes them look dignified and virtuous. Young girls, such as teenage girls, should wear styles above the knee, which makes them appear naive and lively

better not mix and match

In winter, some people want to wear cheongsam gracefully and warm boots. Is it good to mix and match like this? Xiaobian suggested that ordinary people really don’t try this mix and match, which is difficult to control. In addition, the color of the whole body should not exceed three, simple is the best, for example, the color of luxury goods is very simple. Too many colors are hard to control

underwear don’t be tight: some women like to wear tight bras and underwear, so excess meat will be squeezed into pieces. Wearing a slim cheongsam will expose these pieces of meat. Don’t wear sleeveless style if your arms are too thick, which is easy to appear bulky. In addition, cheongsam is slim cut, and the fabric is more thin. When wearing, you must choose traceless underwear

pay attention to words and deeds: when wearing cheongsam, you should avoid talking loudly, exaggerating and acting rude, so women are not suitable to wear cheongsam

Don’t dress in three layers inside and three layers outside. You must look light. High heels and flat soled shoes are ideal collocations

key points for wearing cheongsam

Cheongsam, worn on an elegant woman, looks like an elegant scenery, such as a small river, which is a quietly flowing beauty. It is also a knowledge to wear cheongsam well. Now let’s take a look at the key points of wearing cheongsam with Xiaobian

1. If you are old or attend a grand occasion, you should wear a cheongsam that is over the knee and longer. It doesn’t matter if you wear it shorter than usual

2. Follow the principle of “flowers with vegetables”. If the cheongsam is made of flowers, other accessories should be as plain as possible. For example, a cheongsam with flowers is matched with a plain shawl or shawl

3. Try not to wear black shoes. If possible, you should wear silk embroidered or velvet satin shoes. Secondly, you can wear red leather shoes, but shiny leather shoes should be considered last

4. You must wear light colored panties and silk stockings when wearing cheongsam to prevent the sock head from being exposed from the fork of cheongsam, which is very unsightly. In addition, the size of bra and underwear should be fit, and it is appropriate to be smooth after wearing. Don’t let out the color of underwear, and pay attention to the cleanness of armpits when wearing sleeveless cheongsam

5. Be gentle in speech and behavior, otherwise it will be very unpleasant

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