What Should I Wear For Outdoor Sports In Winter? What Do You Wear In The Gym In Winter?

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In cold winter, it’s hard to decide to go out for sports, but it’s difficult to wear what. What’s good for winter sports? Simple and easy outdoor running can wearquick drying clothes and pants, fleece clothes, windproof jackets, etc; In addition to the basic three piece exercise set, you can add a thin coat to exercise in the gym; The unique skiing sports in winter must have specialski clothes, ski shoes and pants, of course, including outdoor mountaineering, hiking, winter swimming and other sports. Let’s see the wearing schemes suitable for different sports in winter

Winter outdoor running clothes

a very important problem in winter running is how to keep warm so as not to catch a cold during exercise. The most important thing is to wear it in multiple layers, which is convenient for wearing and taking off

running shoesrunning shoes are essential for running. They are light and shock-absorbing, bringing a better running experience. When choosing, it is best to choose a larger size, which is convenient for wearing warm socks. The anti-skid outsole can increase friction and avoid accidents

Fast drying clothes fast drying clothes and pants can quickly drain moisture, evaporate sweat and reduce heat loss during exercise. Choose high-density coated laminated composite fabric for quick drying clothes and pants

Fleece Jacket fleece jacket can keep heat from losing. Compared with other clothes, fleece jacket is light in weight and has better warmth retention effect. When shopping, we mainly look at the thickness of the fleece and whether the feel is fine and smooth

The windproof jacket is windy in winter, and the weather is changeable. The windproof jacket can prevent the wind and bring better warming effect. It is best to choose a windproof jacket with waterproof effect to cope with the rain during running

The bottom of tight pants should not be too thick. A tight pants is enough. When the temperature is particularly low, you can choose fleece to avoid catching cold. It is better to choose the one with strong elasticity

Other essential items winter running, especially in the case of very low temperature, should try to expose your skin as little as possible. Therefore, we can wear gloves, scarves, hats and other equipment, which can increase a lot of comfort when running. Detailed

Gym clothes in winter

due to the low temperature in winter, the body consumes a lot of calories, and you will get fat if you eat too much. Naturally, partners who like fitness will also exercise frequently in winter. Because the temperature in the gym is relatively constant, the choice of clothing is mainly suitable for sports and comfortable without binding

Sports underwear is cold in winter, so you usually wear thermal underwear or plush vest. Before going to the gym, in addition to changing sports underwear, these warm and close fitting clothes should also be taken off

Second, wear a long sleeved bottoming shirt. It doesn’t have to be very close to the body, but it shouldn’t be too long. It’s best to go to the waist or crotch. The color of white and gray is versatile, and the pattern stripes or solid colors are OK. It’s simple

You can bring a long sleeved sports jacket with you. The gym has heating. Plus the exercise is hot, even if you wear a thin sports jacket, it won’t be cold. When you exercise, you’d better zip it up for convenient exercise

Leggings can be long or 9-point leggings, which will be more convenient during sports. Generally, the dark Department will be more versatile

sports shoeschoose appropriate sports shoes during fitness, especially for running, ball games, and lightweight sports shoes with strong support, which can effectively protect the ankle from injury

Skiing in winter is one of many people’s favorite outdoor sports in winter, which is good for your health. Although skiing is very cold, don’t blindly wear too thick to avoid sweating during exercise, which will lead to a cold. It’s better to feel a little cool when starting

ski clothesski clothes are mainly warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical, and the color should be bright, so that when the snow mountain loses its direction, it is easy to be found, and at the same time, it should also have waterproof and windproof effects

Wear clothes inside the top. Wear warm underwear inside the top, mainly cashmere sweater or fleece jacket. If you are afraid of cold, you can add a cotton sweater. However, it’s best not to choose cotton for thermal underwear that you wear close to your body. It absorbs sweat and is airtight, and the comfort will be reduced after a long time of exercise

Ski pants are better made of waterproof and snow free materials. You can choose soft shell assault pants and wear warm pants or Fleece Pants inside. You don’t have to worry too much about the problem of cold, and you will feel warm when you play

Beginners of ski shoes should choose light, flexible and elastic ski shoes with large maneuverability. Skiers with good skills can choose ski shoes with a slight sense of restraint, which can improve the skiers’ ability to control the sliding posture

Other skiing equipment and ski hats are suitable to protect ears, light and do not affect vision. Ski gloves should not only keep warm and cold, but also be soft, wear-resistant, cut resistant, and waterproof. Ski face protection can effectively prevent cold wind from invading the face. Sunglasses can not only prevent ultraviolet rays, but also avoid snow blindness. [details > >]

Mountaineering and hiking in winter

although it is cold in winter, mountaineering and hiking enthusiasts still won’t stop. Therefore, clothes must be warm enough and easy to move

stormsuitthe stormsuit with strong function, wind proof, waterproof and breathable can cope with the harsh outdoor environment. You can buy it one yard larger than usual, and it is convenient to add clothes when the temperature is reduced

Fleece clothes and pants in winter outdoor sports, the strong warm keeping effect, light weight, sweat wicking and easy to dry fleece clothes and pants make you more comfortable on the journey

mountaineering shoesa pair of comfortable shoes is essential in outdoor travel. Mountaineering shoes have good waterproof, anti-skid and wear-resistant effects, and can provide very good protection for feet in large amount of sports activities

Mountaineering bag the food, clothing and accommodation in outdoor sports all depend on mountaineering bag, which is matched in the order of heavier equipment, lighter equipment, sleeping bag and clothing, food and water, so it is convenient to take. The size of the climbing bag should be selected according to the items you bring. [details > >]

Winter swimming clothes

for people in northern China, winter swimming is the most common exercise in winter, which can not only promote metabolism, but also enhance cardiovascular function. But is the choice of clothes the same between winter swimming and summer swimming? What clothes are good for winter swimming

Men’s swimming trunks men only need to wear swimming trunks in winter, but it’s best to choose swimming trunks with quick drying fabric, which can quickly remove moisture, cling to the body shape, and reduce the resistance when swimming

Compared with bikini and split swimsuits, women’s swimsuits are more recommended in winter. One piece swimsuits are simple and neat to wear, and can cover more skin and avoid frostbite. When choosing, it is best to choose the fitting style of quick drying fabric

swimming goggleswhen swimming in winter, swimming goggles can protect your eyes from cold stimulation. To select the seal ring, you can fit the contour around the eyes, and the lens needs to be a swimming goggle with anti fog function

Other winter swimming supplies swimming caps can avoid messy hair and reduce water resistance, especially for girls. Earplugs prevent water from flowing into the ears when swimming. For beginners, wearing life buoys and buoys when swimming can reduce accidents

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