What Sportswear Do You Wear For Winter Running? Running Experts Teach You To Run Comfortably And Smoothly

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The advent of winter still can’t stop people’s enthusiasm for running. But what kind of sportswear is suitable for running in winter? We have to face a very important problem when running in winter, that is, how to keep warm so as not to catch a cold during exercise. How to wear for running in winter? In fact, runners have long given the answer, that is, wear more and wear more layers. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the classic three-layer wearing method of winter running

Fast drying layer fast drying clothes and pants


no matter how low the temperature is, it is inevitable for human body to sweat when exercising, so close fitting clothes need to have a good sweat absorption ability when running in winter. Quick drying clothes and pants are a very good choice. Chemical fiber fabrics are characterized by thin, dry very fast, and can quickly drain moisture, evaporate sweat, and reduce heat loss during exercise

Dressing experience: usually in weather above 10 ℃, wearing short sleeved quick drying clothes and shorts alone will be a very good choice

Accessories: don’t consider wearing accessories for the time being

warm layer sports sweater


a basic concept of this layer is the sweater. It looks very casual in life, and it’s OK to exercise occasionally. In fact, the traditional cotton sweater is not suitable for sports, but if you don’t run too long and don’t sweat too much, you can make do with it. Real sports clothes are also made of quick drying materials, generally without hats

Dressing experience: -1 ℃ to 10 ℃, long sleeved quick drying clothes and pants + sweater

Accessories: you can choose to wear thin gloves and earmuffs

isolation layer windproof jacket


windproof jacket is used to prevent wind and rain as the name suggests. The warm layer mentioned above is a sweater. Knitted clothes will have gaps to facilitate the formation of an air layer to pray for the effect of warmth, but these gaps are the best way to invade the wind and rain, so we need a windproof jacket to cover the outside when running

Dressing experience: -1 ℃ below, long sleeve quick drying clothes + compression quick drying pants + Long Sleeve Sweater + long pants + long sleeve running jacket

Accessories: HAT + gloves + scarf (-6 ℃)

a necessary artifact for winter running

in winter running, especially in the case of very low temperature, there is a very important principle that must be observed, which is to expose your skin as little as possible. Therefore, we can wear gloves, scarves, hats and other clothing accessories, which can increase a lot of comfort and happiness when running

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It is recommended to read the conclusion. When running in winter, you should never feel that you are in good health and go out with only one coat. Sweat absorption, warmth preservation and wind prevention are important links that cannot be ignored, otherwise there is a great chance of catching a cold. Of course, there are still some things to pay attention to in winter running, such as you need to have 10 to 15 minutes of warm-up time before running, wearing a mask during running can prevent respiratory tract infection, and hat protection for ears is very necessary.

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