How To Match A Short Sweater With Pants What Kind Of Shoes Look Good With A Short Sweater

Absrtact: the sanitary clothes are quite spacious, and they are very popular among leisure clothes. The short sweater can better show your figure. It can be matched with jeans, black leggings, black leather pants, shorts, guard pants, Velvet Pants, plaid skirt, small black skirt and other pants. It is also relatively simple to match shoes. Common canvas shoes, snow boots, Martin boots, board shoes and sports shoes can be matched. Next, let’s have a look with Xiaobian< p> how to match short sweater with pants

1. Jeans

Jeans can really be regarded as an artifact of matching. The material is wear-resistant and the style is good-looking. Moreover, there is no sense of conflict with any clothes, so this matching comes first

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2. Black leggings

Black leggings are also great. They can be worn all year round. They can be worn with holes in spring and summer, and plush in autumn and winter. They can also be matched with any clothes. The key is to show thin and long legs

3. Black leather pants

Black leather pants can be said to be another artifact besides jeans and leggings. They are more suitable for girls who pursue fashionable and sexy style. They are warm, thin and long

4. Shorts

The sweater is matched with shorts, which is young, fashionable and full of vitality. In spring and autumn, you can wear shorts without legs. In winter, you can add a silk stocking to show your beautiful legs all the year round

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5. Guard pants

The most obvious feature that distinguishes the guard pants from the sports pants is that they are less loose and more slim. Just listening to the name, you can see that the guard pants are also very suitable

6. Velvet Pants

There are velvet down jacket and velvet sweater. Of course, there are velvet pants. The velvet itself has a sense of sag, so it is not only thin but also long legs when paired with velvet pants

7. Plaid skirt

It’s also appropriate to match the sweater with the plaid skirt. Whether it’s a small plaid or a larger plaid, it’s very nice

8. Small black skirt

The small black skirt is also a dress with a high appearance rate in autumn and winter. Wearing a short sweater above and a small black skirt below, it looks thin and tall

what kind of shoes look good with a short sweater

1. Canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are well matched with the short sweater, which unifies the overall casual style. Due to the ever-changing nature of the sweater and canvas shoes, this collocation seems monotonous and full of infinite changes

2. Snow boots

Snow boots actually go well with a skirt, so if you want to match a short sweater with a mini skirt, you can choose a lovely snow boots. Snow boots always give people a feeling of massiness and bloated, which just attracts people’s visual focus and makes the upper part of your boots look much lighter. If you are really afraid of the cold, choose a pair of pencil pants, which can show your hip curve, and it is also a good choice to match with a short sweater

3. Martin boots

Martin boots give people a rough and wild aesthetic feeling, and the relaxed and playful feeling of the short sweater just makes you more energetic and friendly. Martin boots usually make people feel big, so too bulky tops are not suitable for them. It is very fashionable to choose a slim short sweater with pleated plaid skirt. The lattice with a little academic style can add a lot of charming primary school girls to you

4. Board shoes

Board shoes are necessary for shopping and leisure sports. Almost everyone will have oneortwo pairs of fashionable skates they like. Like the clothes, these two most common pieces are often paired together

5. Sports shoes

It is also a good way to match short sweaters with sports shoes. Relatively speaking, sports shoes are a little more sporty. Sports shoes are not only comfortable, but also look very sporty and casual. When the two are combined, people feel particularly energetic. Not only that, it can also modify our leg shape, making us appear taller and more slender and straight

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