Men’S Trousers Size Waist Comparison Table No Longer Worry About Buying The Wrong Pants!

Abstract: the choice of trousers’ size is very important for men. If they don’t fit well, they will only backfire and affect their personal image and comfort. If you want to find the best suit for yourself, you must first find out what size you wear. Next, let’s explain from the waist, hip and pants length. Male friends who don’t know about it come and have a look. I hope it will help you< p> how to choose the size of men’s trousers

The size of trousers is relatively simple. We can usually achieve the appropriate effect by selecting them based on the waistline. The measurement method of waist circumference is: loosely surround the waist for one week, and the value plus the amount of looseness shall prevail. Under the condition of small hips, the hip circumference is usually not measured. If the hips are outstanding, please measure them to ensure that the hip dimension of the selected trousers meets the tolerance. Hip Measurement please select the widest and thickest hip to measure the circumference

It should be noted that the waistline of trousers in the market is usually high, which is not suitable for thin people. When wearing, the crotch can appear long, resulting in image tardiness. Please note when selecting the size:

1. If you choose according to the waist measurement, please note that when measuring the waist, you should choose the direction down close to the hip bone rather than the middle position of the thinnest waist, and leave a little loose on this basis

2. If you choose according to the size you are used to wearing, you usually wear size 30 on the market. You should choose our size 30 (comfortable) or size 29 (tight)

3. Please be careful when selecting narrow legged slim fitting trousers, because the narrowed trousers are the most slender and close fitting, and thin people can be uncomfortable or disliked when wearing them

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men’s trousers size comparison chart

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from the picture, we can see that the data involved in the trousers size comparison chart include waist circumference, hip circumference, trousers length and other data in addition to the wearer’s height. We know whether we can choose a suit that is most suitable for our body at one time. We must be clear about our body data and do the correct measurement is the first step in our choice

how to measure waist circumference: when measuring, keep your body upright, your arms naturally drooping, don’t close your abdomen, keep your breathing steady, and place the tape horizontally on the narrowest part (the thinnest part of the waist) above the hip bone and under the ribs

how to measure hip circumference: when measuring, the two legs shall be close together and upright, the two arms shall naturally sag, and the measuring tape shall be horizontally placed at the front pubic symphysis and the most convex part of the rear gluteus maximus. It is the most prominent part of the hips, but pay attention to the mirror when measuring, so that you can know the shape of your hips

how to measure the length of trousers: stand at attention, measure from the waist, and pull the tape down at the heel

how to add the size of men’s trousers

1, volume of waist circumference

According to customers’ habits, generally speaking, customers with normal body size do not need to be measured. If they are measured on an empty stomach, they should be measured 1-2 cm. Also, the customer should be asked whether they need to add pants inside. If they want to add autumn pants, they should put 1-2 cm, and add woolen pants should put 3-4 cm

2, Hip Measurement

If the effect of self-cultivation is considered, 3-4cm, 7-8cm for the standard volume, and 9-10cm for the loose effect

3, volume of thigh circumference

The tight effect is 3 to 4 cm, the slim effect is 6-7 cm, the standard effect is 7-8 cm, and the loose effect is 9 to 10 cm

4, volume of knee circumference

The knee circumference is usually 2-3cm, and it should be less if the clothes are slightly elastic according to the characteristics of the clothes

5, foot opening volume

It is the same width as the knee circumference, or slightly smaller than the knee circumference of 1-2 cm. This can be customized according to the requirements of customers. The current trend of trouser legs is narrow

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