What Is The Material Of A Swimming Cap? The Function Classification And Purchase Of A Good Swimming Cap

Abstract: swimming cap is a kind of cap specially worn on the head when swimming. It is used to prevent ear shock and protect the head. It can effectively protect the hair, reduce the damage of the pool water to the hair, reduce the resistance and make the swimming speed faster. Swimming cap can be divided into cloth cap, PU coated swimming cap, net cap, rubber swimming cap and silicone swimming cap according to the type; According to the material, it can be divided into nylon cloth swimming cap, extra cloth swimming cap, CVC swimming cap, etc… now, let’s introduce the purchasing skills and wearing methods of swimming cap in detail. Let’s have a look< p> the role of swimming cap

1. Prevent hair loss, contaminate the pool water, and keep the pool water clean. In addition, people will not wrap their hands around their hair when swimming

2. Small resistance after wearing swimming cap

3. The plastic swimming cap can prevent the hair from too much contact with the pool water. There is chlorine bleach in the pool water, which will hurt the hair. If you swim often without the plastic swimming cap, your hair will dry and turn yellow

4. Wearing a swimming cap when swimming is a basic equipment and a basic courtesy. Especially for women with long hair, their hair will not float around in the water and will not be easily pulled off

5. It can keep the head warm in winter

classification of swimming caps

the types of swimming caps can be roughly divided into cloth caps, PU coated swimming caps, mesh caps, rubber swimming caps, silicone swimming caps, etc

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which material is good for the swimming cap

1. Nylon

has good elasticity on all sides. The swimming cap made of nylon is comfortable to wear, does not absorb water and is easy to dry. At present, it is used for girls’ swimming caps. There are many inside, and it is firm and durable

2. Polymde (polymde)

about 100% has good elasticity, the upper and lower elasticity is second best, and there is no rubber component, so it has high fatigue resistance, is strong and durable, and is often made into swimming caps, which are easy to dry and do not absorb water

3. CVC

has 55% cotton, 10% spanden10, 35% extra cloth, cotton, rubber, extra cloth, which is flexible, comfortable to wear and can absorb sweat. It can also be made into a amphibious sports and leisure hat, which has cotton, which can absorb water strongly, is not easy to dry, and has a good endurance

4. Lycra

is composed of nylon 80%span 20%. It has the composition of nylon cloth rubber. The fabric is soft and elastic with bright color. It can stretch freely and is more intimate, comfortable, small water absorption and easy to dry. It is mainly used for general swimming caps

5. Cycra

has 92%span 8% cotton, which is high in cotton, so it has strong sweat absorption, only 8% rubber, moderate elasticity, and is suitable for land leisure sports and water sports. Only when swimming in the water, it has strong water absorption, is not easy to dry, and has a good endurance

how to correctly wear a swimming cap

method 1: when picking up the cap, pay attention to the edge in the middle, which should face the center of the eyebrow. Hold both sides of the hat in both hands, start to wear it from the forehead, and then try to cover all the parts with hair. At this time, feel whether the edge in the middle is facing the center of the eyebrow

method 2: we put our hands in a semicircle shape, insert them into the hat with the edges as the middle, and open the two sides of the hat. Remember that the edges should still face the center of the eyebrows. After opening the hat, lift the hat from the back of the head to the front, and try to cover the part with hair

tips for purchasing swimming caps

when selecting swimming caps, you should first look at whether you like the style, then look at whether there is sealing (it is better if there is no sealing), and finally look at whether the glue is good. As for whether it is loose or not, it is not very important, because generally speaking, the manufacturer has taken this into account

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