Women’s Wardrobe Essential Basic 10 Classic And Timeless Pieces Suitable For Any Age!

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  • round neck sweater
  • woolen overcoat
  • flat sole shoes
  • trousers
  • suit jacket
  • leather jacket
  • white shirt
  • striped shirt
  • dark jeans
  • little black skirt

women’s wardrobe must have some essential basic items, which occupy an important position in your wardrobe and can withstand the years.The fashion trend of transformation is both classic and versatile, When you have a wardrobe full of clothes but have a headache how to wear them, the basic style is the best emergency medicine. Simple collocation can also be fashionable and colorful. Of course, if you want to play more tricks, it depends on your taste and skill. Let’s see how these types of people use the basic concave shape. Round neck sweater

if you only want to leave a sweater, please choose a round neck sweater. You will find that you can’t live without it every spring and winter. In terms of color, black, gray, camel and dark blue are classic models, and the age span is also large, which can be worn from 15 to 75 years old[details > >]

tweed coat

every girl’s wardrobe should have a woolen coat that conforms to her temperament. Among them, camel coat is regarded as a must-have item by all kinds of lists and is an eternal classic in the coat industry. There is a saying that camel coat is the ancestor of all other coats. The most fashionable style is the Unisex style with simple design and neat cutting. Those fancy designs such as pleats and knots at the waist will not be touched by those who have a strong style[details > >]

flat sole shoes

flat sole shoes have the elegance and comfort unmatched by other shoes. Among all shoes, they are the longest lived. They refuse the trend and always stand tall in the rapidly changing fashion world with a proud posture of seeing flowers and light clouds. The most classic segment is Hepburn’s playful and energetic appearance in knee length skirt, white shirt and ballet shoes in Roman holiday[details > >]


when you have enough jeans, a pair of well cut trousers with pleats in the middle is a good adjustment. No matter what kind of jacket you wear, it will make you look a little more delicate, especially in meetings or formal parties. Matching high heels and Western-style jackets will make you very capable and energetic[details > >]

suit jacket

suit jacket is definitely a highly utilized item. It can be worn in spring and autumn. In summer, the office air conditioning is too low, so it also needs to be matched with one. Since Yves Saint Laurent brought the first smoking suit into the fashion industry in 1966, the suit jacket has swept every woman’s wardrobe. In addition to providing a perfect choice of commuting clothes, it is also a fashionable tool for mixing and matching, especially on evening dresses, which women will fall in love with

leather jacket

leather jacket is also a versatile item that can be worn 365 days a year. It can be worn with a wool coat in winter and naked in summer. Knee length dress is the best matching partner. It feels great to be a little cool and a little girl. Black is the most classic and versatile color, and the style is mainly designed to pinch the waist. [details > >]

white shirt

white shirt is a veteran in the fashion circle, but it is still at the forefront of fashion after hundreds of years. Always look young and not old. Whether it’s formal dress buckle or loose boyfriend style, it has unique charm in design. And its potential for mixing and matching is really unlimited, with medium skirts, jeans, coats There is an extraordinary fashion with everything[details > >]

horizontal striped shirt

in 1917, Coco Chanel first introduced striped shirts into the fashion world. Since then, blue and white striped shirts with wide leg pants have become the standard for French women. The trend changes every year, but horizontal stripes always appear in the designs of different designers every season. Classic and basic elements are versatile and fashionable. They are never abandoned or out of date[details > >]

dark jeans

jeans should be the most indispensable item for all girls. Among them, dark jeans are the most powerful against the trend. Washing, holes, color matching, and every year, the denim styles are innovating, but the current fashion style can’t escape the fate of out of season. Only dark jeans can stand in the change of trend[details > >]

little black skirt

the charm of little black skirt is well known. Once worn, the atmospheric charm of little black skirt can show a bright feeling in front of your eyes. Moreover, the skinny skill is also first-class. Whether it’s street photography or T-stage, the small black skirt is a classic among the classics. Choose the small black skirt with the best material you can find, and don’t choose the material that is too tight or too shiny[details > >]

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