[Encyclopedia Of Professional Clothing] Precautions For Professional Clothing Customization Professional Clothing Is Well Matched

The basic color of the suit is the best. There is no need for popular colors. Black, brown, gray or striped and broken patterns are better

When choosing a suit. They should be treated differently according to their age, body shape, occupation, temperament and other characteristics. You don’t have to wear a suit of the same color. You can wear a skirt, vest, etc. Leather shoes, hairstyles, cosmetic bags, etc. must be matched with suits. [details > >]

2. Professional menswear selection

A fit that fits your body is a priority. Even the most exquisite and chic suits can only highlight your temperament when they fit

Bank staff usually like to wear a single breasted Navy or gray suit on a white shirt coat, coupled with a simple tie with small patterns

The suit styles and colors chosen by foreign enterprise personnel are relatively free and diversified. The shirts are colorful, yellow, blue and pink, but there are fewer white shirts. [details > >]

4. Notes on business dress customization

timeliness: timeliness is an eternal topic of clothing. Because clothing is endowed with the characteristics of the times, it is fashionable, popular and fashionable that makes the clothing show its unique temperament and give special meaning to the people who wear it

identity: business attire is usually regarded as the iconic attire of an industry or a team or institution. Usually, there are some special marks on the clothing, such as embroidered logo or printed company abbreviation. Business attire usually represents the image of an industry or an enterprise. Therefore, identity is essential, The identification of business wear aims to highlight two points: the signs of social roles and specific identities, as well as the differences between different industries and posts

protective property: obviously, the professional clothing is not only beautiful, because the work is worn in a special environment, so it must be protective. It should have a protective function for the wearer. The design of professional dress should be treated differently from different types of work and factories. The protective design is composed of many aspects such as surface accessories, accessories, accessories and colors of professional clothing. [details > >]

5 business wear matching

1. Women’s business wear matching

suits: suits are the most frequently seen business suits. Rule number one: try not to be pure black. You can choose other clear colors or fine checks. What needs to be reminded is that the display of professional style in the workplace not only cares about the color and pattern, but also cares about the texture

Wide Leg Pants: the wide leg pants showing a strong office matching style have always been a classic item in professional clothes! You can choose different styles of shirts and pullovers to match. It should be noted that self-cultivation is an important standard for choosing clothes, and the wearing principle of tightening and loosening is particularly important in this shape, otherwise it will look very sluggish

over the knee skirt: over the knee skirt has a very high frequency in professional wear due to its solemn and calm style and its versatile style. When you walk into the office without knowing what to wear the next day, you can’t be wrong to choose a skirt with a shirt. [details > >]

2. Men’s business wear matching

In terms of style, the emphasis of men’s wear is simple and generous, and the color is calm. The most important thing is the collocation of professional clothes jacket and pants, which must be reasonable. For example, the casual and professional clothes must be matched with the casual clothes. It is necessary to pay attention to the overall unity and not mix them

In terms of color, the overall color should not exceed three, so that the lines will be smoother and more elegant as a whole, otherwise they will appear messy and have no sense of integrity. [details > >]

6. Professional dress etiquette

neat: the clothes must fit, with the sleeve length reaching the wrist, the pants reaching the foot, and the skirt longer than the knee, especially the underwear can not be exposed; The collar of the shirt should fit into one finger, and the waist of the skirt should fit into five fingers. No sleeve pulling, no trousers rolling, no missing buttons, no missing buttons; The tie, bow tie, ribbon and shirt neckline should be tight and not askew; If there is a work license plate or signboard, it should be worn directly above the left chest. Some posts should also wear hats and gloves

cleaning: the clothes and trousers shall be free of dirt, oil stain and odor, especially the neckline and cuffs

crisp: the clothes and trousers shall not wrinkle. They shall be ironed before wearing and hung well after wearing, so that the top is flat and the trouser line is straight

generous: simple and elegant style, natural and smooth lines, convenient for post reception service. [details > >]

7. Cleaning and maintenance of business clothes

1. Cleaning and maintenance of suits

If the suit is too dirty for dry cleaning, soak it in cold water for about 20 minutes before washing, squeeze out water with both hands, and soak it in neutral detergent solution (1 tablespoon each) or soap solution at about 40 ¡æ for 10 minutes. Do not soak it in hot water or use soap with strong alkaline. Take out the clothes with water, and pay attention to “three evenings and one uniformity” when brushing, that is, the washing board is flat, the clothes are flat, the washing is flat, and the force is even. The key points of washing are: lapel, front, hem, pocket, cuffs and shoulders; Trousers are: waist, pocket, front and back pieces and corners. After brushing, put the clothes back into the washing liquid and rinse them several times, then squeeze out the washing liquid, wash them with 25G white vinegar and warm water, and rinse them with cold water. Straighten and level all parts and hang them in a cool and ventilated place to dry. [details > >]

2. Shirt cleaning and maintenance

It is best to wash the shirt by hand. If you really want to ask the washing machine for help, you must remember to put it in the laundry bag; More than 30 seconds is an unacceptable dehydration time for pure cotton shirts; Cotton shirts should be ironed, not folded, and hung directly in the wardrobe; When washing clothes, add softener to make the shirt feel better next time. [details > >]

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