How To Look Thin For Middle-Aged And Elderly People Wearing Clothes With Temperament Guide For Middle-Aged And Elderly People To Look Thin

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Abstract: fashion will never be limited to young people. Young people love collocation and fashion, but middle-aged and elderly people may have more flavor when collocation! Nowadays, middle-aged and elderly friends have quietly become trendy and fashionable, but unlike the fashion rules of young people, the elderly still have certain attention to dressing. So how can middle-aged and elderly people look thin and temperament? Guidelines for middle-aged and elderly people to wear thin clothes

I. thin dressing skills for middle-aged and elderly people

1. Don’t blindly pursue the style of youth trend. When youth is gone, don’t dress up as naive and lively as a young girl. We should reflect our own connotation and temperament, skillfully integrate the feminine charm into it, and shake our hearts with the beauty of knowledge. After middle-aged and old people, they should mainly wear simple and clean clothes, so that they look more delicate and elegant. Fat women can wear cotton and hemp jumpsuits, which are mainly black, white, gray and khaki. The simple solid color has the function of showing thin, and the loose version will not enlarge the belly and leg fat

2. The middle-aged and the elderly should not wear clothes that are too plain. They should have a little color contrast and collocation. Being too plain makes people look lifeless and old-fashioned. Pay special attention to the collocation of colors to make them foil each other. It is not suitable to wear too many colors, which will make the body swell and show fancy. In particular, broken flowers with bright red and green colors can easily give people a feeling of Obasan if they are not well worn, especially fat women, who look very sloppy. On the contrary, you can choose Khaki tops with beige wide legged pants. The matching of similar colors is comfortable and advanced, and then match them with a small square bag of the same color to show your natural sense

3. The style of V-neck modifies the sense of line between the neck and neck, making the whole person look much lighter, especially the design of V-neck at the front and back. The high waist dress pulls up the line of the body, shifting the line of sight to the lower body. The long skirt just covers the meat, which not only does not see obesity, but is more elegant

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II. Clothing matching guide for middle-aged and elderly people

1. Clothes in line with age and temperament

Considering the characteristics of the middle-aged and the elderly, clothing should highlight the dignity and generosity of the middle-aged and the elderly, help give play to the temperament and demeanor of the elderly, and reflect a mature beauty. Experts said that the clothes of middle-aged and elderly people had better be simple and fit to fully reflect solemnity and stability. Women can choose a jacket with a slightly longer tail and a small hem, which is very helpful to improve their temperament

Generally speaking, the modeling of middle-aged and elderly clothing should be neat, generous and elegant. When choosing fabrics, colors and styles, we should not only consider the age characteristics of middle-aged and elderly people to make them consistent with their temperament, but also take into account the skin color, preferences and wearing occasions of middle-aged and elderly people

2. Learn to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses

The elderly should avoid being sloppy. Therefore, clothes must be clean and tidy. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the coordination of some decorations, such as hats, glasses, shoes and other items, and try to be unified in grade

In terms of the specific choice of style, because some middle-aged and elderly people have inflexible shoulder and arm joints and difficulty in raising their arms, split tops are better than covers. The collar should be closed, which can not only keep warm, but also protect the cervical spine. If there are middle-aged and elderly people with slightly humped back and leaning forward shoulders, they should wear clothes with shoulder pads

The clothing style of middle-aged and elderly people should be simple and simple. They can choose clothes according to the height, fat and thin of their bodies, the long round and sharp square of their faces, and the thickness and length of their necks

3. Color matching and fabric selection

In terms of color and pattern, the clothing of middle-aged and elderly people focuses on simplicity and liveliness. The lines are simple and simple, which can better reflect the stable and introverted character of middle-aged and elderly people, and the color saturation is a little higher. In addition to the commonly used monochromatic tones of black, gray and white, light purple, light dark green, light coffee and other light colors can be selected. There are too many stripes and too many colors, which are generally not suitable for middle-aged and elderly people

Tall basin friends should use dark and monochrome colors; Petite old people should use light colors, so that they can appear slender. When women wear a dress suit, the top should not be too short, and the length of the skirt should be below the knee

Thin old people should wear light and elegant clothes rather than tight clothes. It is also not suitable to wear tight clothes and trousers with a plump figure, but loose clothes and trousers are better

People with white skin have less strict requirements for clothing color. They can choose all colors and have a wide range of adaptability. People with yellow skin color are more suitable for red or light colored clothes. Light colored clothes will increase the brightness of the face and show vitality

The fabrics of clothes for the middle-aged and elderly should be soft and light, and pure cotton, pure wool, pure silk and pure linen products should be selected. Usually, middle-aged and elderly people should choose fabrics with moderate thickness, which are not suitable for clothes that are too thin or too thick. Fabrics that are easy to wear, soft and crisp, such as wool and chemical fiber, are more popular with middle-aged and elderly people

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