How To Match Sports And Leisure Clothes Skillfully? How To Wear The Most Fashionable Casual Clothes

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Abstract: modern people often face all kinds of pressure, heavy work, family contradictions, people’s mood often to the brink of collapse. However, regular exercise can release tension and make people more energetic. Wear sportswear and sweat wantonly. Anyone who has experienced this feeling will understand it. But sports should also be fashionable. How can we match them to lead the streets? Let’s follow Xiaobian to have a look

how to match sportswear

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1. The compact cardigan zipper sweater, an absolute leisure family, will bring you a little warmth when the weather turns cooler

Matching secret: color matching or style matching are very eye-catching. Short hot pants with sportswear look cute and trendy

2. Letter hooded thickened sweater, pullover style is also good. Slight bat sleeve design, full of leisure feeling

Matching secret: the letter hooded fir design uses red and gray on the upper half of the chest. The overall vision is very bright. With cool sunglasses, it feels very cool

3. Pink bat cardigan sweater, YY is a fashionable style with a vertical collar design

Matching secret: rarely see pink bat cardigans. First, the color style is very eye-catching, and then match with gray shorts, which is fashionable and warm

4. Fashionable and personalized printing patterns with large letters and large numbers; The most fashionable kangaroo pocket design of hoodies

Matching secret: personalized color matching of hat part; And the most striking overall color selection! All let this sweater exude youthful vitality and fashionable personality

5. Skull Design hooded zipper sweater, the black style is super thin, and it is very stylish when paired with jeans

Matching secret: the hooded zipper hoodie with skull pattern looks very flamboyant and personalized. With light colored jeans, the color is clear, which highlights the style of the upper body

how to match casual sportswear with pants and shoes

In summer, casual sportswear is better matched with trousers. Because the temperature in summer is relatively high, wearing pants will make you feel very cool, especially the light colored casual suit, coupled with sports pants will make you look fresh and playful on the streets in summer. Especially for slim women, they are more sexy and lively

In spring and autumn, it is also a good choice to match casual clothes with light colored casual pants, because spring and autumn are relatively cool, so the matching is not only beautiful but also practical. After wearing it, you will have a different elegance, making people feel that you are capable, natural and unrestrained, both lively and full of vitality

Winter is much colder than other seasons, so you can consider matching casual tops with light colored jeans. First of all, in order to keep warm in winter, people usually wear heavy clothes. Casual clothes should not be dark and heavy styles as much as possible, which makes people particularly bulky. It’s best to wear light primary jeans. The light color style caters to the tastes of young people and has a vibrant and dynamic taste

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